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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Safety Committee
January 15, 2015
Ahmed Ebady, committee chair, called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. in the citys Northside
Neighborhood Pride Center. Those present introduced themselves.
Vacant properties. Mr. Ebady would like to prepare a list of vacant buildings that are unsecured
in the neighborhood so that they can be reported to the city and properly boarded up. Ellen
Moore, executive director of the Community Crime Patrol, said that her patrollers routinely
report unsecured buildings directly to the citys Code Enforcement office. Martin Weston
expressed concern about an out-building on a residential property on East Seventh Avenue that
may not be properly secured. Greg Davis said the property is in foreclosure, so the code
enforcement orders against the property are in abeyance until the foreclosure is settled.
Lighting. Mr. Ebady said that some residents living on Hamlet Street have expressed concern
about dark areas that need more street lighting between Seventh and Eleventh avenues. Steve
Sterrett suggested that the citys 311 call center be contacted about doing a lighting assessment
on Hamlet Street. Mr. Weston would like to see the city install acorn-style street lights
throughout the neighborhood. Mr. Weston suggested that the city has a petition process to require
such lighting improvements with payment through property taxes. Mr. Sterrett reported that the
WPCCA Steering Committee on January 14 voted to apply for Neighborhood Pride for the
eastern half of Weinland Park. If the neighborhood participates in this program later in 2015, the
lighting concerns could be raised with the city at that time.
Veliko. Mr. Ebady said that the Veliko Ventures properties continue to cause problems. A
resident reported that gunfire came from the Veliko Ventures property at Hamlet Street and East
Eighth Avenue on January 12 after Ohio States victory in the national championship football
game. The resident suggested that a surveillance camera be installed at that intersection. He
thinks that one apartment unit is the problem, not the whole building. Sgt. Smith Weir said that
the citys Public Safety Department is the contact about the possibility of moving the safety
camera at North Fourth and East Eighth Avenue to Hamlet and Eighth. Mr. Ebady said that he
and Mr. Sterrett will meet with a representative from the Columbus office of the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development about the Veliko Ventures property.
Police body cameras. Chris Orban said that he and Mr. Weston have been talking about a
resolution advocating that police officers use body cameras in Weinland Park. Mr. Orban said the
resolution could come from the Safety Committee or the full civic association. Sgt. Weir said the
Columbus Division of Police is studying the matter of body cameras and likely to eventually use

them. He said the city is concerned about the cost of the cameras, the cost of digital storage, and
privacy concerns regarding access to the video. Mr. Ebady suggested making the issue of body
cameras an agenda item for the next meeting.
In other matters before the committee:

Isom Nivins reported that Community Shelter Board will continue to support outreach to the
homeless despite fewer resources.

Mr. Sterrett distributed copies of Problem Properties Guidebook: A resource for

neighborhood leaders in the University District. He prepared the guidebook to help civic
leaders deal more effectively with excessive noise, rowdy parties, and vacant properties.

Mr. Sterrett also distributed the written suggestions from resident Anna Soter on engaging
neighborhood residents in removing snow from sidewalks.

Mr. Nivins said the citys website posts information on when streets will be plowed when
snow falls.

The business of the Safety Committee being concluded, Mr. Ebady adjourned the meeting about
7:15 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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