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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
July 8, 2014
Omar Elhagmusa, chair of the committee, called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m. at Godman
Guild Association.
Amanda Hoffsis, president of Campus Partners, and Keith Myers, associate vice president for
physical planning and real estate at The Ohio State University, explained the rezoning proposed
by Campus Partners for the 7.2 acres of property immediately south of South Campus Gateway.
The new zoning would be a commercial planned development (CPD). Ms. Hoffsis recounted the
development of South Campus Gateway and the preparation of the city’s draft University District
Plan that is currently under review.
The 7.2 acres of property that encompass the Gateway phase II site extends along the east side of
High Street from East Ninth to East Eighth avenues and east to Section Alley, which is west of
and parallel to Indianola Avenue. Ms. Hoffsis said Campus Partners has filed an application with
the city to rezone the area as a commercial planned development. Campus Partners expects to
attach a “framework plan” to the rezoning application that would place appropriate restrictions,
such as building heights and building setbacks, on future development. If the rezoning is
approved, Campus Partners will seek a private firm to develop a mix of retail and office
buildings along High Street and apartments extending east. The University Area Commission is
likely to vote later this summer on whether to support the rezoning application. Eventually, the
rezoning proposal will go to City Council.
Attending the Housing Committee meeting were about a dozen residents of Euclid Avenue.
Mr. Elhagmusa asked those present for their comments and questions:

One resident asked for chargers for electric vehicles in the parking garage.
Another resident expressed concern about the 60-foot height proposed for the buildings.
A resident of Euclid Avenue said her street has 10 single-family homes. She said the phase II
plan seems aimed only at students and young professionals, rather than a greater diversity of
potential residents. She also expressed concern that five-story buildings would back up to
two-story buildings on Euclid Avenue.
Another resident of Euclid Avenue expressed concern that high-density housing would result
in more crime in the neighborhood. He also said that trash would be a big issue.

Another resident expressed concern that Campus Partners is going to do what it’s going to do
and that will be it. Campus Partners already has its plan set. She thinks her street is
considered the “black sheep” of the neighborhood.
Mr. Myers emphasized that Ms. Hoffsis and he were there to hear residents’ concerns and
they will consider adjustments to the plan.
A resident, who is working on the draft University District plan, said the Gateway phase II
framework plan doesn’t match the proposed standards in the draft University District plan.
She also said the framework plan doesn’t address greenspace and doesn’t adequately
incorporate references to the historic character of residential properties in the neighborhood.
A resident, who is a former community ambassador for Ohio State, is concerned that highdensity apartments will result in more problems with rowdy students, rather than townhouses
that would include a greater mixture of residents.
Another resident noted that a student researcher had found that the homeownership rate in the
University District has never been higher than 25 percent over the past 80 years. He also
suggested Campus Partners look at other projects that place large developments adjacent to
residential neighborhoods for comparison with the Gateway phase II development.
Another resident said Euclid is a special street in the neighborhood and a buffer should be
considered between the proposed development and Euclid.
Mr. Elhagmusa asked what Section Alley might look like. Could the alley be treated like a
street? He said the retail spaces in South Campus Gateway aren’t very flexible; he suggested
the retail spaces in a new development be more flexible. He asked about street lighting,
potential expansion of a special improvement district, support from Campus Partners for
creation of a conservation district for Weinland Park, and that the framework plan address
A resident asked about party decks and units with four or five bedrooms. Mr. Myers said he
hopes that the housing east of Pearl Alley would be a more typical apartment complex, rather
than high-density student housing. He doesn’t want seven acres of student housing.
Another resident asked how the apartments proposed in phase II helps to accomplish a
recommendation on increasing homeownership from the Greater Ohio Policy Center report
on housing investments in Weinland Park.
A resident asked that Campus Partners advocate for expansion of design review over the
whole University District.
In response to a question, Mr. Myers said a decision has not made on whether the phase II
property will be sold or will have a ground-lease to a developer.

The business of the Housing Committee being concluded, Mr. Elhagmusa adjourned the meeting
at 7:25 p.m.

Notes prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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