DRAFT The Philadelphia Urban Food and Fitness Alliance Roadmap: What we hope to get done and how

we plan to get there
This is a broad overview of the how we plan the initiative to evolve. Step Activities Timeline 1. Bring people together a. Begin to create a Through April 2008 coalition b. Establish a collective vision and community goals c. Prioritize goals 2. Assess information as it a. Examine community Through July/August 2008 relates to our goals preferences b. Look at current policies and identify “best practices” c. Examine current environment (what is our reality) 3. Analyze the information As a group we will use the Through August/September we have collected data to identify gaps 2008 between our vision and the current state of affairs. 4. Identify potential options As a group we will identify Through August/September for systems change potential policy changes and collect information about those changes 5. Planning phase Look at all the options Through presented in Step 4 and October/November 2008 determine which will be selected. This is based on: a. Health equity- does the policy help address disparities in health outcomes? b. Community impactdoes the policy address an issue that is relevant to the community? c. Feasibility- is the policy feasible and is our community ready for the change? 6. Write community action PUFFA staff will take the Through December 2008 plan strategic priorities identified in Step 5 and use them to

form the community action plan. Concurrent to the planning steps outlined above we will be working on forming the Coalition that will implement our plan. This means there will be additional activities and meetings to discuss governance, recruitment, and other group related tasks. The overarching goals behind the WK Kellogg (our funders) Food and Fitness Initiative: • Fitness goals of the initiative are to increase access to safe and inviting activity options and spaces for physical activity. PUFFA’s Active Living Action Team is working on the fitness goals of the initiative. • Food system goals of the initiative are to increase access to foods that are local, affordable, and healthy. PUFFA’s Nutrition Action Team and Food System Action Team are working on the food system goals of the initiative. The fitness goals relate to the four major domains of the fitness environment: School, Parks, and Recreation, Active Transportation, and Community Design/Land Use. The food system goals relate to domains of the food system- the who, what, where, when, and how of our food. They include: Producing, Processing, Distributing, Retailing, Preparing, and Eating. PUFFA has broken these domains into two groups- the Food System Action Team is looking at Producing, Processing, and Distributing and the Nutrition Action Team is exploring the Retailing, Preparing, and Eating domains. The Community Action Plan we develop will likely include: 1. Policy and system change strategies 1. Resource strategies 2. Collaboration strategies 3. Communication Strategies 4. Evaluation strategies