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“The only way to do great work is to love
what you do. If you haven’t found it
yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with
all matters of the heart, you’ll know


when you find it.”



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their decision making abilities will improve. BRAZIL . teens sometimes become overwhelmed and may have difficulty making decisions. Inc. As they mature and gain confidence and experience. RIO DE JANEIRO.ii 15 OLDEST Adolescent NORMAL Compilation of nurses basic knowledge VALUES Because there are so many more opportunities in adolescence than childhood. Terence Shane Acod Nursing Students BSU-College of nursing La Trinidad Benguet Shan Ferrari Publishers.

Adolescents also have a false sense of invulnerability that contributes to risk-taking behaviors. lieve that they Puberty: are the focus of Girls: 11-14 yrs. As a result. They may know that certain activities are dangerous. tion.iii 14 OLDEST Adolescent Imagi- Growth spurt: nary Audience- Girls: 11-14 yrs. BSU-College of nursing Personal La Fable-Because adolescents Trinidad Benguet believe that everyone is focused on them. Adolescents be- Boys: 13-17 yrs. but they do not think that the consequences of these behaviors could happen to them. and Nursing are particularly sensitive to Students criticism. they become extremely self-conscious and Shane Acod easy to embarrass. Dedicated to that most capricious provokingly incorruptible and absolutely necessary person the gentle reader . Therefore. everyone's atten- Boys: 12-15 yrs.Terence very concerned about what others think. They begin to feel as if they are special and unique. no one can possibly understand the difficulties they are going through. they develop an inflated opinion of themselves.

consider multiple solutions. consider a number of possibilities and plan behavior accordingly February 2014 Volume I Number I 05 Neonate  Two Months  Nine Months Think logically: identify and reject hypotheses or possible outcomes based on logic Think hypothetically. and perspectives of social systems Oldest  Adolescent Systematic problem solving: can attack a problem. abstractly. plan a course of action .iv 13 OLDEST NORMAL Compilation of nurses basic knowledge Adolescent VALUES CONTENTS Think hypothetically: calculate consequences of thoughts and actions without experiencing them. logically 10 Older  13 School Age Think about thought: leads to introspection and selfanalysis Insight. perspective taking: understand and consider others’ perspectives.

board games Older Platelet count= 100.5-5. bank balance smaller. nights longer.” 5-6 yrs.5-16. and the future worth living for.0 (female) Begin understanding social roles.5 (male) = 36-44 (female) = 4. more team sports.: rules can be negotiated BUN= 7-20 mg/dl Hemoglobin (g/dl)= 13. practices social roles Hematocrit (%)= 41-50 (male) Takes on more responsibilities at home RBC (x 16/ ml)= 4.000 NOTES: Oldest . Rules relied upon to guide behavior and play.9 (female) Less fantasy play.2-5 g/dl 7-8 yrs.0-4.000 WBC (cells/ml)= 4500-10. the past forgotten.0-15. home happier.: strict adherence to rules 9-10 yrs. days shorter.05 12 OLDER NEONATE School age “A baby will make love stronger.: believe rules can be changed Albumin= 3. can adapt behavior to fit different situations. and provide child with structure and security clothes dirty. regards them Neonate as inflexible.5 (male) = 12.000-450.

reflect upon self and 10-12 yrs.46 meq/L  Accurate perception of events.g. from months. sexual wearing. dimen. flirting.5 meq/L Potassium= 3. ionized= 2.6-9 yrs. boy-girl relationFriendships are situa.8-10-3 mg/dl Calcium.. some kisstion specific ing.5-5.4 meq/L Phosphate= 2.6–2. rational. strip poker. interCan remember events course.  Understands concepts of space.: puberty begins for some children attributes. magazines earlier Chloride= 95-107 meq/ L Magnesium= 1.2 meq/L Sodium= 135-147 meq/L RR: 30-60  PR: 120-160  PR RR Systolic BP Diastolic BP 1 year 80-160 20-40 65-115 42-80 3 years 80-120 20-30 76-122 46-84 6 years 70-115 16-22 85-115 48-64 10 years 70-110 16-20 93-125 46-68 14 years 60-110 14-20 99-137 51-71    More effective coping skills 10-12 yrs.: games with Understands how his peeing. sexual activity (e.ships. or years look for nude pictures in books. time.5-4.: have questions sion about pregnancy. logical thought. concrete thinking. stroking/rubbing. re intercourse Understands concepts -enacting with clothes on) of right and wrong . truth/ behavior affects others dare.11 06 OLDER NEONATE School age Electrolytes Concrete operations: Calcium= 8.24-2.

: recognize difference between behavior and intent. fussy) if activity doesn’t change .07 10 OLDER NEONATE School age Two Months Social and Emotional  Physical Cognitive Social  Slow . s te ady growth: 3 -4 inches per year  Motor & perceptual skills better integrated  Use language as a communication tool Perspective taking:  5-8 years: can recognize others’ perspectives. makes gurgling sounds  Turns head toward sounds Movement/Physical Development  Can hold head up and begins to push up when lying on tummy  Makes smoother movements with arms and legs Cognitive (learning. can’t assume the role of the other . age  10-11 yrs.  8–10 yrs. thinking. problemsolving)  Pays attention to faces  Begins to follow things with eyes and recognize people at a distance  Begins to act bored (cries.: can accurately recognize and consider others’ viewpoints NOTES:   Begins to smile at people Can briefly calm himself (may bring hands to mouth and suck on hand) Tries to look at parent Language/Communication  Coos.

thinking. problem-solving)  Social and Emotional  Looks for things he sees you hide  May be afraid of strangers  Plays peek-a-boo May be clingy with familiar adults  Puts things in her mouth    Has favorite toys  Language/Communication    Watches the path of something as it falls Understands “no” Makes a lot of different sounds “mamamama” and “bababababa” Copies sounds and gestures of others Uses fingers to point at things like Moves things smoothly from one hand to the other Picks up things like cereal o’s between thumb and index finger Movement/Physical Development  Stands.09 08 NEONATE NEONATE Nine Months Nine Months Cognitive (learning. holding on  Can get into sitting position  Sits without support  Pulls to stand Crawls .