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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Planning Committee for 2015 Weinland Park Neighborhood Festival

Summary of meeting of February 2, 2015
Present: Diane Dixon, festival committee chair, Terry Althouse, Jean Pitman, and Steve Sterrett.
Diane Dixon called the meeting to order at 5 p.m. at Godman Guild Association.
Those present reviewed the recommendations and survey results from the 2014 festival and
discussed a number of matters related to the 2015 festival.
Date, time and theme. The festival will be Saturday, August 8, from noon to 4 p.m. in the citys
Weinland Park. The Steering Committee of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association
(WPCCA) will be asked to pick a theme for the 2015 festival.
Food. More food vendors will be invited to the festival. No free food will be distributed. Free
water will be offered in paper cups.
Last years food trucks (Ds Dogs and Cummings Italian Ice) will be invited back, as well as
Local Matters with its corn-on-the-cob. Also to be invited are Mikeys Late Night Slice
(pizza), Red Snapper (fish), and Blue Bowtie (Godman Guilds new catering vendor).
Popcorn and cotton candy will be prepared the day before and sold at a low cost. The
committee has supplies from last year. Jean Pitman offered to make labels for the popcorn
and cotton candy bags.
Terry Althouse reported that the city charges $62 for a permit to prepare and sell food. Ms.
Dixon will check with Grace Baptist Church to see if it remains interested in selling food.
Budget. Steve Sterrett said the WPCCA Steering Committee is likely to approve an annual
budget for activities, including the festival, in the near future. The costs for the 2014 festival
totaled $4,424. He will talk with the Steering Committee about coordinating fund-raising for the
Mr. Sterrett will talk with Ross Antonacci, WPCCA treasurer, about accounting for the
festival expenses or establishing a separate account for the festival.
Mr. Sterrett will talk with Kimberly Golden regarding her proposal to have a raffle to support
the festival.
The committee reviewed a general letter seeking support for the festival.
Logistics. Mr. Sterrett will talk with Erin Prosser about handing the logistics for the festival,
including the park permit, access to electricity, access to the school building for restrooms, and
rent of tent, tables and chairs. More tables should be rented than last year. The committee needs
to confirm the number of electrical outlets that will be available.
Entertainment. A chair and committee members are needed to oversee entertainment.

Family-friendly music is needed for the festival. Ms. Pitman suggested a DJ and will contact
him about providing the music.
The survey identified interest in having more games and activities for children, teenagers and
adults. Board games might be included.
The location of the dance floor may need to be changed to better accommodate the DJ and
available electrical outlets.
Ms. Althouse reported that the Columbus Zoo will provide a one-hour program, but the zoos
van must be parked next the area where the program will be held to give zoo staff members
easy access to the animals.
Ms. Althouse will check on rental of the bounce house and the possibility of a program from
Mr. Sterrett will check with Malcolm J to see if he still has art supplies from last years
Ms. Pitman will explore the possibility of karaoke at the festival.
Volunteers are needed to lead outdoor games for children, teenagers and adults.
Ms. Dixon will check on the librarys bookmobile and Mt. Carmel Hospitals health van.
Ms. Dixon will check with Live Laugh & Learn and Jane Wiechel of the Schoenbaum Family
Center regarding pre-school activities.

Other matters:
The survey found high interest in the information tables. Organizations should be asked to
provide their own information tables, chairs, and canopy. Ms. Dixon will talk to Susan
Colbert about organizing the information tables again this year. The WPCCA officers should
help staff the civic association table.
The committee needs to recruit committee chairs and volunteers. Ms. Dixon asked for a letter
that she could take to the high school guidance counselor to get approval for student
The festival planning committees next meeting will be Monday, March 2, at 5 p.m. at
Godman Guild Association, 303 E. Sixth Avenue.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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