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Inside the northern chamber Shiva temple in Prambanan temple in Central

Java, Indonesia, there is a stone statue of a beautiful woman. She stands
on a bull. She wears a crown and jewelry. Her body is slim. Who is she?
There is no doubt that she is Durga Mahisasuramardini, a Hindu goddess.
But the Javanese people have their own story about her. Here is the story.
A long long time ago in central Java lived a wise king. His name was
Prabu Boko.

He had a beautiful daughter whose name was Roro

Jonggrang. They lived in a palace on top of a hill. At present we can visit

the ruins of the palace that is located about two miles south of Prambanan
temple. The palace is called kraton Boko. His country was so prosperous
that another king was jealous.
There was a neighboring kingdom under king Bandung Bondowoso. One
day king Bandung attacked Prabu Boko. In a fierce fight King Boko was
killed and his kingdom was conquered. The young Bandung Bondowoso
fell in love with Roro Jonggrang when he saw her beauty. He wanted to
marry her so he proposed her. But Roro Jonggrang definitely did not want
to marry someone who had murdered her father. So she gave a difficult
She told Bandung that she would marry him if he could build one
thousand temples in one night.

Bandung was surprised but he was

optimistic he could meet the condition. He was a powerful king and he

had many friends among the genie and spirits. So he asked them for
help. With the help of those invisible beings Bandung built the temples.
Meanwhile Roro Jonggrang and her people kept an eye on Bandung.
When it was almost dawn Bandung and the genie had built nine hundred
ninety nine temples. Roro Jonggrang was very worried.

If Bandung could

meet her condition, she had to marry him. Then she had a bright idea.
She ordered her people to make noise and lights. Women were ordered to
cook and make noise by hitting kitchen utensils. Men were also ordered to
make noise around the temples. Then the genie thought that daylight had
come. They were afraid of the sunlight so they left immediately. Without
their help Bandung was unable to finish the temple.
Bandung was very angry. He knew that it was a dirty trick from Roro
Jonggrang. Then he cursed Roro Jonggrang into a statue. The statue of
Roro Jonggrang is now inside the northern chamber of the main temple
which was dedicated to Shiva in Prambanan temple.

Long time ago, there was a kingdom named Prambanan. All the people of
Prambanan lived peacefully. But then, Prambanan kingdom was attacked
and occupied by the Pengging kingdom. Prambanan then was ruled by
Bandung Bondowoso of Pengging kingdom. He was a mean king. He also
had great supernatural power. His soldiers were not only humans, but also
The king of Prambanan had a beautiful daughter named Loro Jonggrang.
Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Youre
very beautiful. Would you be my queen? asked Bandung Bondowoso.
Loro Jonggrang was shocked. She didnt like Bandung Bondowoso because
he was a mean person. She wanted to refuse, but she afraid that Bandung
Bondowoso would be angry and endangered the people of Prambanan.
Then, she came up with a plan. If you want to marry me, you have to
build a thousand temples for me in just one night," said Loro Jonggrang.
What? Thats impossible! said Bandung Bondowoso. But he did not give
up. He consulted with his advisor. Your Majesty can asked the genies to
help built the temples, said the advisor.
So, Bandung Bondowoso summoned his entire genies soldier and
commanded them to help him built a thousand temples. The genies
worked in unbelievable speed. Meanwhile, Loro Jonggrang heard from her
servant that the building of a thousand temples was almost finished. She
was so worried. But again, she came up with a great idea. She asked all of
her servants to help her. "Please prepare a lot of straw and mortar. Please
hurry up!" said Loro Jonggrang. Burn the straw and make some noise
pounding the mortar, quickly. All those servants did what Loro Jonggrang

ordered them; burning straw and pounding the mortar, making the genies
think that the sun is going to rise.
Its already dawn. We have to go, said the leader of the genies to
Bandung Bondowoso. All the genies immediately stopped their work and
ran for cover from the sun, which they afraid of. They didnt know that the
light was from the fire that burning the straw, not from the sun.
Bandung Bondowoso cant stop the genies from leaving. He was angry. He
knew Loro Jonggrang had just tricked him. "You cannot fool me, Loro
Jonggrang. I already have 999 temples. I just need one more temple. Now,
I will make you the one-thousandth temple." He pointed his finger to Loro
Jonggrang and said some mantras. Magically, Loro Jonggrangs body
turned into stone. Until now, the temple is still standing in Prambanan
area, Central Java. And the temple is called Loro Jonggrang temple.


