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January - February 2015 Newsletter

Greetings from the beautiful country of Ecuador!!

Its 2015 already and we want to take a
moment to say thank you to all who
support us in many way, especially with
prayer and finances. We pray often for
you, thanking the Lord for those who
partner with us in ministry.!

My how time flys!!

Its hard to believe that we have been in
Ecuador for over one year! As we set our eyes on all God has instore for us this coming year,
we can truly say that God was
faithful in 2014. We faced many
incredible challenges and
spiritual warfare. While our first
year was very difficult, we have
grown and been so
encouraged in how God has
continued to show us His
perfect plan. He has also
opened up many new doors of
ministry to us as we have followed Him in total obedience.!

Praise Report!!
* We received our indefinite residency visas and cedulas
(Ecuadorian Social Security Card) which means we are no
longer under the missionary/religious radar and having to
renew our a visa every year, which is costly.!
* And thanks to many of you, we were able to purchase new
tires for the ministry truck.!

God is Faithful !

God has open the door to several

new indigenous communities up in
the Andean mountains in which we
will be holding seven new kids
Bible clubs on a weekly/bi-weekly
basis. This means hosting eight
kids clubs with attendance ranging
from 25 - 100 children in each of
the communities. What an awesome
privilege to be able to touch the lives of a few hundred children
and some of their parents each week with the Gospel of Christ. !

Our goal: Work with the children in the kids clubs for a season
and eventually train and equip the lay pastors and their church
members to take over the kids clubs so that they do not depend
on us. In many of these villages, the only believers are the
house churchs lay-pastor and his family; they face harsh
opposition from the priest and catholic community.!

C.A.S.A Kids club: After helping with Saturday kids clubs at

C.A.S.A for over eight weeks, we were so excited to see how
much the children had
learned about Christ. They
were able to quote many
scripture verses, quote the
characteristics of God and
really explain with total
understanding about what
they had learned. Their
non-believing parents
exclaimed how much they
of a difference they saw in their children that attended. We have
committed to assist again.!

Meet Sabastian: We think he is between three

or four years old. Most of the kids do not know
their ages. He was not one to be very friendly,
but after six weeks of us showing him the love
of Christ and giving him personal attention, he
felt safe enough to fall asleep in my lap for
some much needed rest. Folks, he is another
reason we do what we do for Christ.!

Prayer Requests:!
Our 2015 budget - increase due the costs associated with the
new Bible Kids Clubs, as our ministry continues to grow.!
Our financial supporters and future supporter growth.!
The families in the new villages we will be ministering in.!
Our 2015 missions teams as they prepare to serve with us in

How can we pray for you? Please feel free to call us, email
us and let us know how we can pray for you or just say Hi.!


Blessings, Gary & Dena

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