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May 2009

C h a pte r
N ew s
2009-2010 Chapter Officer & Director
As charged by, and in keeping with Article
XV of the by-laws of the Birmingham
District Chapter of the American Foundry
Society, and its Chairman, Kevin
Crawford, we are pleased to confirm the
slate of officers and directors for 20092010.
We are proud to offer these as our
nominations for continuation of the finest
AFS chapter in America.
Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Crawford

John Kersh
First Vice Chairman
Mark Cotton

The Wynfrey Hotel
Galleria Mall
US-31 & I-459

Diane Kirkley
Directors Ending in 2010
Ed Boyd, Sr.
April Pitts
David Jackson
Brian Floyd Past Chairman
Directors Ending in 2011
Sandy Pierce
David Drake
Mel Ostrander
Directors Ending in 2012
Amy Berry
Jerry Holcombe
Joe Puckett

AFS National Director, David

Drake will be presenting updates from the recent AFS
events as well as the plans for
next year from AFS National.

Monday, May 11th

Board Meeting 5:00 p.m.
Social Time 6:00 p.m.
Dinner 6:30 p.m.
Leave your reservation
request at
(205) 661 - 0206 ext. 23
or via the internet at
Be sure to leave your name!
Make your reservations
before 12:00 Noon on
May 8th
Price of Meal$30.00

Second Vice Chairman

Dave Hughes
Donnie Hoffman

The May 11th Meeting is Past

Chairmens night and Awards

Previous Meeting
Casting Competition Results
1st Place
Shannon Lisenbee MSU

2nd Place
Edward Druschitz UAB
Others Participating:
Santosh Ghanti UAB
Louis Vihtelic UA
Jonathan Stein UA
Matt Kirsch/Tiffany Bailey UA
Chad Hornbuckle UA

AFS Birmingham Past Chairmen

2007-2008 Kevin Crawford
2006-2007 Mike Petrus
2005-2006 Jarek Olszak
2004-2005 Jeff Fowler
2003-2004 Todd Lyles
2002-2003 Jim Frost
2001-2002 Joel Dew
2000-2001 Jerry Holcombe
1999-2000 Peter Reich
1998-1999 Tom Surtees
1997-1998 Tommy Horton
1996-1997 John Clay
1995-1996 Tom Walton
1994-1995 Ron Kern
1993-1994 Terry Capps
1992-1993 Charlie Jones
1991-1992 Phil Duke
1990-1991 Larry Haisten
1989-1990 Mike Sexton
1988-1989 Arthur Edge
1987-1988 Ed Lambert
1986-1987 Jim Strickland
1985-1986 Glenn Gardner

1984-1985 Ralph Lyles

1983-1984 Al Moss
1982-1983 Hugh Weeks
1981-1982 Eugene Langner
1980-1981 Buck Barnhart
1979-1980 Don Hubbard
1978-1979 Ben Dunning
1977-1978 Jay Gurganus
1976-1977 Hugh Sims, Jr.
1975-1976 John Fisher
1974-1975 Dwight Evans
1973-1974 Al Turner
1972-1973 William Huffaker
1971-1972 Charles Eason
1970-1971 J. Vernon Waddy
1969-1970 Gerald Wilkes
1968-1969 Albert Smith
1967-1968 Lester Hogan
1966-1967 Jack Marsh
1965-1966 Ralph Peterson
1964-1965 Lloyd McNeil
1963-1964 George Hairston
1962-1963 Wesley Estes

1961-1962 Aubrey Garrison

1960-1961 Ernest Finch
1959-1960 J.R. Cardwell
1958-1959 Maurice D. Neptune
1957-1958 Sam F. Carter, Jr.
1956-1957 John Drenning
1955-1956 A.J. Futchl
1954-1955 E.E. Pollard
1953-1954 B. W. Worthington
1950-1951 M.I. Hawkins
1949-1950 C.P. Caldwell
1947-1948 W.E. Jones
1946-1947 T.H. Benners
1942-1943 E.A. Thomas
1939-1940 R.C. Harrell
1937-1938 R.R. Deas

Please visit our chapter website or the AFS National website

frequently to get the latest chapter and national info: or


2nd Vice Chairman

Mr. John Kersh
American Cast Iron Pipe co.
Tel. (205) 325-8183

Mr. Mark Cotton
Foseco Metallurgical
Tel. (770) 380-3335

Ms. Diane Kirkley
Vulcan Engineering Co.
Tel. (205) 663-0732

Directors (Term Expires 2009)

Mr. Kevin Crawford
Casting Concepts
Tel. (205) 205-678-7901
Mr. Bill Steadman
American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Tel. (205) 325-7025
Mr. Dave Hughes
McWane Pipe
Tel. (205) 241-4210
Mr. Donnie Hoffman
Bert Smith & Associates
Tel. (205) 591-2486

Directors (Term Expires 2010)

