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Human Drivers versus Robotic Cars

Directions: Practice saying the words with
your tutor.

0-1 vehicle /vih /

0-2 Prius / prius/
0-3 accelerator / se retr/
0-4 guarantee /ernti/
0-5 responsible /risp ns /
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The lady will test drive the new car.

EXERCISE 1: Unlocking Word Meanings

Directions: Read and learn new words and expressions with your tutor.

1-1 environment [noun] conditions around someone or something

[Example:] She cannot drive in a crowded environment.

1-2 research [noun] a study done to find facts

[Example:] We did the research on the best type of cars.

1-3 brake [noun] device that stops something

[Example:] The car stopped when he stepped on the brake.

1-4 guarantee [verb] to make sure

[Example:] The company guaranteed that the new car is safe.


1-5 responsible [adjective] having the job of taking care of something

[Example:] The automaker is responsible for the defective car.

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EXERCISE 2: Article
Directions: Read the article per paragraph.
After each paragraph there is a statement, identify if this is TRUE/FALSE.

Human Drivers versus Robotic Cars

A robotic car is a vehicle that functions on its own even without a driver. This type of car works with
the help of sensors. Sensors are devices that can identify movement around its environment. Examples of
robotic cars, also known as self-driving cars, are Googles Prius and Lexus cars.
2-1 TRUE/FALSE: Robotic cars can drive by themselves.

According to research, robotic cars are better and safer in driving as compared to humans. It is because
humans tend to strongly step on the cars accelerator and brakes. Robotic cars are also better in keeping a safe
distance from other vehicles. This means these cars may be involved in fewer accidents than human drivers.
2-2 TRUE/FALSE: According to the second paragraph, humans can drive more safely than robotic cars.

To guarantee the cars safety, the carmakers test the robotic cars on public roads. Many states in the
US have even allowed carmakers to do so. However, the carmakers should take responsibility when the cars
get in an accident.
2-3 TRUE/FALSE: Testing the robotic cars on public roads is allowed in some US states.

EXERCISE 3: What is the correct word?

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct word or expression.






3-1 I know how to ____a motorcycle.


3-2 He bought a new ____ last month.


3-3 The ____ from the other vehicle is two meters.

_____ 2

3-4 There are a lot of vehicles on the ____.


3-5 My driving skill is ____ than yours.


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Directions: Read the statements below.
Decide if you AGREE or DISAGREE and tell your tutor WHY.

4-1 It is important to learn how to drive.

You can say

I agree because
I disagree because

4-2 Using robotic cars has many advantages.

You can say

I agree because
I disagree because

4-3 Cars can become more automated in the future.

You can say

I agree because
I disagree because

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