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RBH Solutions Private Limited

Energy Metering & Management

(For Rishabh Meters 3440 & Delta Energy
on Modbus)

Revision A: 09/10/2014
Presented by: Taranpreet


1. Objective
1.1. Introduction
The main purpose of this document is to explain the Energy Metering and
Management System for the Switchboards in GFC Plant. The offered system
interfaces with Rishabh make (3440) for Main & DG Incommer & Rishabh make
(Delta Energy) for outgoing Feeders, Energy Meters and provide comprehensive
energy management systems. All the meters will be networked to Energy
Management System for reporting, archiving and performance benchmarking.

1.2. Working Philosophy

The scope includes Supply of Serial Converter (RS 485 to RS 232) and EnMS
Software for Energy Management Platform.

Serial Converter: Advantech make Serial converter ADAM 4520 is

used to convert the Metering loop (RS 485 to RS 232) for integration in

EnMS: Energy Management System, can communicate with any make

Energy Meter (over MODBUS), Easy Analysis of Generation &
Consumption with inbuilt analytics, fully customizable LCD Display output
to broadcast Energy Performance Data at various Boards


1.3. Architecture

PA 330

RS-232 Link

RS-485 to Rs232 Converter

Serial Network

Serial Network

RS-485 Link

Meters On

2. Scope Of Supply / Services

2.1. Scope of Supply
As Per Architecture specified above, please find the comprehensive list of
materials to be supplied:
Serial Converters-RS 485 to RS 232. (2 Nos.)
Computer for Energy Management Hosting is provided by customer (in
customer scope)
Meter Connectivity: Final supervision will be given for Network Assistance
o Serial Communication: Data communication cable and Connectivity
for looping the meters on RS 485 and further converting to RS 232
for integration in PC is in customer scope, only supervision is
EnMS Energy Management System
Energy Meters: Supply & Installation of Energy Meters is in Customer
scope, RBH shall provide the supervision.

2.2. Performance

EnMS License is for 20 Meters, maximum supported 20,000 Meters per

Data update time
o Instantaneous Values (regular polling)
o History Data (up to 1 Minutes Resolution for 6 Days)
o History Data (up to 15 Minutes for 2 Years)
Energy Meter
o Rishabh Make (3440 & Delta Energy)

2.3. Functionality
o EnMS will connect meters and stat acquiring data from meters
o All types of reports, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. are
user configurable with Index repotting feature.

2.4. Services
Service offered under this project are mentioned below
Supervision of installation of Energy Meters, Serial converters and
Looping of Meters in field.
Supply and Installation of Energy Management System
Factory Acceptance Test & Site Acceptance Tests
Warranty period will be of 1 year. The warranty period shall cover both the
Hardware and software supplied under this project.
Training and Assistance for preparing the reports is also given.


2.5. Assumptions / Clarifications/ Deviations

The distance between the Serial converter from the location of Energy
Management System Installation shall be within 15m ,Distance from serial
converters to the Meter looping in switchboards not more than 1000m
PC for the Installation of EnMS is provided by client.
Serial Network cable and Inter panel looping of Meters is done by
customer only, Supervision shall be provided before commissioning for
field network.