Mr. Ed Boyd
Goldens Foundry
Tel. (706) 323-0471
Ms. April Duncan
Tel. (205) 799-5779
Mr. David Jackson
WJ Bullock
Tel. (205) 788-6586



Chapter Chairman
Mr. Brian Floyd
Citation - Columbiana
Tel. (205) 669-5740


As the AFS year comes to a close with the May meeting I would like to
thank all of the individual members and the companies who support the
chapter for their continued support. AFS Birmingham is the best chapter in
the country. Your participation in attending meetings, the Southeastern
Regional and CMI courses is the reason we stand out as the model for
many other chapters across the country. I also want to thank the AFS
members who volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors and
on the committees established by the Board of Directors. A lot of hard
work and detailed planning is required to keep the Chapter running and
those who volunteer for the committees do a fantastic job. If you would
like to volunteer to be on a committee next year email John Kersh and let
him know how you would like to serve.
This past year we completed the purchase of the Foundry in a Box from
FEF and Dave Hughes worked out the finer points of making the
presentation go smoothly. So far the presentation has been given about a
half dozen times to various student groups and organizations. I hope this
tool will continue to help us present the metalcasting industry to middle
school and high school students as an exciting career option whether they
choose to pursue Engineering, Business or Vocational careers. This year
we also continued to reach out to the students at the Universities in the
AFS Birmingham area. Molly Cameron again took the lead in organizing
the scholarship process and this year we awarded two scholarships funded
by an FEF endowment. We also held a joint student night with all three
Universities and hosted the first ever AFS Birmingham Casting
competition; April Pitts organized the event and I hope it will be the first of
many. The students from Mississippi State, Alabama and UAB continue
to participate in chapter activities and the quality of their efforts is great
encouragement for the future of our industry.
I have truly enjoyed serving as Chairman this past year and look forward to
being a part of AFS Birmingham for many more years to come.

Directors (Term Expires 2011)

Ms. Sandy Pierce
Tel. (256) 835-1700
Mr. David Drake
American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Tel. (205) 325-8928
Mr. Mel Ostrander
Rex Heat TreatAlabama
Tel. (256) 835-3370

Brian Floyd

Please visit our chapter website or the AFS National website frequently to get
the latest chapter and national info:



AFS Birmingham Financial Contributors

(in order of receipt of funds)

Vulcan Engineering Co.

Pryor Giggey Co.
Cast Products
Southeastern Foundry Products
Specialty Foundry Products
Southern Alloy Corp.
Mouat Company, Inc.
Wheelabrator Group
Disa Industries, Inc.
Citation Columbiana, AL
Southern Precision Sands, Inc.
Carbide Industries LLC
Goldens Foundry & Machine Co.
Leco Corporation
Levand Steel & Supply Corp.
American Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Electric Controls & Systems, Inc.
Inductotherm Companies
S & B Industrial Minerals
Harbison Walker Refractories

Kerlin Metallurgical, Inc.

W. J. Bullock, Inc.
Rex Heat Treat Alabama, Inc.
C. L. Dews & Sons Foundry & Machinery Co., Inc.
Riverside Refractories, Inc.
Alabama Power` Company
Fire Brick Engineers Company
Ashland, Inc
American Colloid Company
Ervin Industries, Inc.
Please send your contribution to:
American Foundry Society
Birmingham Chapter
c/o Vulcan Engineering Co.
Attn: Ms. Diane Kirkley

North American Construction Services
Bert Smith & Associates. LLC
Reno Refractories, Inc.
Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.
Miller and Company
Harry H. Reich Co., Inc.
Laempe + Reich
Alabama CAD/CAM, Inc.
Porter Warner Industries
Highland Technical Services, Inc.
Tool Smith Company, Inc.
General Kinematics
H A International, Inc.
Unimin Corporation
Mueller Co. Albertville Division
Birmingham Hot Metal Coatings
McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Perry Supply Inc.
Tyco Fire & Building Products

Talladega Foundry & Machine Company, Inc.

Foundry Supply Group, Inc.
H R H Metals, Inc.
United Refractories Co.
Norris Brothers Corp.
Tommie Corporation
Ford Meter Box Co., Inc.
Tri Fab Steel, Inc.
Alabama Art Castings
Tecpro Corporation
Dauber Company Inc.

AFS Birmingham is solely operated by volunteer support & company donations.

Your participation, both financially & willingness to serve is greatly appreciated.

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2008-2009 AFS Birmingham Meeting Schedule

Monday, May 11, 2009

Past Chairmens Night

Awards Night

Regular Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Place: Wynfrey Hotel, Birmingham, AL
5:00pm - Board Meeting
6:00pm - Meeting Registration & Social Hour
6:30pm - Dinner & Technical Presentation

May 2009

Brian Floyd
Citation Columbiana
P.O. Box 230
Columbiana, AL 35051