The primary distinction, the only truly meaningful one, between the two major political parties in the

United States is that Republican elected officials respect and fear their core constituents and Democratic elected officials do neither. Absolutely everything that is wrong with this country flows from this distinction. Republican elected officials support and vote and do things they know are crazy because of their fear and respect for their base. Democratic officials allow that stupidity to go on because they do not respect or fear their base. In fact, Democratic elected officials have far more respect for and fear of the Republican base than they do their own. This is not hard as Democrats have none of either for their own base. So, the first thing any Democrat must accept is that, when looking for the root problem of all the problems the country faces, they need look no further than themselves. It is the passivity of the Democratic base, even more than the cowardice and venality of the Democratic elected officials, to blame for this situation. Whenever I have made this observation to my Democratic friends they have told me that they remain calm and passive in the face of Republican rage and unreason "because we love our country and if we act like they do civil war will ensue." Perhaps, though highly unlikely, this is true. On the other hand, is love of country best expressed by passively allowing great evil to be perpetrated? Or, is love of country best expressed by a willingness to resist? Put another way, is love of country on the one hand, best expressed, as in Gore vs Bush, by a coordinated approach between mobs attacking and shutting down the vote count in Dade County long enough for the Bush legal team to turn the U S Supreme Court into the Chicago Board of Aldermen or, on the other hand, the dignified and passive acquiescence of Al Gore to the theft of the Presidency? No doubt Jesus Christ would answer that passivity is the better response. But he would do so because it is the better expression of love of your fellow man, not the better example of love of country. I would not presume to say love of country should take precedence over love of your fellow man. (I would not ever contradict the teaching of Jesus. Neither would I commit the blasphemy of wrapping myself in Christ to further my political agenda. People who do so clearly do not believe in Jesus, whatever party or political point of view they espouse. People who take secular, political positions because "Jesus tells them to," either have never read the New Testament or did and don't believe it or simply do not understand it.) Well, back to the controversial stuff, to "do something" the core constituency could leave the Democratic Party and form another. Third parties don't have a very long life in United States politics. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is very old and it could be time for it to die. If that is the case, a new party on the left could be viable. Another option is to make sure every Senate and Congressional candidate has primary opposition from someone significantly left of center. This will result in a lot of Lieberman crap and Republicans being elected in otherwise safe democratic districts and states. (Though after MA is there a safe Democratic state?) It could actually result in the

death of the Party altogether. However it came out, the Party, to the extent it still existed, would be composed of elected officials who either agreed politically with their political base or were scared to death of them. Whoever these survivors were, they would not be easily dealt with by the new Republican majority, assuming the political fallout was so bad as to result in a Republican majority. Nor could the Community Organizer in Chief fart around with the new guys. Obama would either get out in front of them and lead or be run over by them in the next set of Presidential primaries. Either way, it would be a change I can believe in. I know it sounds drastic, but there is no other way. For the left to have a meaningful voice in this nation's politics we have to have our Goldwater moment. The New Democratic Coalition is going to have to go the way of the Ripon Society before any potential turnaround is possible. Before everybody goes all "you a crazy bastard" on me, an allegation that may well be true but not helpful even if so, let me remind you of the situation. Corporations can now spend as much as they want on political issues and campaigns. Do you think our current set of Congressmen and women and Senators, or this President, will do anything about that? There will probably be no real health care reform. However, who among you do not believe the various corporate interests involved in health care will not take advantage of the Democratic Party's need to be seen "doing something" to push through some change that screw patients in some ghastly fashion? We are allowing the banks to conduct a vast, unimaginable (except since it is happening someone must have imagined it) transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest people on Earth. This is a transfer from the American middle class of wealth not just to wealthy Americans, but the world wide wealthy. Who among you believe the Democratic leadership will do anything to stop, much less reverse, this? We are fighting two wars and have no idea how to resolve either without making a bigger mess. Our leadership can get away with it politically because there is no draft. Unfortunately, these wars require that more and more of our national treasury go to supporting our professional army in these endeavors. Do any of you think any of the current leadership has any solution to any of problems attendant to this international police work? I could go on. How about our dwindling manufacturing base? How about illegal immigration? How about our failing public schools? How about our deteriorating infrastructure? What about the enormous debt the ever undisciplined Baby Boomers are preparing to pass on to our children and grandchildren? What about universal health care? The truth is the Democratic Party is a gutless, spineless amalgamation of political opportunists. The fact is all problems of the nation are due to the previous fact and nothing more. The fact is it is nobody else's fault. The fact is that, if you consider yourself a member of this Party, it is your fault because you have allowed it to happen.

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