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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
Minutes of Meeting of July 9, 2013
Rory Krupp and Omar Elhagmusa, co-chairs of the Housing Committee, called the meeting to
order at 5:38 p.m.
Erin Prosser, community relations director of Campus Partners, distributed two maps of
Weinland Park showing houses and vacant lots that comprise the Weinland Park Collaboratives
portfolio of properties. One map shows three phases of renovation and new construction on the
properties. The goal is to complete all three phases by the end of summer 2015. The houses
would be sold as market-rate. She explained that the second map shows four houses that are in
such poor condition that Campus Partners recommends that the properties be demolished
because they cant be renovated at an acceptable cost. She said the new Franklin County land
bank is willing to allocate funds to assist with demolition and later may have funds to help with
construction of three new homes. The property at 291 E. Eighth Avenue would be demolished,
but the lot is small that it is not feasible to build a new house on the site. Ms. Prosser suggested
that the lot could remain greenspace and become a sideyard for an adjacent property. Another
option would be to acquire a vacant adjacent property, combine the lots, and build a new
Housing Committee members asked that the properties, particularly vacant lots, be properly
maintained. Mr. Elhagmusa suggested that lighting be added to the area, particularly around 291
E. Eighth. Ms. Prosser said that Buckeye Real Estate is now managing maintenance of the
Weinland Park Collaborative properties in Weinland Park to keep the grass mowed and the
windows and doors boarded up. Laura Bidwa asked that Campus Partners investigate whether
there are salvageable materials in the four houses to be demolished.
The resident members of the committee voted to approve a motion to support the demolition of
the four properties with the requirement that the resulting vacant lots be well-managed and that
the plans for new construction move forward with input from the Housing Committee.
The Housing Committee members agreed to report on the proposed demolition and renovation
activities involving this housing portfolio at the next civic association meeting. Ms. Prosser will
be at the meeting and will distribute a map showing the properties.
Mr. Krupp asked Campus Partners to consider participating in the conservation district concept.

Ms. Prosser said that Keith Myers, Ohio States associate vice president for physical planning
and real estate, will attend the next meeting of the Housing Committee.
Susan Colbert said that she has invited representatives of the city to come to the next civic
association meeting to talk about grants and other incentives available to homeowners. Ms.
Colbert said that homeowners of duplexes may need some assistance with repairs.
Mr. Elhagmusa suggested that North Fifth Street between East Seventh and East Eighth avenues
has a number of vacant properties and vacant lots. Ms. Prosser said county land bank could be
helpful in moving forward with demolition of severely distressed properties. Mr. Sterrett
suggested that the Housing Committee discuss with Campus Partners and Wagenbrenner
Development the identification of such severely distressed properties that could be candidates for
demolition by the county land bank.
The business of the committee being concluded, Mr. Krupp and Mr. Elhagmusa adjourned the
meeting at 6:42 p.m.

Notes taken by Steve Sterrett.

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