Full Alliance meeting April 16, 2008

Strategies for Success

Focus on policy and systems changes at the city and state levels Engage diverse groups and increase community readiness

Strategies for Success

Target multiple “domains” of active living and the food system
Active Living: community design, active transportation, parks, recreation, schools  Food System: producing, processing, distributing, retailing, preparing, eating

Ensure health equity and community impact

Strategies for Success

Pilot innovations & demonstrations before implementing city-wide Start in a few geographic areas in year 1 then scale up city-wide in years 2-8

Community Impact
  

Adult Health Status and Health Behaviors Child Health Status and Health Behaviors *Access to quality food and fitness opportunities

Health Equity: Diversity
   

Race/ethnicity % Speak another language at home % Households with at least one child Socio-economic status (poverty, education)


Social capital (group participation, neighbors working together, trust, sense of belonging, neighbors help each other  PUFFA participation (# members from PAS)  Use of public physical activity facility  *Known food/fitness activities

Health Disparities/Need
Higher Lower
South Philadelphia Upper North East Phila Roxborough/Manyunk Center City

Readiness/ Feasibility

Lower North Phila


Olney/Oak Lane West Philadelphia Germantown/Chestnut Hill Upper North Philadelphia


Bridesburg/Kensington Lower North East Phila SW Philadelphia

Diversity: High Medium Low

Highlights of Priority Areas

Lower North Philadelphia
 

   

Highest need High readiness

West Philadelphia
 

Among top five highest need Highest diversity Build capacity Opportunity for innovation Among top 5 for readiness Moderate diversity: Representation Asian community

Among top 5 for need Among top 5 for readiness

South Philadelphia
 

Food System Domains
Distributing Retailing Eating
Food System

Producing Processing Preparing

Food & Fitness “Venues”
Urban Farms & Gardens


Corner Stores & Retailing

Local Area Farm

Recreation Centers & Parks

Local Area Farm

Active Transportation
Local Area Farm

Community Design & Land Use (e.g., zoning)

Be a part of PUFFA
• Promote • Quote • Dote • Tote • Note • Vote

• Write down one thing about PUFFA that you are able to explain • Write down one question about PUFFA that you still have

Upcoming Full Alliance Meetings

• June 3, 2008 • July 15, 2008 • September 10, 2008 • October 16, 2008 • December 2, 2008
Details will be posted to: www.phillyfoodandfitness.org