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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Minutes of meeting of June 11, 2013
Rory Krupp and Omar El Hag Musa called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.
Mr. Krupp reported that Randy Black, the citys historic preservation officer, and Mark Dravillas,
the citys neighborhood planning manager, agreed that Weinland Park would be a good candidate
for designation as a conservation neighborhood. Columbus City Council approved a process
in 2007 to designate a conservation neighborhood, but no neighborhoods have yet attempted to
use the process. The designation of a conversation neighborhood is a resident-driven process
that protects the characteristics of the neighborhood that residents think are important. Mr.
Krupp outlined the process and timeline for such a designation. A proposed conservation
neighborhood must include a minimum of 10 contiguous blocks. A working group of 10
property owners may apply to the city for designation of a conservation neighborhood. After the
director of the Development Department approves the eligibility of the application, a public
meeting is held and a one-year study period begins. If the working group then decides to go
forward, it will circulate a petition for the designation that must be signed by a minimum of 60
percent of the owners of property within the proposed boundaries. The petition process must be
completed within 60 months of the initial application.
Committee members discussed the idea of the conservation neighborhood and the challenges of
gaining support for such a designation. Committee members agreed that a summary of the
Housing Committees discussion of the conservation neighborhood idea should be published in
the next monthly civic association newsletter.
Laura Bidwa reported that the city is beginning a new neighborhood planning initiative for the
whole University District. Ms. Bidwa said the planning committee of the University Area
Commission will have an important role in the citys planning process. She expressed concern
that residents were not adequately represented in the working committee for the planning
initiative. She has been appointed to the working committee. The first public meeting on the
planning initiative is likely to take place in September. As an aside, Ms. Bidwa reported that she
attended a meeting the night before in the northern part of the University District. The meeting
focused on the enlargement of an investor-owned residential property on Indiana Avenue that is
entirely out of character with the neighborhood. At that meeting, people suggested that a
moratorium on such redevelopment be put in place until proper standards could be studied and

Diane Dixon reported that kids are playing on North Sixth Street until 10 or 11 p.m. Children
are tearing up flowers and vandalizing yards. She asked for curfew enforcement. She urged the
need for a playground. She will get the address of the children to Steve Sterrett, who will write a
letter to the landlord on behalf of the civic association. R. Anthonio Barno will visit North Sixth
Street to try to identify and talk with parents.

Notes taken by Steve Sterrett.

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