Mississippi Mills Business Park

“The cubicle farms don’t happen here. I have never had a prospective employee decline an offer to work at this software firm.”
— John Ogilvie, chief technical officer of Killdara

The Mississippi Mills Business Park is just 30 kilometres — yet a world apart — from the bustle of Ottawa’s high-tech community of Kanata. Past the traffic, high-priced offices and high living costs of Ottawa, where March Road turns into County Road 49, you’ll find the Mississippi Mills Business Park which has 53 acres (21.5 hectares) of serviced land for immediate sale and development. Adjacent to the historic and sophisticated community of Almonte, the Park has all the modern infrastructure required to run a business — from three-phase hydro to high-speed Internet links — but without the lifestyle crunch of neighbouring developments. A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment study has been completed and the site has been deemed clean. A geotechnical investigation has also been completed and may be used by prospective site developers to assist in preparation of the detailed engineering drawings.

Planned development
Mississippi Mills Business Park is different from other regional development sites — today and into the foreseeable future — thanks to forward-looking design guidelines. The guidelines reflect the philosophy of high-quality development in a progressive and stylish small-town environment. They ensure high-quality aesthetic standards for the Park as a whole, while protecting each company’s long-term property investment.

The Mississippi Mills business mix
The multi-use zoning of the Mississippi Mills Business Park can accommodate a wide range of organizations. The Park already has a growing number of business, retail and service sector tenants, and other areas of Mississippi Mills are currently host to a good mix of businesses in agricultural, retail, manufacturing, technology, service, tourism and other sectors. Factoring in the great flexibility with respect to lotting and road patterns, the Park holds great potential for development by local, national and international businesses.

Well positioned for success
The Mississippi Mills Business Park can be found 13 kilometres west of Highway 417, on the east side of Almonte with direct access onto County Road 49 (continuation of Ottawa’s March Road). It is at the intersection with County Road 17.

Rates for services
Hydro • All lots will be serviced by hydro. Where lots are currently serviced, hook up can occur immediately. In other areas, servicing will meet developers’ schedule • Basic Service (200 amps): $10.00 per meter from lot line to the building • Greater than basic service is at the expense of the owner (i.e. 400 amp service, requiring transformer; 100 amp, three-phase service, step up from basic service) • Overhead wiring along interior roads is the standard; underground wiring from lot line is at the expense of the owner • Average monthly residential cost is $75.00 • Average monthly commercial rate varies depending on level of service provided and use • Electricity rates in Almonte Ward have generally been in the lowest 10 to 12% in Ontario • The Mississippi River Power Corporation, owned by the Town, produces 40% of its energy from the waterpower generated on the Mississippi River

The Town of Mississippi Mills Tel: (613) 256-2064 E-mail: town@town.mississippi-mills.on.ca Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce Toll-free: 1-888-669-6566 Tel: (613) 256-7886

Mississippi Mills Business Park

Internet Broadband access There are many affordable, efficient options for businesses to connect to the Internet, including DSL, cable, fibre loop, satellite, terrestrial microwave and wireless access.

Sewage treatment system
• • • • • Four-cell Lagoon system (natural aerobic process) Two settlement ponds and two polishing ponds Treated with Alum to reduce Phosphorus Capacity 860,000,000 litres System operated by Ontario Clean Water Agency (Crown Corporation regulated by Ministry of the Environment) • Proposed solid separation plant

Hydro Rates as of June 1, 2001
Residential First 250 kilowatt hours per month Additional kWh Minimum monthly bill General service (commercial) First 250 kWh hours per month Additional 12,250 kWh per month All additional kWh General service billing demand First 50 kWh Balance kWh 13.55¢ per kWh 7.51¢ per kWh $7.10

Municipal taxes
Property class Commercial/Shopping Centre Vacant Commercial Industrial Vacant Industrial 2001 Tax Rate 0.03527281 0.02469097 0.07120521 0.04628339

13.55¢ per kWh 8.14¢ per kWh 6.11¢ per kWh

no charge 5.05¢ per kWh

An assessment of future taxes can be calculated by multiplying the tax rate by the market value for the land/building.

Natural gas
• Additional costs: service, distribution and transmission charges • Note: Planned electricity deregulation in Ontario may affect rates Schedule of Gas Rates (Enbridge Commercial and Industrial Service Accounts) 14.6300¢ per m3 For first 30 m3 used per month For the next 55 m3 used per month 14.1231¢ per m3 For the next 1,315 m3 used 13.5655¢ per m3 per month 12.959¢ per m3 For the next 1,400 m3 used per month 12.352¢ per m3 For the next 2,800 m3 used per month 11.4414¢ per m3 For the next 5,600 m3 used per month

Land costs
• Lots in Business Park: cost per acre ranges from $30,000 to $65,000 (minimum lot size: 1 acre)

Building permit fees
Commercial/Industrial Construction Shell Construction Residential Construction Plumbing $0.60 per square foot $0.30 per square foot $0.45 per square foot $7.50 per fixture

Contact info
Economic Development Officer: Stacie Lloyd (613) 256-2064, ext. 257 slloyd@town.mississippi-mills.on.ca

Site plan cost
Development of Vacant Land Expansion, Enlargement, Change of Use $800.00 $300.00

Development charges
• There are no development charges for commercial and/or industrial development

Water supply
• Water rates are based on three payments per year of $104.71 (2001 rates) • Consumption over 15,000 gallons per quarter costs an additional $4.60/1,000 gallons (2001 rates) • Water is treated by chlorination, and tested daily for bacteria and turbidity • Quarterly reports to Ministry of Environment; public reports available at the Public Works office