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Alhamdulillah. I am grateful to Allah SWT the Almighty whom with His willing
giving me an opportunity to complete my industrial training in Integrated
Environmental Consultants (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd for ten weeks starting on 23 rd May 2011
to 29the July 2011 as required by the School of Science and Technology.
First of all, I would like to express my deepest thanks to the boss of IEC (Sabah), Mr.
William Unsworth and my supervisor, Miss Maryynah Matami for the positive
attitude that you showed for my work, giving prompt replies for my uncertainties in
all the fields including educational, social and managerial to the labor working. Not
forget also for the all supervision and support that both of you gave to me were truly
help the progression and smoothness of the internship program. My grateful thanks
also go to the other two staff of the company Sir Davies Austin Spiji and Mdm. Siti
Nurliana Saat. All the guidance, encouragement, advices and ideas that given to me
were really appreciated. Indeed, all the knowledge that I learned there will be very
helpful in my future to face the working world.
Last but not least, a very much thanked also given to my internship program
coordinator, Mdm. Rohana Tair who also very helpful and great cooperation during
the industrial training session. Not to forget to all my friends, family and my partner,
Sir Termizi Sawang for all the helps and supports that given to me were very much
Finally, I would like to apologize for all other unnamed here who helped me in various
ways during my internship program. It is always a pleasure to remind the fine people
in the Integrated Environmental Consultant (Sabah). Sdn. Bhd for their sincere
guidance I received to uphold my practical.





Laporan 2: Borang Laporan Kemajuan Minggu Pertama hingga

(Report 2: Progress Reports Form for Weeks 1 to 7)
Catatan : Pelajar diminta melengkapkan borang ini sebelum diserahkan kepada Organisasi untuk
pengesahan. Pastikan borang ini dilampirkan dalam Laporan Penuh Latihan Industri. (This form
required Organization certification before attached to the Full Report of Industrial Training).


:______`Izzah Syazani bt Zabidi_____________________________

No. Pelajar



:_______Environmental Science (HS11)_______________________


Work Performed

Briefing with the Bosss Company and also the staffs about the
companys background

Helping one of the staff requesting the equipments quotation

from hardware retail shop and writing the letter for the quotation.

Giving some work by one of the staff to help them key in data for
the Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary Hydrology Study Phase 1

Went for field work at Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary with

Supervisor and one of the staff

Day 2 - doing one part of the Hydrology Study.

Measured the river flow by using the current meter to measure

velocity in controlled manner from which flow can be calculated.

Method that been used was selected according to DID (1976)

The purpose of the study is sufficient seawater flow to maintain

salinity levels as to achieve and maintaining a stable and
appropriate hydrology regime for the health and vitality of
natural forest growth throughout the Sanctuary.

Day 3 & 4 - Doing the Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) within the
area of Sulaman Lake Mangrove Forest Reserve (SLMFR) as to
allow better quantification of flora within the sanctuary.

Four stand structure parameters that been measured were

diameter at breast height (DBH), tree crown, tree height and tree


species identification.
Given a task - involved in Soil Assessments 2011 in Sulaman
Wetland Sanctuary (SWS)
Briefing with Boss about the task and drawing a map of study area
and plotting the plots for the sampling points

Key in the fish data for SWS Community Forestry Fish Ponds - Proof
of Concept Study

Eg: Scientific name, English name & local name of the fish

Went for field work at Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary (SWS)

Day 4 involved in Community Forestry Fish Pond Hydrology

Study as to propose appropriate mitigation measures for the
recovery of a natural hydrology system of the ponds

Measured the water quality of the ponds such as temperature,

pH, oxidation reduction potential, dissolved oxygen, electrical
and actual conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, seawater
specific gravity and atmospheric pressure

Observed the physical characteristics of the each pond

Learned about map digitizing

Digitize the land use maps given for Birds and Large Mammals
Survey in Selected Forest Reserve Project

Reading through the soil assessments report 2010 and discussion

with boss about the report that need to be improved

Start writing the 1st part of the new soil assessment report 2011

Continue digitizing the land use maps

given for Birds and Large

Mammals Survey in Selected Forest Reserve Project

Day 5 went for field work at Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary (SWS)

Measured the river flow by using the current meter at the bridge
near the site office again due the illogical data we get from the
previous field work.


Continue digitizing the land use maps given for Birds and Large
Mammals Survey in Selected Forest Reserve Project
Day 3 5 : went for field work at Sulaman Wetland sanctuary

Involve in Soil Assessments 2011. The purpose of this study was

as to identify and categorize soil type and to assess to what
degree the soil type defines the forest type, and if this factor can
be used to define the species selection for replantation

Taking the soil sample from point 1-15th point.

Observed the color of the soil, tree species found within 10m
radius and checking the in situ parameter at each point such as
pH and salinity. All data been recorded at provided datasheet.

Manage to finish the task within 3 days

Arranges all the pictures taken during the field work for Soil
Assessment 2011 at Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary
Identify all the tree species found and its forest type at each point
Continue writing the Soil Assessments 2011s report and key in data
for the in situ results
Day 5 went to Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary

Taking photos again at certain point of soil sample

Plant Inspection:








(Rhizophora apiculata).

Fern sp. that grew around the quadrate of the new

seedling will be cut off which believes will inhibits the
growth of the seedlings.

Counting the number of mangrove trees that been cut by

irresponsible person and report it to the one of officer from
Sabah Forest Department (SFD)

Continue writing the Soil Assessment 2011 report
Day 4 went to Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary with Supervisor and
one of the staff

Visited by the Audits Department

Plant inspection at nursery checking the fig tree as to make

sure the plants was in good condition and able to be replanted

Taken picture and other staff during the site workers taking out
the water level loggers. Before that, one of the staff was
downloading the data from water level loggers. The water level
loggers need to be move out and placed into the new places
according to the coming Hydrology Study Phase 2.

Day 5 went to the Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary again

Clean up the site office such as pick up all the rubbish.

Visited by the boss from Tawau which came to site seeing the

Helping the workers to move out the water level logger as it

need to be placed at the new place for Hydrology Study Phase 2
only helping an easy work due to the rising tide

Tandatangan Pelajar : _____`Izzah Syazani bt Zabidi____________________



Nama Penyelia

:______Miss. Maryynah Matami____________________


:______Jr. Environmental Consultant__________________

___________________ __________________ _________________

(Tandatangan Penyelia)
(Cop Jabatan)