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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Safety Committee
Minutes of Meeting of June 19, 2014
Ahmed Ebady, committee chair, called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. in the citys Northside
Neighborhood Pride Center.
The persons present introduced themselves.
Steve Sterrett reported on information from the Columbus Division of Police regarding the
shooting along North Fourth Street on June 16. Police do not believe the shooting was a random
act of violence. The victim, who was taken to University Hospitals, does not live in Weinland
Park, has a criminal record and gang involvement. Isom Nivins said that Columbus police
officers shared with him that they anticipate problems in Weinland Park because of a possible
power struggle within the remnants of the Short North Posse.
Larry Koone, a long-time resident, explained his concern with persistent break-ins of his
Mr. Sterrett invited the Safety Committee to receive periodic reports on the Neighborhood
Options for Youth (NOY) program and to offer advice on the programs operation. David
Campbell, chief of staff of Community Properties of Ohio Management Services (CPO),
explained the role of special-duty Columbus police officers who are part of the NOY program.
He said the Safety Committee could offer suggestions on public safety matters that the specialduty police officers could investigate. Mr. Ebady expressed concern about a two-bedroom CPO
apartment on Summit Street.
Chris Orban suggested that a telephone line could be established for residents to call the specialduty police officers for assistance, such as with roommate issues.
After further discussion among committee members, Mr. Orban suggested that CPO develop a
list of possible uses of the NOY officers and get the committees input at the next meeting. Mr.
Campbell suggested two such uses could be to identify hot spots of public safety concern and
individuals who may be involved in crime.
Mr. Sterrett suggested postponing the discussion of Result-Based Accountability until a future
committee meeting.

Nathan Staggs, a patroller with the Community Crime Patrol, spoke of his organizations regular
patrols of Weinland Park. The patrol hours are 2 to 6 p.m. Mr. Staggs said he has observed
significant drug-dealing on Summit Street at East Sixth Avenue.
Committee members discussed a concern that some persons who regularly congregate at St.
Sophia Cathedral for meals may be contributing to problems of theft in the area.
Mr. Ebady expressed concern about children playing in the street on North Sixth Street. Mr.
Orban said he had talked with Terry Stewart, mobility engineer for the City of Columbus, about
the situation. He told Mr. Stewart that a Do not enter sign is needed at the intersection of North
Sixth Street and East Eighth Avenue that warns drivers about going the wrong way on North
Sixth, which is one-way at that point. Mr. Orban is willing to submit a request for the sign
through the city.
In other matters that came before the committee:

Mr. Ebady asked about additional funds from the city for public safety. Mr. Orban said the
funds are now available through the Coalition for a Nonviolent Columbus.
Mr. Sterrett said the neighborhood festival planning committee is working on activities for
National Night Out on August 5.
Isom Nivins said the Columbus Division of Fire will provide cards with information on
smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. He will share the cards with Diane Dixon.
Mr. Sterrett explained the situation of a resident with erratic behavior.
Mr. Sterrett explained the online resources for crime reports.
Mr. Nivins said a program has begun at the Northside Neighborhood Pride Center to help
formerly incarcerated men to better relate to their partners (or previous partners) and their
children. The program will meet about three times a month for the next several months.
Mr. Ebady asked committee members to send him agenda items for future committee

The business of the Safety Committee being concluded, Mr. Ebady adjourned the meeting at 7:13

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett

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