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Weekly Journal

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Amit Sharafath Al Rahman

Banglalink Digital Communications Limited
Finance(Procurement Unit)
Rushdy Bakth(RmB)

Tasks Performed This Week

Attended orientation organized to complete the joining process into Banglalink for all interns
and brief us on the Banglalink organization and the internship work schedule.
Was assigned to the procurement sub-unit of Banglalinks supply chain unit, under finance
On first day of joining reported to the procurement units General Manager, Mr. Saud AlFaisal. He introduced me to all the Banglalink staffs who were working in the supply chain
Met with the full procurement team, specially the direct procurement team with whom I will
work the most over the next 3 months.
Learning and Achievements
The supply chain department of Banglalink is divided into five primary sub-units; Contract
Management, Strategy & Operations, Warehouse, Procurement and Logistics.
The Procurement unit is further segmented into two parts: Direct Procurement and Indirect
Procurement. Direct Procurement is associated with the purchase of network towers mainly
whereas the indirect unit is concerned with billboards, catering services etc.
The Direct Procurement unit is comprised of 6 employees with one reporting manager and
the Indirect Procurement is comprised of 7 employees with one reporting manager. The main
task of both the units is to purchase the equipment necessary for the organization. To do this,
the department that is in need of the equipment first send a request to the procurement unit in
the form of the purchase request(PR) or request for proposal(RFP)
The procurement unit then sends the RFP to suppliers through e-mail and asks for quotations.
After that, they make a comparative statement based on the quotation and technical feedback.
After the quotation process is done, negotiation with the suppliers begins and after that
evaluation of the financial statements is done based on the negotiation.
The final decision is made on the basis of technical and financial corporation from the
comparative statement. The purchase request is approved through a flow named Q-Flow by

Weekly Journal
sending Bill of Order (BOQ) and Scope of Work (SOW).

Observations/ Reflections
Banglalinks corporate culture looks to make sure every employee knows who they are
working with and know them on a first name basis.
They try to make interactions between fellow employees and superiors less formal and more
comfortable by addressing them as Bhaiya and Apu, instead of Sir and Madame.
Both the horizontal flow of information, across different functional units, and vertical flow of
information, across different management tiers, is made less rigid since almost all employees
are familiar with both their colleagues and superiors. Furthermore, although every employee
has a cubicle assigned to them, top management, such as unit heads, is located near their
immediate sub-ordinates. They make routine rounds across their floors and check up on their
Notable Incidents
All the interns assigned to the supply chain were given the chance to meet and ask questions
with all the heads of the units of supply chain.
The Supply Chain Deputy Director, Mr. A Saboor, who oversees the whole of supply chain
operations and reports directly to the CFO, Ahmad Y. Haleem, was also present to greet the
interns and talk with us. We also had the opportunity to have lunch with him and the
employees of supply chain unit.