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Join over 200 industry experts and thought leaders

Learn how to:

Prioritize OE plans to focus on the highest-impact items in
alignment with the companys vision and strategic objectives
Conduct an in-depth review of OEMS activities to evaluate
performance and make adjustments as necessary
Understand the root causes behind process inefficiency, including
issues of strategy and operating models

Workshops June 1, 2015

Optimize asset reliability and enhance the performance of your

people, processes and your assets

Conference June 2 - 3, 2015

Enhance leadership engagement and identify the key management

hurdles and beliefs that can hinder execution excellence

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Ethier is hosting the following sessions


Monday, June 1, 2015

12:45 pm

Business Excellence

Building Balance in your Organizational Gyroscope


A gyroscope is an amazingly simple device that, once in motion, maintains its

momentum through a self-balancing system allowing it to adapt to changes
in external forces. One of the challenges OE Leaders and Practitioners
face in achieving business excellence in their domains is developing their
own organizational gyroscope in order to build balance and generate the
momentum to counteract changing market and operating conditions.
Through this interactive workshop we will work through a set of diagnostic
tools to identify what parts of your organizational gyroscope are out-ofbalance and identify key actions that you can take to create your organizational
gyroscope and set it in motion on a balanced path to business excellence.

An Outside Perspective on Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a way of working that has been adopted and used by
many other industries and there is much to be learned. This panel discussion
will provide perspectives from Operational Excellence leaders outside of
the oil and gas industry on how theyve made it successful in their own
The panel will address:

Why is operational excellence a driver?

Who is accountable for the operational excellence program?
What are the key approaches that have been taken to achieve
operational excellence?
How to succeed in implementing operational excellence across the

The Panelists

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Identify the organizational elements to achieve organizational balance
Understand the organizational elements that are out of balance
Identify priorities and action items to address gaps


Proud to be a premier sponsor

Managing Director, Consequence Leadership

Canadian Pacific Railway

Vice President, Guest Services


Maria Silveira

Services Leader, Business Excellence

Director, Project Delivery & Change Management

Jeff Adams

Ed Baklor

Sheryl-Ann Carscadden

Valerie Carson

10:10 am

The Unconventional Panel

The latest findings regarding business excellence indicates that the sharp
edge of performance is not so sharp! This is occurring because there is not
a holistic balance between operational excellence, delivery of initiatives, and
leading people through the resulting change.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Director, Continuous Improvement


Panel Moderator

Sheryl-Ann Carscadden

Services Leader, Business Excellence