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Business Development challenge

This challenge is designed to give you special space to design and execute a
Sales plan. You will be given certain tangible products and some cash which
you will have to use to generate a target sales result.
This is a chance to challenge yourself and do things you may have never done
before.Taking part in this challenge, you have the chance to learn about:
- Communication, negotiation skill
- Teamwork and Interpersonal skills
- Critical thinking and questioning skills

Challenge content

Each team shall be given 30 tangible products for actively use on the on-site day.
The original price list of Products as below:
(The number of each product may vary due to special unexpected condition but does not matter.)

Product A
Product B
Product C

VND 10,000
VND 15,000
VND 38,000
Total capital

VND 558,000

Apart from this, each team shall be given VND 100,000 in cash for freely use.

Business Plan:
From 11th March to 13th March, each team shall make a sales plan with clear
strategies in order to win the highest REVENUE / profits from given capital,
including tangible products and VND 100,000 in cash.
You have to finish a business plan and send to teams supervisor before 10 pm,
12th of March, 2015.
Your business plan has to be approved by your team supervisor, in case the team
supervisor does not approve your team business plan, you have to adjust and
send it back to your team supervisor before 10 pm, 13th of March, 2015.
After that, if team has any change to execute sales, you have to immediately
inform Team Supervisor.

On-site day (your sales time) shall be held on 14th and 15th March, in which
each team shall choose 2 continuous hours to sell / do business to reach or
even pass the minimum revenue goal of VND 1,600,000 in cash. [Setting
partnerships with external organizations / suppliers is highly recommended]
There are 3 slots of selling your products:
Slot 1: 6.00 8.00 pm, 14th of March, 2015
Slot 2: 4.00 6.00 pm, 15th of March, 2015
Slot 3: 6.30 8.30 pm, 15th of March, 2015
The slot should be confirmed no later than 12 p.m (at noon), 12th of March,
2015. First come first served.

Where to go sales:

2 suggested places for sales are: 30/4 Park and Turtle Lake
If you are going to make sales in different places, please inform us by the time
mentioned above.
After the challenge, all teams shall return the total received capital (VND
658,000) to AIESEC and it must be in cash only. The profits gained by your
team shall be used at your discretion.
No tangible product given should be returned to AIESEC.
Measure of success: at least VND 1,600,000 in cash, good plan.

This is a business project to challenge your capacity. It is not allowed to use AIESEC
Brand for during the whole challenge.
Please submit to your supervisor, cc Ms. Tuan Ngoc (,
Mr. Vinh Pham ( and Ms. Minh Hoai
( before 10.00 PM, 15.03.2015 the following materials:

i. Team report
You have to complete Team Report and send it to your Team Supervisor before
10.00 pm, 15th of March for teams of slot 1 and 2, and before 11.59 pm, 15th of
March for teams of slot 3.
If you miss the deadline, your team will get Minus Mark on score of each team

ii. Personal report

Each team member has to complete your own Individual Report before
10.00 pm, 15th of March for teams of slot 1 and 2, and before 11.59 pm, 15th of
March for teams of slot 3.
Email subject:
[TMP][Group Work] YourJob YourGroupsCode Team/Personal Report


In the presentation day, your group will have 10 minutes to present your
group work over the previous 5 days and the final result.
There are no obligation in the way you show us your result.
Every member of the group will have to participate in your group
Slot and venue for Presentation day & Assessment center will be confirmed


For any question or concern during the Group work,

please contact your teams supervisor through his/her
email or mobile phone number (urgency preferred)