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Tourism Research Checklist


Four copies of the following (ring bind, clear cover):

Certificate of Originality
Endorsement Form from the Adviser
Table of Contents
Abstract (should not be more than 200 words, one page, single space, justify)
Manuscript (Chapter 1-5)
Appendices: bibliography, sample questionnaire, reliability test, face validity form, transcribed
data (if applicable)

Soft copy of chapters 1-5 and appendices on CD

1. All powerpoint presentations must be emailed to on or before 03
April 2015, 7PM. Emailed presentations are the only ones to be used on the day of the
presentation; researchers will no longer be allowed to edit the powerpoint after the said date
and time.
2. Approval / Evaluation Sheet – should be submitted on Tuesday, 07 April 2015 (names of
panelists assigned per group will be posted on eleap by 03 April 2015, please do not forget to
edit the approval sheet and include names)
3. Certificate of Originality, Endorsement Form and Approval / Endorsement Sheet are all available
for downloading in your eleap.
4. Evaluation forms for both the manuscript and oral defense are likewise availale (in Eleap), read
and study them carefully so you will have an idea how you will be graded.
5. The only templates allowed for the powerpoint are UST-themed.
6. Please do not forget to settle all accounts (3000 for panelist and adviser and 155 defense fee) on
or before the deadline set by Asst. Prof. Castillo.
7. Do not forget to wear your nametags during the defense.