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ABAP Transactions

ABAP Transactions are a combination of alphabetical and numerical characters forming a code for a
business task.. All the technical configurations and developments are also done with the help of ABAP
List of ABAP transactions
LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench.

SM13 Update monitor. Will show update tasks status.

SA38 Execute a program.
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool
SE03 Tools for doing transports.

SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SE13 Maintain Technical Settings
SE12 Dictionary: Initial Screen - enter object name.
SE13 Access tables in ABAP/4 Dictionary.
SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables
SE15 ABAP/4 Repository Information System
SE16 Data Browser: Initial Screen.
SE16N Table Browser (the N stands for New, it replaces SE16).
SE17 General Table Display
SE24 Class Builder
SE30 ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis
SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 ABAP/4: Logical Databases
SE37 ABAP/4 Function Modules
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE39 Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare
SE41 Menu Painter
SE43 Maintain Area Menu
SE48 Show program call hierarchy.

SE49 Table manipulation.

SE51 Screen Painter: Initial Screen.
SE54 Generate View Maintenance Module
SE61 R/3 Documentation
SE62 Industry utilities
SE63 Translation
SE64 Terminology
SE65 R/3 document. short text statistics

SE68 Translation Administration

SE71 SAPscript layout set
SE71 SAPScript Layouts Create/Change
SE72 SAPscript styles
SE73 SAPscript font maintenance (revised)
SE74 SAPscript format conversion
SE75 SAPscript Settings
SE76 SAPscript Translation Layout Sets
SE77 SAPscript Translation Styles
SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench
SE91 Maintain Messages
SE92 Maintain system log messages
SE93 Maintain Transaction.
SM12 Lock table entries (unlock locked tables)
SM21 View the system log,

SM30 Maintain Table Views

SM31 Table Maintenance
SM32 Table maintenance
SM35 View Batch Input Sessions
SM37 View background jobs
SM50 Process Overview.
SM51 List of systems
SM62 Display/Maintain events in SAP

SMEN Display the menu path to get to a transaction

SMOD/CMOD Transactions for processing/editing/activating new customer enhancements.
SNRO Object browser for number range maintenance
SPRO Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide).
SQ00 ABAP/4 Query: Start Queries
SQ01 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Queries
SQ02 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Funct. Areas
SQ03 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain User Groups
SQ07 ABAP/4 Query: Language Comparison
ST05 Trace SQL Database Requests.
ST22 ABAP Dump analysis
SU53 Display Authorization Values for User.
WEDI EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base.
WE02 Display an IDOC
WE07 IDOC Statistics
SU53 Evaluate Authorization Check
SU01 User Maintenance
SMO4 List of users currently logged into the system
SM66 System wide work process overview.