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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
May 13, 2014
Rory Krupp, co-chair of the committee, called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. Those present
introduced themselves.
Sharon Young, a member of the University Area Commission, explained information available
regarding property taxes. The committee members discussed the triennial reassessment that the
county is currently conducting of real estate values. Committee members wondered what the
impact of the Neighborhood Improvement District has been and whether rental properties owners
have taken advantage of the NIDs property tax incentives. Ms. Young left materials about
property taxes that can be shared with civic association members.
Michael Amicon of Wagenbrenner Development reported the first apartments of Grant Commons
(the former Community Properties of Ohio buildings on East 11th Avenue) are scheduled to be
finished with renovation and available for rental on August 12. Wagenbrenner will work down
the row of buildings and expects to complete all renovation by next spring. Mr. Amicon said
Wagenbrenner Realty will manage the apartments. He said the target is young professionals. The
apartments will have lower rents than the Short North and will have parking. He estimated the
renovation costs at $1.08 to $1.23 per square foot. Wagenbrenner is not adding bedrooms to the
apartments, which are nearly all one- and two-bedroom units. The amenities will include
hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and walk-in closets where
possible. The exterior will include wood windows. Every apartment will have a renovated porch.
He noted that the parking requirements dont leave a lot of room for green space.
Mr. Amicon also reported that Wagenbrenner Development has begun construction on the first
two houses on North Grant Avenue as part of the Grant Park development on the former
Columbus Coated Fabrics site. One house will be a model home; the other will be for sale. He
said the first floors of the two houses were added that day. The two houses will be done in 120
to140 days. He hopes to have five or six more houses started in the near future.
Mr. Amicon said Wagenbrenner Development hasnt heard yet from the Ohio Housing Finance
Agency about the application for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for the 70-unit senior
building that The NRP Group proposes to construct on North Grant near East Fifth Avenue.
Mr. Krupp asked for other ideas for the Housing Committee to consider in the next year. Mr.
Sterrett said the committee needs to deal with the recommendations in the Greater Ohio Policy
Centers Weinland Park market housing report.

Sean Storey, a property manager with the Park Property Group and Chatham Partners and a
Weinland Park resident, reported that his company has sent a proposal to renovate Weinland Park
duplexes for homeownership to Erin Prosser of Campus Partners. He would like to work with
Susan Colbert to identify residents who might qualify for homeownership and pre-lease the other
Anna Soter said the Housing Committee might consider taking a more comprehensive approach
to housing issues, including the challenges of the alleyways.
The business of the Housing Committee being concluded, Mr. Krupp adjourned the meeting at
6:14 p.m.

Notes prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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