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Chapter 1

Marketing Aspect

1.1 Introduction
Oat is known prior to the time of Christ. Oats did not become
important to man as early as wheat or barley. Oats probably persisted as
a weed-like plant in other cereals for centuries prior to being cultivated by
it. Some authorities believe that our present cultivated oats developed as
a mutation from wild oats. They think this may have taken place in Asia
Minor or southeastern Europe not long before the birth of Christ. The
oldest known oat grains were found in Egypt among remains of the 12th
Dynasty, which were about 2,000 B.C. These probably were weeds and
not actually cultivated by the Egyptians. The oldest known cultivated oats
were found in caves in Switzerland that are believed to belong to the
Bronze Age. Oats were first brought to North America with other grains in
1602 and planted on the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of
Massachusetts. As early as 1786, George Washington sowed 580 acres
to oats. By the 1860s and 1870s, the westward shift of oat acreage in the
United States had moved into the middle and upper Mississippi Valley,
which is its major area of production today.
Oats are chiefly a European and North American crop. These areas
have the cool, moist climate to which oats are best adapted. Russia,
Canada, the United States, Finland, and Poland are the leading oat
producing countries. Oats are adapted to a wide range of soil types, thus
temperature and moisture conditions are the usual limiting factors as to
where oats are grown. Perhaps no other country uses oats as much in
their cropping system as does Scotland. Some winter oats are produced
in the United States, but most are spring oats produced mainly in the
north central states.
Oats have been used as livestock and human foods since ancient
times. Some have been used as pasture, hay or silage; but most have
been used as a feed grain. Oat straw has been an important bedding for
livestock through history. In Samuel Johnson's dictionary, oats were
defined as "eaten by people in Scotland, but fit only for horses in
England." The Scotsman's retort to this is, "That's why England has such
good horses, and Scotland has such fine men!"


Nutrition experts believe that Beta glucans. oats were formerly grown mainly for horse feed. There has been an increase in oats used for human food in recent years. built over the last several decades. the water-soluble fibers present in oat bran inhibit cholestrol. it moisturizes our skin and it has a natural exfoliat that gives consumers that are health conscious a better choice. although the newer processing facilities. Several breakfast cereals and bread products are made from oat flour and rolled oat products. such as that in oat bran. Oat Bran has received considerable attention from the medical community for its role in reducing blood cholesterol. Oat hulls have also been used as a raw material for fermentation to furfural. because it assists in regulating gastro-intestinal function. are more northward in Minnesota and Canada . which helps prevent heart disease. Nutritionists recommend increased daily intake of fiber. a chemical solvent used in refining minerals and for making resin. Iowa continues as a center of oat processing in North America. Today there are new ways of enjoying our oatmeal and one of them is adding a new twist by making them even healthier not just in our heart but they will bring goodness also in our skin “oatmeal soap” offers a new type of oatmeal product to the Philippines. Another oat product has been used as an antioxidant and stabilizer in ice cream and other dairy products. but with the coming of the motorized age. It offers a skin soothing from itching and irritation. 2 .FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE In the United States. oats became a feed chiefly for young stock and poultry.

Oatmeal soap can be broken down into children. to be part of the routinized response behavior of its target market. The company will cater to people who are beauty conscious and don’t have time to go to derma and have their selves makeover because of their busy schedules. teenagers. 2. To be the number one soap in the minds of the consumer. a lot of teenagers and professionals consider oatmeal soap to be a convenient way for a healthy skin. means that most of the company’s customer will be teenager and professionals who are beauty conscious in today’s generation. For us the company. employees and those who are beauty conscious.1 Market Description We all know that manila is air-polluted place that can bring harm to the skin. The company’s market shows that these are discerning customers that gravitate towards better healthy soap for their skin. Oatmeal soap can help bring back life without damaging the skin because of it safe and natural ingredients of the product.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE CHAPTER 2 Market Study 2. Such customers vary in age. 3 .2 Consumer Purchasing Behavior  Routinized response behavior (RRB) these are common products – typically Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) – that the consumer knows well. whiter and relieves symptoms of aging skin. This is what Oatmeal Soap aims. where they can use it regularly for a healthier. softer. this will provide the benefits of building a loyal client base. Furthermore.

relieves symptoms of aging skin o Oatmeal soap that gives a protective barrier to our skin Weakness o Too many competitors o Products are very common to the consumer o Lack of product awareness o Some popular competitors already earned their loyal consumers Opportunities o Creation of different variety of oatmeal soap in order to excite the customers o Branching out to different areas in the Philippines if the business becomes successful o Today’s generation are fun of using health conscious product Threats o Other competitors have more than one branch.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE 2.3 SWOT Analysis Strengths o Ingredients used are guaranteed to be safe and natural from the oatmeal o Oatmeal soap offered affordable products o Oatmeal soap offered excellent exfoliator that helps our dry dead skin renew healthy skin. 4 . which makes their products more accessible to the customers. o Competitors may also have similar products. removed acne.

FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE CHAPTER 3 Target Market 3. PSYCHOGRAPHIC Oatmeal Soap are made for people who are health conscious regarding their skin care but also open to others. It is mainly targeted towards the class C market. This will help the company to concentrate for a while in introducing the product in a particular place. male and female. students and employees. BEHAVIORAL Oatmeal Soap are made for people who are seeking ways to improve their skin and have a limited budget. 5 .1 Target Market Oatmeal Soap is targeted towards those people who are health conscious about their skin’s health and overall appearance. DEMOGRAPHIC Oatmeal Soap is mainly targeted towards persons ages 13 and above. GEOGRAPHIC Oatmeal Soap will be distributed only in Manila since that the company and the product are just starting up. .

FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE CHAPTER 4 Marketing Research 4. Oatmeal Soap a soap that will help the consumer regain that fresh looking skin without damaging their skin from harmful chemicals.1 Marketing Research Most of Filipinos today is suffering from different skin diseases. A lot of our workforce today are too busy with their work and have less time to eat healthy foods thus also adds to the stress the skin receives. And also with combining the moisturizing effect of oatmeal and different essential oils and natural additives it will truly improve its effectiveness 6 . This reality brought the of making a soap that would help those people.

1 Product Oatmeal Soap. containing natural ingredients. Oatmeal can help improve the skin’s overall condition by removing dead skin cells. eczema and rashes.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE CHAPTER 5 Marketing Mix 5. reducing pores. PACKAGING LABEL 7 . relieving signs of aging and help treat acne. The added oatmeal brings something different compared with other beauty soaps. is square shaped soap.

2 Price 8 .FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE Papaya Oatmeal Soap with Sunflower Essence Lavender Oatmeal with Vitamin E 5.

distributing and selling the product plus a fair rate in return for its effort and risk.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE  Oatmeal Soap’s price is based on the Cost-based pricing approach on which the price of the soap will be based on the cost of producing.  Posters To add more information to the consumers. Twitter and other social media the product can gain more reputation and can also give PR. poster will placed outside stores to inform them about the product to let them know that the product exists and where to buy the product. These flyers are meant to be given to students and young professionals while inside malls or other events.3 Promotion  Flyers These are small print ads that are given to sales perspectives. benefits and the attributes of the product.  Social Media Through Facebok. prices and the places to buy the product. It is easier to interact with the consumers and get to know them even more. 5. like if the possible consumer does not take interest in the said flyer or is distracted with other things that are around them. Although there are also disadvantages. And also add a markup of 20% .  Website The website can help the customers know more about the history. The papers contain the important information about the product like the features. Part II CHAPTER 6 9 .

It is made with safe ingredients and also the health benefits of oatmeal.1 Introduction Oatmeal is proven to help improve the body’s overall cholesterol level and other key factor in a person’s health. In today’s environment especially in the busy streets of Metro Manila many harmful elements can bring toil to the skin.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE Introduction 6. And in order to bring life back a person will need to use many cosmetics and procedures that may help them for a while but may cause damage to their skin in the long run. Oatmeal Soap is made to improve the skin’s condition without damaging it. Other soaps and cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that can permanently damage the skin. Now there is a new way to bring back life to the skin. Now the goodness of oatmeal can be used to improve the skin. CHAPTER 7 Uses of the Product 10 .

CHAPTER 8 Raw Material 11 . and smooth out blotchy areas. Oatmeal helps remove dead skin cells. and bleaches. Oatmeal contains saponins. a mild cleansing agent. eczema. Oatmeal can help treat acne. It is also known to have skin lightening effects and thus it also helps to improve the skin tone and texture. such as alpha hydroxy acids.1 PAGE Uses of the Product Oatmeal Soap can be used for both face and body. even the most sensitive skin. Oatmeal can helps relieve symptoms of aging skin. It can be used daily. It can help calm the skin. The following are the benefits of Oatmeal Soap        Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for most skin types. Oatmeal is known to have good exfoliating properties and this will help to get out the daily toxins off the skin. Oatmeal repairs damage from other chemicals. surfactants. rosacea and rashes.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY 7. Oatmeal helps reduce pore size.

