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Ambition is a fundamental skill of accumulating power and living a good life.

It produces action. It makes choice possible. It is a narrative or context of

concerns and commitments that brings forth moods of passion, assessments
of situations and actions, strategies and tactics, requirements for power, and
What if a person does not have an ambition? A person without ambition has
no commitment to take care of their future. They may want, desire or prefer
a good future, but they lack commitment to do so. They do not act in the
present to produce favorable consequences in the future
And to think of it, what the world will be like without ambition? The highly
developed society hangs back and new invention disappears. New discovery
vanishes. All of which human beings creates will never come to our life.
That's an unbelievable phenomenon. So in my opinion, ambition is so
important and necessary for both individuals and our society that we will
never abandon falling in it.
Ambition is like a flower, whose smell is so sweet that lure people to get it.
Ambition is like a hawking, whose expectation is to fly high and\

A person with an ambition should not be dependent upon

circumstances. He should move ahead facing all the odds and difficulties that
hinder his progress. He should have the firm determination to achieve his
aim. His will-power and determination will carry him forward. Obstacles in his
way will not lead him astray.

Ambition should not turn into day-dreams. Nobody can build castles in air. Only an idle man can do
it. It is therefore advisable to be practical in our ambition.

Ambition is a constructive force. It is part of what defines "greatness". It builds companies,

expands the economy, creates jobs, increases wealth for others as well as the ambitious. It is the
pursuit of an idea, and is driven by the imagination. The success or failure of the ambitious lies
mainly in their own energy, strength and ingenuity.
Motivation is the main element towards success. Students, scientist, teachers and/ or
any individual who wants to reach a goal needs to be motivated/ambitious. This
motivation/ambition is what guides and keep people going. This ambition may be geared
towards inventing/creating something, obtaining more money, and/or succeeding. The
ambition people have are good, but sometimes lead to bad consequences. These
consequences set the relationship between action and ambition. But, no matter what the
goal is people with ambitions will not stop until their goal is met. Ambition towards
obtaining something is what motivates people. For example Victor Frankenstein wanted
to create a human being. As Mary Shelley writes in "Frankenstein", Victor Frankenstein
wanted to be "the first to break through life and death ideal bonds"(231). His ambition
was to create a human and to break these boundaries. But most importantly, he wanted
to be recognized as the first individual to do this.

Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those

endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All
depends on the principals which direct them. - Napoleon.
Ambition can be defined as the desire and willingness to strive
towards achievement or distinction, the motivation in ones life, it
is one of the key sources to success but ambition can blind one
from determining whats right and whats wrong. On the contrary,
driving ambition is the outright desire to achieve a certain goal,
regardless of any possible consequences. When ambition goes
unhindered by a sense of morality and, humanity it can be a
corrupting influence
destroying people and, nations.