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National Head Start Association (NHSA)

Helen Hollingshed Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Head Start Parent, Post-Secondary Education

Scholarship winner will receive $2,500 and a commemorative certificate.

Scholarship criteria:
1. You must have a child currently enrolled in Ravalli Head Start, Inc.s Head Start (Hamilton
or Stevensville) or Early Head Start program (Missoula EHS or Hamilton EHS) for one or
more years.
2. You must be a High School graduate and be pursuing a post-secondary education. Please
submit proof of acceptance or enrollment in an institution of higher learning whose
accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education. These funds may be
applied to the documented cost of tuition and/or books.
3. You must submit a cover page that includes: which scholarship you are applying for, your
name, address, phone number, email address, childs name and which Ravalli Head Start,
Inc. program your child is attending.
4. You must submit two letters of reference. Attach a letter of reference from someone who
knows you as a student (school personnel preferred). Attach a letter of reference from
someone who knows you as a parent volunteer in the Head Start or Early Head Start
program. Judges will rate the overall effectiveness of the letters. Applications that do not
include two references will not be considered for this scholarship. (20 points)
5. BIO - please share key details about yourself and your family, connection to Head Start or
Early Head Start. (20 points)
6. You must submit responses for each of the following categories, in their entirety.
Maximum point value for each category is indicated in parentheses. Judges will rate
specific information.
Special contributions: Describe activities contributed by you to the Head Start or
Early Head Start program or community as a volunteer. (30 points)
Education & Professional goals: Please write a statement of personal goals no
more than 200 words in length. (30 points)
Mail completed applications, postmarked on or before May 1, 2015, to:
Ravalli Head Start, Inc., ATTN: Scholarship Committee, 81 Kurtz Lane, Hamilton, MT 59840
Please keep all scholarship responses in a Word document. If you are selected to move on to
the next level, you will be contacted by May 15, 2015 and asked to submit the Word
Please email any questions to
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National Head Start Association (NHSA)

Helen Hollingshed Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Head Start Parent, Post-Secondary Education

Ravalli Head Start, Inc. will select one applicant to be submitted to NHSA.
April 1 - May 31: Ravalli Head Start, Inc. submits nomination to NHSA
June 1 - June 30: State Affiliates review and make recommendations to NHSA
July 1 - July 31: Regional Affiliates review and make recommendations to NHSA
August 1 - September 30: National panel of judges select winners
October: 2015 - 2016 Winners announced, scholarships funds are sent directly to the
winner's college in April 2016
April 2016: NHSA Scholarships and Awards Dinner and Ceremony at NHSA's Annual Head
Start Conference
NHSA general rules and regulations
All criteria for the scholarship must be met. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
An individual may not apply for more than one NHSA scholarship per year.
Individuals selected for scholarships must be able to provide a Social Security number and
other required information to redeem cash awards.
Applicant must be willing to allow NHSA to publicize their nomination through a variety of
media channels including annual publications and websites.
Scholarship winners are invited to attend the awards ceremony which will be held during
NHSA's 43rd Annual Head Start Conference in April 2016. NHSA is not responsible for
housing, transportation, or other expenses associated with attending the awards ceremony.
Programs or regions are responsible for all travel and accommodations.
Nominees, their program directors, and their regional presidents will be contacted primarily
by e-mail.
NHSA Scholarship and Award winners serve as models and ambassadors for the Head
Start Community. During their year, winners will be encouraged to share successful
strategies with others during NHSA conferences, institutes and gatherings.
NHSA board members, staff, and family members are ineligible.

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