The following are the raw materials used in making the product.1 Product Flowchart 12 .1 PAGE Raw Materials Currently because the product is relatively new. molders and many more.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY 8. they provide lye. essential oils.  Melt and pour soap  Oatmeal  Sunflower Essential Oil  Papaya Oil  Lavender Essential Oil  Vitamin E Capsule CHAPTER 9 Product Flowchart 9. the raw materials needed in making the Oatmeal Soap is purchased online. From Soap Shopper which is an online store that provides raw materials in making soap.

1 Detail Production Procedure PAGE 13 .FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY CHAPTER 10 Detail Production Procedure 10.

 When the soap is completely melted add essential oils and Vitamin E  Remove skillet from stove Let it cool for a while and put it into the mold. 14 .FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE EQUIPMENT  Stove  Skillet  Molder  Spoon  Knife MATERIALS  Melt and Pour Soap  Oatmeal  Additives o Sunflower Oil o Lavender Oil o Vitamin E Capsule o Papaya Oil PROCEDURE  Put a skillet on the stove and turn the stove in medium heat.  Take a half cup of the oatmeal and pour it into the melted soap.  Take a bar of soap and wait until it melts.1 Production Cost Since the raw materials are still purchased a new supplier prices may change. CHAPTER 11 Production Cost 11.  Carefully take out of the mold.

P 712/ 10 = P71. of 100g Oatmeal Soap with Sunflower Oil.2 15 . P 100 Papaya Oatmeal Soap with Sunflower Oil Melt and Pour Soap P 250/ kilo Oatmeal P 112/ 500g pack Sunflower Oil P 130/ 100ml Papaya Oil P 120/ 100ml Packaging P 100 ______________________ P 712 Lavender Oatmeal Soap with Vitamin E Melt and Pour Soap P 250/ kilo Oatmeal P 112/ 500g pack Lavender Oil P 150/ 100ml Vit.2 Product Pricing Papaya Oatmeal Soap w/ Sunflower Oil Melt and Pour Soap P 250/ kilo Oatmeal P 112/ 500g pack Sunflower Oil P 130/ 100ml Papaya Oil P 120/ 100ml Packaging P 100 ______________________ P 712 *Each kilo of Melt and Pour Soap is estimated to make 10pcs. Packaging P 100 _______________________ P 627 11.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY DIRECT MATERIALS Melt and Pour Soap Oatmeal Sunflower Oil Lavender Oil Vit E Capsule INDIRECT MATERIALS Packaging PAGE P 250/ kilo P 112/ 500g pack P 130/ 100ml P 150/ 100ml P 15/ pcs. E Capsule P 15/ pcs.

24 Estimated Selling Price/ 100g=P 85.7 Production Cost per 100g Oatmeal Soap with Sunflower Oil = P 71.7 20% mark. Packaging P 100 ______________________ P 627 *Each kilo of Melt and Pour Soap is estimated to make 10pcs. P 627/ 10 = P 62.up = P12.54 Estimated Selling Price/ 100g=P 75.FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE Lavender Oatmeal Soap w/ Vit E Melt and Pour Soap P 250/ kilo Oatmeal P 112/ 500g pack Lavender Oil P 150/ 100ml Vit E Capsule P 15/ pcs. By using clean instruments in making the soap it ensures that the products are clean and made with high standard.44 Oatmeal Soap with Sunflower Oil = P 62.24 CHAPTER 12 Quality and Safety Standard 12.1 Quality and Safety Standard Both Papaya and Lavender Oatmeal Soap was carefully dealt with.up = P14.of 100g Oatmeal Soap with Lavender and Vitamin E.2 20% mark. 16 . And also making the right measurements of every material used in making the soap itself is used to guarantee the quality of the soap.

FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY PAGE CHAPTER 13 Floor Plan 13. 17 . A kiosk would be a great way to start the business. This can attract other potential buyers than can buy the product and also let interested buyers online now where they can find the location of the kiosk.1 Floor Plan Since the product and the name of the company is relatively new. Using a kiosk would bring advantages rather than just having a website.