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Hope your preparation for FRM Exam is going well, please ensure that you finish your syllabus
latest by 30th April and revise and practice lot of questions in May.
1. Revise all the FRM questions given on
2. If you have any queries please mail them to, our trainers will reply
to same within 24 hrs.
Last week strategy

Make sure that you do the Practice Paper 2011 send by GARP. Analyze the paper 2-3
times. Try doing each question minimum twice. Sometimes the questions are repeated
with change in values. ( Pristine will use all these questions in revision classes)

Dont try to go after too many new topics right now. Just consolidate whatever you have
learnt till now.

Practice using the calculator. Make sure that the batteries are OK

Very Important topics: Though all the concepts are important from exam point of view,
but make sure you are through with these concepts: hedging using futures , Delta and
gamma hedging in options, Portfolio Variance, CAPM formula, EWMA and GARCH,
Basis Risk, Option Strategies, Black Scholes formula, VAR Formula , calculation of
Forward rates, Sortino Ratio, Duration and Convexity , Expected and Unexpected loss,
Normal Distribution , Beta and alpha concepts.

Last day tips

Go through the formulas and revise from the VisualizeFRM .

Do not try to discuss new topics with friends. Instead focus on the material that you have

Before the exam, check

Take your calculator.

You have atleast 4 pencils and 1 eraser with you.

You have the Exam hall card and your ID proof with you ( preferably Passport)

Question marking strategy

Mark all questions, since there in no negative marking.

Caselet based questions looks lengthy but they might be easy , you have approximately
2.4 minutes for each question.

In Practical questions they might give lot of values, wherein few are given just to confuse

100 questions in total (4 hrs exam); 100 questions in 4 hrs .

Keep marking the answers as soon as you have done it. Dont wait for marking till the

Make sure that you go through the complete paper. Sometimes the easy questions are
there towards the end.

Remember that you have to clear each of the sections separately. So instead of focusing
on questions of just one section, try to do questions from all the parts. The questions are
not given topic wise.

Remember that sometimes the choice can be calculated using elimination. Try to see the
choices and figure out the choices that would clearly not be the solution

Each one has his/ her own liking. If you have a liking for conceptual questions vis--vis
numerical questions, hunt for questions of your liking first. Once you gain the confidence

that you have completed a substantial portion of the exam, you would be able to do the
other part well.
We do hope that you do well in the examination. One point to note is that this is a relative
examination. So if you are finding it difficult (and assuming you had prepared it to the best of
your satisfaction), then rest assured everybody would be finding it difficult! So the key is now to
best achieve whatever is possible. You have to do better than your peer.
Pristine wishes you the best of luck for the exam. We do hope to hear from you about your
experience of the examination.
Please feel free to call us or mail us for any further clarifications.