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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Minutes of Meeting of June 12, 2012
Omar Elhagmusa and Rory Krupp, co-chairs of the Housing Committee, called the meeting to
order at 5 p.m. Those in attendance introduced themselves.
Willie Young, senior director of community development and off-campus and commuter student
services at Ohio State, spoke about integrating college students into Weinland Park and curtailing
outdoor parties. Mr. Young said the third weekend of May is when the street parties usually
happen, although the change to the semester system may curtail the parties in the spring because
classes will end in late April. One question is whether the parties eventually will occur in August
since the fall semester will begin in mid-August. He said Facebook has increased the problem
with parties because persons outside the University District and without connection to Ohio State
receive notification of the gatherings. Gang members from around the city sometimes show up
at these parties. Mr. Young responded to questions. If there are situations involving Ohio State
students living in a neighborhood house, residents may contact Mr. Young, who will meet with
the students. Mr. Youngs office telephone number is (614) 292-0100 and his e-mail address is
Jim Bach noted that one problem is a situation where parents own the house and may be less
responsive to dealing with the behavior of their young persons. Speaking as a rental property
owner, Tom Heilman of Hometeam Properties said that his companys leases have co-signers,
who are usually the parents. If there are problems, Mr. Heilman will send information to both
tenants and parents. Most parents are cooperative.
Mr. Krupp introduced Mr. Heilman to speak about the renovation of a house at 225 E. 11th Ave.
The Hometeam Properties office is at 222 E. 11th Ave., next to the citys Northside
Neighborhood Pride Center. Mr. Heilman said he brought the 225 E. 11th property because it was
in poor condition and was across from his office. He wanted to renovate the property so visitors
to his office would not have a bad impression of the neighborhood. He admitted some mistakes
in obtaining the proper approvals for the renovation. He said he is interested in working with the
Laura Bidwa expressed concern about renovation of single-family homes for student rental
housing. Jim Bach said that the renovation for student housing may be misplaced when
sophomores are required to live in university housing. Mr. Heilman said that the renovation is
increasing the value of the property. He said the house at 225 E. 11th is rented to four students
for next fall. I want to be the best, Mr. Heilman said of his property management company.

Ms. Bidwa said the University Area Review Board was established to prevent landlords from
making inappropriate changes to the exterior of houses. Bill Graver said the UARB has given
latitude to staff member Dan Ferdelman to approve some renovation, so the renovation plan for
sidings, windows and shingles at 225 E. 11th was approved by Mr. Ferdelman. The work done on
the property went beyond what was approved. Ms. Bidwa said it was extremely frustrating to
residents that inappropriate changes are made and cant be undone. Bill Woods of Hometeam
Properties said that he plans to replace the windows that had been installed.
Joe Williams of Wagenbrenner Development spoke about the senior building proposed for the
northeast corner of North Grant Avenue and East Fifth Avenue. He said the building would have
70 units, four stories and be L-shaped. Dave Perry, a consultant on zoning, explained that the old
Columbus Coated Fabrics property is currently zoned M for manufacturing. He said the
commercial planned development (CPD) is the desired route for the client and for the city in the
rezoning of the property. CPD allows the city to review the proposed project and to address
everything in one shot, he said. The rezoning application has been submitted with the
possibility that it would go to City Council in the fall. Aaron Pechota of The NRP Group said
that the application for low-income housing tax credits for senior housing may be approved
sometime between November and next March. If the rezoning is approved, The NRP Group
would have a stronger application for the tax credits. Its likely to be 2015 before The NRP
Group is finished with the proposed building. He said that The NRP Group is targeting a senior
designation of 55 years of age and older, but most of the residents in similar buildings average 75
years of age.
Mr. Krupp asked about re-concentrating poverty in Weinland Park. Ms. Hughes said she doesnt
believe that it constitutes re-concentrating poverty. She thinks that some seniors may choose to
stay in Weinland Park. The committee members discussed whether Weinland Park residents will
qualify for living in the senior building. Michael Wilkos said one goal is to serve residents, but it
is not a requirement. Ms. Bidwa said the Weinland Park plan recognized a concentration of
poverty in Weinland Park and a need to serve existing residents. Will new developments serve
existing residents or aid in the de-concentration of poverty? she asked. If they do neither, then
we should not support it, she suggested.
Mark Wagenbrenner said the senior building is needed to help stimulate the market-rate housing.
He said society has a need for senior housing and similar buildings are quite well done. Mr.
Pechota said that other buildings that his company has built respect the features of nearby
buildings and have some greenspace for the residents. Ms. Bidwa asked why the building should
be constructed in Weinland Park, rather than on a Wagenbrenner property in Italian Village.
Terry Althouse said the diversity in Weinland Park should include senior citizens. Ms. Bidwa
said that CPO has many well-managed properties, so we arent against low-income housing, but
there is extra funds needed to help those families be good neighbors. Why would we want more
low-income residents to move into Weinland Park in a neighborhood that already has a lot of

need for extra help? she asked. Mr. Williams said seniors living in one location permits social
service agencies to efficiently serve them. Mr. Pechota said that the building will have services.
Jennifer Trumpy of The NRP Group invited neighborhood residents to visit the new senior
building that NRP constructed in Franklinton. Mr. Wilkos said the Columbus Foundation staff
has looked at the senior housing proposal, doesnt view it as concentrating poverty and supports
the proposal. He said there is a market-based response in the neighborhood from other recent
Ms. Hughes said the Zoning Committee of the University Area Commission asked for input from
Weinland Park regarding the senior housing proposal. The Zoning Committee wont meet until
after the WPCCA Housing Committee meeting in July. Committee members discussed a
possible visit to the building in Franklinton.
Jim Bach moved that the discussion of the proposal be tabled. The motion was adopted.
The business of the committee being concluded, Mr. Elhagmusa and Mr. Krupp adjourned the
meeting at 6:32 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Stephen A. Sterrett
Committee secretary

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