Vatican Assassins

“Wounded In The House Of My Friends”
The Diabolical History of

The Society of Jesus
Including: Its Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945), Its Cold War (1945-1990), And Its Assassination of America’s First Roman Catholic President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1963)
By Eric Jon Phelps, White American Freeman and Dispensational Baptist-Calvinist

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Vatican Assassins

The following books are suppressed documents being extremely difficult to obtain due to their exposure of the secret Plan, secret Power and secret Purpose of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as the Jesuit Order. No violation of copyright laws has occurred here; as, all books published prior to 1924 are in the public domain and may be duplicated. It is with great joy that the author gives to you, dear truthseeker, these works written by the bold and the brave Bible believers of the wonderful Nineteenth Century, during which era the Company of Jesus was expelled from nearly every nation in Europe. In review, Germany is especially important. During the mid 1840s the risen S o n o f G o d sent a second Martin Luther to Germany. As a Catholic priest having converted to the Christ of the Bible, John Ronge established the German Catholic Church and preached what the Jesuits’ Council of Trent would consider to be “Protestant heresy”, including the supremacy of the Bible. A few years later Theodor Griesinger, a German Protestant, wrote his monumental work, The Jesuits, alerting his countrymen to the great danger of the Order and a newly declared “infallible” Pope, so designated by the First Vatican Council (1870) having been controlled by Jesuit intrigue. With the S o n o f G o d giving victories to Prince Bismarck’s army of Protestant Germany and Prussia over the Catholic Austrians (1866) and the Catholic French (1871), the Protestant Second Reich was established in 1871. Thanks to the German victory over the French army of Napoleon III, the Pope lost his Temporal Power to Victor Immanuel in 1870. Further, Bismarck did not curse the Jews but was good to the physical descendants of Abraham bringing additional blessings to the Empire – and additional curses from the Jesuits. The icing on the cake was the Reichstag’s formal banishment of the Society of Jesus from all of Germany and Prussia in 1872 at the behest of the Protestant Union. Enraged but in control of his emotions, the Jesuit General knew that the Pope’s Holy Roman European Empire, with a Catholic Germany at its center, could never be reestablished with his Militia banned while hosting an overwhelming amount of “pagan” Jews, “heretic” Protestants and “liberal” Bible believing Catholics resisting

Suppressed Anti-Jesuit Documents Anti-


the supremacy and infallibility of the Papal Caesar in Rome. Therefore the Jesuits, in control of world diplomacy, began the Second Thirty Years’ War. When it was over in 1945 two-thirds of the Jews had been annihilated, German Protestantism had been destroyed and the antiJesuit, liberal Catholic priests having opposed Hitler were no more, many hundreds having perished in Dachau concentration camp alone. The non-military target of Protestant Dresden had been destroyed with a bombing firestorm ignited by Churchill’s Royal Air Force and rekindled by Roosevelt’s Army Air Force the following afternoon. Every decision Roman Catholic Nazi Hitler made from his bunker in Berlin further destroyed the German population, particularly in historically Protestant East Germany. As a result of Hitler’s betrayal of his army on the Russian front, East Germany was then given to the Roman Catholic Communist and Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin who then deported the remaining Lutherans to Siberia while the Jesuit haven of Roman Catholic Bavaria, the staging ground for both Thirty Years’ Wars, was made part of West Germany and therefore went untouched by the merciless, raping and thieving Soviet Red Army. Thus, we understand the Twentieth Century because we understand the Nineteenth Century. Scores of excellent, anti-Jesuit books were written as accurate histories and marvelous literature. A few of the greatest are found on this list before you now, dear truthseeker. The author gives them to you with the hope and p r a y e r that you will do your duty as a man or woman with honor serving the risen S o n o f G o d from a pure heart while resisting evil, living victoriously over the World, the Flesh and the Devil, and dying well as a good soldier of Jesus Christ revealed to us by His Holy Spirit through the Word of God. May God our Father bless you, my elect brother in Messiah. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways and He will direct thy paths. He has given to His risen Son all authority and power in heaven and in earth and will lead you by His Holy Spirit according to His Word, the Authorized King James Version of 1611 in its present edition of 1769. Be valiant for the truth in the earth and we shall meet at the judgment seat of Christ recalling our victories in the presence of the One Who first loved us and gave Himself for us that we could be saved from the earthly wrath to come and an eternal Hell we all so richly deserve. EJP