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Empowering Business-Critical

Broadband Satellite Communications

for Offshore Rigs/Platforms and
Support Vessels

Maritime VSAT Users in Offshore Oil & Gas

Orbit VSAT Value Proposition

Offshore oil & gas (O&G) platforms/rigs

Unmatched system availability: Orbits high-bandwidth solutions feature

Drilling ships
Floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels
Platform supply/support vessels (PSVs) and emergency support vessels (ESVs)

Offshore O&G Satcom Needs

Today more than ever, offshore oil & gas companies and support vessel operators require always-on broadband connectivity
for their remote maritime operations. Mission-critical and data-hungry applications such as real-time drilling data
management, seismic information, live video monitoring and surveillance, and extended organizational network capabilities
are vital for improving operational productivity, crew morale and business profitability. At the same time, maritime
companies must meet stringent industry regulations while keeping costs under control.
Given these needs, the shortcomings of legacy narrowband systems limited bandwidth and high operating costs in
particular have become clearly apparent.

Orbit VSAT Solutions

Setting the standard for RF performance, stabilization and operational ease, Orbits advanced VSAT solutions are
designed to perfectly address the broadband satellite communications (satcom) needs of offshore oil & gas
rigs/platforms and support vessels. Smaller and easier to install than competitive offerings, Orbit VSAT solutions offer
exceptional technical performance, ensure strict regulatory compliance, and provide unmatched system availabilityleading to bottom-line business benefits.
From the field-proven OrSat system to the revolutionary OrBand and OrMax systems, Orbit has the right solution to
enable maritime systems integrators (SIs) and satcom service providers to meet the specific needs of maritime offshore
O&G. Leveraging the companys technological know-how, industry experience and worldwide presence, Orbit VSAT
solutions help end customers bolster operating efficiencies, enhance crew productivity, and improve financial results.

C-band Solutions



Compact footprint: Continuing OrSats tradition of superior RF

performance in a compact radome (1.28m/50), Orbits OrBand
C/Ku-band system provides industry-standard RF performance in a
revolutionarily compact 2.7m/106 radome (compared to the common
3.8m/150 footprint). Alternatively, for the most demanding applications,
Orbits OrMax C-band system provides groundbreaking RF performance
in an industry-standard footprint.
Rapid low-cost installation: Orbits OrSat Ku-band solution is quick and

simple to install, since it does not require balancing and uses a single cable for
below-deck connectivity. Ease and speed of installation are even more evident
with OrBand, which sets a new standard for rapid low-cost set-up. Shipped
pre-assembled and fully tested in a standard 20 foot container, OrBand
installs in a mere matter of hours a fraction of the customary 2-3 days
required by equivalent solutions. Quicker installation means that OrBand
can be deployed while ships are on routine port calls, substantially driving
down costs and eliminating the need to wait until vessels are in dry dock.
Cost-effective operations: Renowned for their inherently superior RF

performance, Orbits VSAT solutions leverage modem technological advances,

such as adaptive coding modulation (ACM), to enable even more efficient
satellite usage. At the same deck footprint of competitive systems, OrSat
customers can enjoy almost 40% more bandwidth, and maintain connectivity
on the fringes of satellite coverage. Bandwidth and coverage advantages are
even greater for OrMax customers.
Global coverage: Operating with satellites across geographical regions,

Industry Standard


highly efficient dual-offset Gregorian antennas and advanced RF design.

Coupled with superior stabilization and tracking algorithms, Orbit solutions
maximize connection uptime and outperform industry standards.

Orbit VSAT solutions support automatic beam switching (ABS) for seamless
global coverage through the industry-standard OpenAMIP protocol and the
ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol. Electrically switchable
polarization facilitates satellite switching and increases system versatility.
Remote monitoring and diagnostics: Orbits systems feature advanced

remote monitoring capabilities, allowing complete replication of the system

interface to any remote PC. This enables off-site technicians to remotely
monitor and operate the system, or carry out diagnostics as if they were on
the ship or rig, thereby reducing operational costs.


Strict regulatory compliance: Orbit solutions comply with industry

regulations and standards of major satellite operators including Intelsat,

Eutelsat and Anatel.




World-class customer support: Operating a three-tier service structure,

Orbit maintains a global network of trained support engineers/technicians

and regional service centers to handle the immediate needs of customers

O&G Broadband
Drilling and production
data management
Seismic data uploading and
Live video monitoring and
Crew welfare services:
telephony, IM, e-mail,
video calling, Internet,
Remote training and
Instant communications
between land-based offices
and offshore operations
Offshore enterprise
resource planning (ERP)
Remote equipment
monitoring and control
Off-site maintenance and
Management reporting

Bands, Optional
RF Feeds
& Antenna
Antenna Size
Radome Size
System Weight
Antenna System
G/T (typical)
Radome Loss
BUC Options
*Future release

OrSat (AL-7103)

OrMax (AL-7110)*

Set the standard for RF

performance and availability
in Ku & X-band

Industry-standard RF
Groundbreaking RF
performance in revolutionarily performance in industrycompact footprint
standard footprint
C-band linear (V/H)
C-band linear (V/H)
Ku-band linear
C-band circular (RH/LH)
C-band circular (RH/LH)
X-band circular
C-band linear (V/H) and
C-band linear (V/H) and
circular (RH/LH)
circular (RH/LH)
Ku-band linear (V/H)
Polarization for C and Ku-band is electrically switchable
1.15m (45)
2.2m (87)
3.1m (122)
1.28m (50)
2.7m (106)
3.8m (150)
270kg (595lb)
590kg (1,300lb)
To be announced
21.1dB/K @ 12.5GHz
19.6dB/K @ 3.95GHz
22.2dB/K @ 3.95GHz
(clear sky, 30 elevation)
(clear sky, 20 elevation)
(clear sky, 20 elevation)



Ku-Band: 4W, 8W, 16W

C-band: 20W, 40W, 100W;

Ku-band: 8W, 16W, 40W

C-Band: 20W, 40W, 100W, CFE

**Patent Pending

Most Suitable
Users for Orbit
VSAT Solutions

OrBand (AL-7107)**

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Support vessels
Drilling ships
FPSO vessels

Support vessels
Drilling ships
FPSO vessels
Offshore platforms/rigs


About Orbit Maritime Satcom Solutions

Orbit Communication Systems provides high-performance maritime satellite communications solutions for mission-critical
applications. With decades of experience and thousands of systems operating worldwide, Orbits innovative and reliable
VSAT and TVRO solutions deliver broadband data communications and TV reception to users across the globe. Orbits
robust marine-stabilized solutions, backed by a worldwide support network, support the broadband communications
needs of offshore oil & gas, commercial shipping, and naval applications.

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