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Kadita. Because
of her beauty she was called Dewi Srengenge which mean The beautiful
sun. Her father was King Munding Wangi. Although he had a beautiful
daughter he always unhappy because he always expected to have a son.
The King decided to merry Dewi Mutiara, and he had a son from her. He
was very happy. Dewi Mutiara wanted her son to become a king in the
future so she must make sure for it. Dewi mutiara came to the king and
asked him to send away his daughter. Of course, the king did not agree.
"It is ridiculous, I will not allow any body doing such cruel thing to my
daughter", said King Munding Wangi. When she heard the answer, Dewi
mutiara smiled and said a sweet thing until the king has not anger
anymore. However, she kept her bad intention deep in her heart.
In the morning before the sun raised, Dewi Mutiara sent her maid to call a
black magician. She wanted the black magician to curse Kadita, her step
daughter. " I want her beautiful body full with scabies and itch. If you
succeeded I will reward you with the present you never thought before".
The black magician did the queen order, in the night Kadita body has been
full with scabies and itch. When She waked up , she found her body was
smell stinky and have a ulcer all over her body. The beautiful princess
cried and did not know what to do.

When The King heard he was very sad, he invited many physician to cure
her daughter illness. Day by the day nobody could cure her daughter. He
realized that her daughter illness it was not a ordinary illness someone
must send a curse or magic spell. His problem became more difficult when
the Queen Dewi Mutiara forced him to send away her daughter. "Your
daughter will bring a bad luck to whole country, said Dewi Mutiara. The
king did not want her daughter become a bad rumour in whole country.
Finally he must agree to send her only daughter to leave the country.
The poor princess went alone, she didn't know to where she should go.
She almost could not cry anymore. She had a nobble heart. She did not
have any bad feeling with her step mother, instead she always asked the







Almost seven day and seven night she has walked until she came to south
ocean. She looked at the ocean. It was so clean and clear, unlike other
ocean which have a blue or green colour. She jumped onto the water and
swim. Suddenly when the south ocean water touched her skin there was a
miracle happened. Her ulcer has gone and there was no sign that she has
ever had a scabies or itch. Even more she became more beautiful than
before. Not only that she has a power to command whole of the south
ocean. Now she became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or The Queen of





This is the most spectacular legend until now in the modern life even
when you read this story, many people from Indonesia or from other
country has admitted that they have met the beautiful fairy queen wear a
traditional dress of Java. One of the famous beach hotel has made a suit
room specially for her.
Written In Indonesia

by : Soemanto, B. 1998. Cerita Rakyat Dari

Yogyakara 2, Seri Pendidikan Budaya, PT Grasindo. Translated by Anonym

Long time ago in the island of Java, Indonesia, lived a couple of farmer.
They had married for some years but they had no children. So they
prayed to a monster called Buta Ijo to give them children. Buta Ijo was a
ferocious and powerful monster. He granted their wish on one condition.
When their children had grown up, they had to sacrifice them to Buta Ijo.
He liked eating fresh meat of human being. The farmers agreed to his
condition. Several months later the wife was pregnant.
She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Timun Emas. The
farmers were happy. Timun Emas was very healthy and a very smart girl.
She was also very diligent. When she was a teenager Buta Ijo came to
their house. Timun Emas was frightened so she ran away to hide. The
farmers then told Buta Ijo that Timun Emas was still a child. They asked
him to postpone. Buta Ijo agreed. He promised to come again. The
following year Buta Ijo came again. But again and again their parents said
that Timun Emas was still a child.
When the third time Buta Ijo came their parents had prepared something
for him. They gave Timun Emas several bamboo needles, seeds of
cucumber, dressing and salt.
Timun, take these things
What are these things?
These are your weapons. Buta Ijo will chase you. He will eat you alive.
So run as fast as you can. And if he will catch you spread this to the
ground. Now go!

Timun Emas was scared so she ran as quickly as she could. When Buta Ijo
arrived she was far from home. He was very angry when he realized that
his prey had left. So he ran to chase her. He had a sharp nose so he knew
what direction his prey ran.
Timun Emas was just a girl while Buta Ijo was a monster so he could easily
catch her up. When he was just several steps behind Timun Emas quickly
spread the seeds of cucumber. In seconds they turned into many vines of
cucumber. The exhausted Buta Ijo was very thirsty so he grabbed and ate
them. When Buta Ijo was busy eating cucumber Timun Emas could run
But soon Buta Ijo realized and started running again. When he was just
several steps behind Timun Emas threw her bamboo needles. Soon they
turned into dense bamboo trees. Buta Ijo found it hard to pass. It took
him some time to break the dense bamboo forest. Meanwhile Timun
Emas could run farther.
Buta Ijo chased her again. When he almost catch her again and again
Timun Emas threw her dressing. This time it turned into a lake. Buta Ijo
was busy to save himself so Timun Emas ran way. But Buta Ijo could
overcome it and continued chasing her.
Finally when Timun Emas was almost caught she threw her salt. Soon the
land where Buta Ijo stood turned into ocean. Buta Ijo was drowned and
died instantly.
Timun Emas was thankful to god and came back to her home.


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