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Select your home state or a state in which you are familiar, choose an identified hate group, and then use the internet to research the
0 Hate Group Paper
Prepare a 1,050- to 1,450-word paper describing the group, their mission, and their message. Discuss the impacted and protected class
populations they have targeted and any incidents they have been responsible for. Include in your analysis what methods of prevention,
intervention, and treatment human service workers could apply to mitigate their impact.

The Hate Group Paper/ Hammer

Skin Skin Heads in Washington

1 Hate Group Paper

The first time I heard the term skinhead, was when I was 14 years old
and living in Chicago, IL. I was watching The Geraldo Rivera show and he
had the skinheads on one side and some black activists on the other side.
The show did not go well and Geraldo got his nose broke from a flying chair
but from that day on, the word Skinheads were forever embedded in my
brain as well as the rest of the nation.
As a child I have always heard about Nazis and the KKK but these
guys were younger, aggressive and angrier than both those groups
combined. The messages of hate and race wars makes no sense to the
average person but they seem to grip the minds of young white males all
over the country. The questions began to be asked on a daily basis, who
are these guys? And where did they come from?
I personally ran into a group of twenty or more skinheads in Seattle
during the WTO riots as I was getting off work and alone. All I can say is
that they never said a word to me as I walked pass them but I would not
want to do that again. This paper will answer those questions and give a
description about the groups hate activities in Washington State. The range
of Hate Crimes that skinheads commit on a regular basis is a broad one.
This paper will inform readers of different types of hate crimes committed
by skinheads and behaviors of hate crime. The paper will give an analysis
as to what methods of prevention, intervention, and treatment human
service workers could apply to mitigate their impact.

2 Hate Group Paper

Victims of hate crimes now have laws to protect them from peoples
cruel intentions. These laws help protect the rights of people who is
victimize because of their religion, race, sexual orientation, handicap,
ethnicity, or national origin.
Describe the group, their mission, and their message
According to "Southern Poverty Law Center" (2014), the original
skinhead subculture explodes among urban, working-class youths in
Britain. Over the years various skin head groups have been forming all over
America and causing problems for the communities and law enforcement
According to the FBI, the Skinheads in the United States are not
organized on a national level but that could change overnight. Right now
they have loosely linked network of Skinhead gangs, who operate
independent of one another in different communities all across America. In
Washington State, the members could be from other States like Oregon,
Utah or California and they migrate to particular locations like Eastern
Washington. For example A group member may run into problems with the
law in a city such as Portland, Or and resume illegal activity in another city
like Tacoma, WA Skinhead groups typically consist of uneducated, young,
white males between the ages of 13 and 24 who have no long-term
prospects for success. Although many come from single-parent,
dysfunctional families, some exceptions exist. (SCHAFER & NAVARRO,
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (2011) Washington
State has 16 hate groups which are higher than the previous year. Each

3 Hate Group Paper

group has different ideologies from Neo-Nazis, militants, black separatists

and skinheads. In the Seattle-Tacoma area the main skinhead group is the
Northwest Hammer skins.
According to " (N.D)The Hammer skin Nation is a
leaderless group of men and women, who have adopted the White Power
Skinhead lifestyle. We are blue collar workers, white collar professionals,
college students, entrepreneurs, fathers and mothers. "We must secure the
existence of our people and a future for White Children."
("", n.d). The thing that makes Hammer skins different
than other skinheads groups is their recruitment methods and their
members higher education level. The recruitment packages include Tshirts, hate literature, A Swastika armband, stickers and other materials. In
General, Skinhead groups are usually divided into two groups, the
criminally motivated groups and the hate motivated groups but Hammer
skin members are both criminally and hate motivated.
The group likes to identify themselves by shaved heads, Swastikas
tattoos and steel toe boots that they love stomping their enemies with. They
travel in packs and attack gays, minorities and interracial couples who they
feel are weaker and inferior. The Skinheads follow the Nazi ideology and
principles which offers alienated youth self-esteem through the degradation
and humiliation of others. Their glorification of violence provides a sense of
power; the pack mentality provides a sense of security. A great deal of the
skinhead use some forms of drugs and nearly all of them are on alcohol.
The crimes they commit in Washington are pretty small compared to other
States but that does not mean people should underestimate them or their

4 Hate Group Paper

According to "Anti-Defamation League" (2014), In Washington State

an Unaffiliated white supremacists David Pedersen and Holly Grigsby
allegedly engage in a multi-state killing spree. Authorities say that the
couple murdered Pedersens father and stepmother in Seattle, a random
white male in Oregon as part of a carjacking, and an African-American
male in California as part of another carjacking.
Methods of prevention, intervention, and treatment human
service workers could apply to mitigate their impact.
As a human service worker, my job would be difficult because of my
skin color but it would not stop me from helping any clients regardless of
how they feel about me. To be honest, in order to reach these hateful
individuals a different approach needs to be taking into consideration. If the
human service worker is not the same race as the hateful individual then
treatment will be difficult but can still be done. Its very difficult to change
the way a person feels about another group of people and its one of those
thing s that has to be done internally. As a human service worker, I would
work with the client to obtain any help or services that person needs to get
back on track in the community. I believe that the best way for a human
service worker to help a hateful/racist client is to help them get stable on
their own two feet. The problem is these guys rely on one another for
strength and most may have never even tried to make it on their own. If you
help a person gain their own independence then eventually they will begin
to change their ways for the better. A person may still have racist and
hateful thoughts but once he or she is stable, they can begin to seek
counseling and classes to help with those issues. In conclusion, the impact
that a human service worker can have on a skinhead would be to show

5 Hate Group Paper

them by example that the we are all humans and can get along if we really
wanted to. I believe that most of them are misguided, angry and misled but
with a great program and team they can be led in the right direction.


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6 Hate Group Paper

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