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March 19th



Overseers Meeting
On Thursday, March 19th at
7:30pm, we will be having an
Overseers Meeting with a 30
minute conversation regarding
the 2015/2016 AWANA
program at CEFCM.
After many years of faithful partnership, Grace church has
decided to start their own childrens program (AWANA or
another program) on Wednesday nights, and will be
discontinuing serving in AWANA with us on Sundays. This
will mark a big change for us as a church, but not one that is
bigger than the God who has called us to love on, and teach
His children through AWANA.
If you serve as an AWANA
leader, volunteer, or have a
passion for this great program
please make it a priority to
attend this meeting. We want to start preparing faithfully now
for what God has called us to do in the future for His glory!
**There will be childcare available for the 30 minute meeting.

Welcome Our
New Church
It is with great joy that the
Elders and Overseers have
hired Jan Piasecki as the
church secretary. This is a
part of some even bigger
things cooking at CEFCM
that could not be possible
without this position.
Starting next week the
church office will be

Wednesday 12-5pm
Thursday 12-5pm

On March 21st, from 9-Noon we will

be hosting a pre-Easter workday to
freshen up many areas in the church.
There will be a host of things that
need to be done for all ages and skill
levels, so dont let anything stop you
from serving with your church family!
We will be cleaning, painting,
purging, reorganizing, and preparing
the church for some big things in the
next number of months.
Saturday morning we will have
donuts, bagels, juice, coffee, and
other things to snack on during the
serving time. Come out for all, or
even just a little and help us make a
dent in the to-do list!

Whats Happening This

Week at Your Church?


Ladies Bible Study 9:30am at CEFCM

Finding Hope in the book of Revelation.
For more information email:

Womens Bible Study Fellowship 9:10am

at First Christian Church
The Life of Moses. More information email:

Community Groups 6:00pm Schifo Home

More information

Community Groups 7:00pm Wright Home

More information email:

Wednesday 3/18
Youth Group 6:00pm Pastor Jake Barrett
Community Groups Piasecki Home 6:15pm
More information email:



Congregational Prayer 6-7:00pm

Overseers Meeting AWANA 7:30pm
Worship Practice 7:30pm



Act Like Men Breakfast at the Church 7:00am

Continuing the Act Like Men Discussion!

Basketball 8:30am
Church Workday 9:00am-12:00pm Come Help!



Christian Education 9:30am

Childrens Sunday School 9:30am
Childrens Church 10:45am
Worship Gathering 10:45am
Brent Ressler is joining us to share a message!

Worshippers in Pakistan
Killed Worshipping
More than 70 people were
hurt in the explosions,
which targeted worshippers
attending Sunday mass at
the churches in the
Youhanabad area.
Violent protests erupted
after the blasts, with a mob
killing two men accused of
involvement in the attacks.
Pakistan's Christian
community has often been
targeted by militants.
An offshoot of the Pakistan
Taliban, calling itself
Jamatul Ahrar, has said it
carried out the attack.
Witnesses say suicide
bombers were responsible
for the explosions but police
have not confirmed this.
The bombers are said to
have detonated their
explosives near the gates of
St John's Catholic Church
and Christ Church.
- Thank God for our ability
to worship and lift up His
name publicly without
fear. Repent of the ways
we have taken that for
- Pray for those who worship
without fear even when
the very real threat of
death and injury
overshadow every
gathering of the saints.

**No AWANA - Spring Break


to lower their gaze and be modest. That is purer for them.

Lo! Allah is Aware of what they do.

Should I Wear a Hajib?

I wrote this article last week and have sat on it trying to

decide if I wanted to share it or not. I want to be graceful
and loving, but also I have a commitment to you and the
truth. So as I write this please know that I am not being
condemning, but coming in a spirit of truth, sharing truth in
the midst of cultural confusion.
From 3/10/2015
As I write this I cannot help but think what a crazy question
this is. Yet, now it is one thathas to be asked since the story
of Jessey Eagan, a Christian Childrens Ministry Director at
Imago Dei Church in Peoria, Illinois, has chosen to wear a
hijab, the traditional Muslim head covering, for Lent.

Furthermore, verse number 59 in Surah 24 says:

O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the
women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round
them [when they go abroad]. That will be better, that so they
may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving,
They celebrate her choice because wearing the hijab means
much more than just the covering of the body; more than
just being an outsider. It refers to the code of modesty
outlined in Sharia and Quaranic Law. Therefore, women
who wear the hijab are submitting to a clearly and distinctly
Muslim code of conduct.
The problem with social justice of this sort, is that society left
unto itself is never just. This is the reason that we submit to
the authority of scripture. We never come in power, with the
ability to change anything, if we leave the position of truth.
Without truth we have no power. Paul was clear that power
of the truth was the cornerstone of his authority and call to
James tells us in 3:1, Not many of you should become
teachers for you will be judged more severely.Paul tells
Timothy tokeep careful watch over his doctrine and
practice.In Galatians the Apostle rebukes Peter for leaving
clear devotion to the commands of God to try to love
another group operating in opposition to scripture.
On her blog, Jessey says of her choice: I told my husband
my idea and he encouraged me to do it, but I decided that I
needed to ask a local Muslim friend her thoughts on it. After
checking with her Muslim friend she showed up at the
Christian Church she works at and surprised her senior
pastor, Charlie Dean, who wrote on his blog:

Right off the bat, I want to say thaton a heart level I can
truly understand Jesseys motives, and while I understand it,
that does not mean that I agree with it. The Apostle Paul
ministered to people of great variety and said I desire to
know nothing amongst you except Christ and Him
crucified. Why? Because Christ is enough. As a Christian it
is important that we send the right message regarding our
In Islam the wearing of the hijab is not a wardrobe choice,
but instead an act of worship and submission to the
commands of the Quran and Sharia law.This is why when
the question comes up in interviews: Are your Muslim
friends offended by your choice to do this? the answer is;
"No, not at all." In fact,they celebrate her choice.
Verse 30 of Surah 24 in the Quranspeaks of wearing the
head covering as an act of worship:Tell the believing men

She (Jessey) showed up in my office this morningwearing a

hijab (the veil worn by many Muslim women) and told me it
was part of her observance of Lent. So I asked her to write a
blog post...
When I read this I was quite honestly shocked that prior to
the choice of wearing the hijab Jessey did not first, come
beneath the authority of her church. Wearing a hijab over
the course of 40 days while leading and teaching children in
a Christian context moves well beyond being just an
illustration on knowing and loving others, and into
something else entirely. I have to be honest.
If I were in this church I would pull my kids out, not because
I am a bigot, but because I am a Christian discipling younger
impressionable, and easily confused Christians, namely my
cont. on next page...

But the real question is this: Why put on anything?
Why not instead follow Colossians 3:1-4 and rest in the fact
you have been clothed in Christ, and love Muslims by
sharing the gospel with them. Anything other than that
leaves the church looking like that confused coexist
bumper sticker,rather than a place whose clear singular
purpose is to glorify God and defy all ways, albeit even
subtly, we are pulled to worship other Gods.
There is already so much confusion on the topic of Islam
that what we need now is solid teaching and clarity, not
more confusion. Reaching out in love is great,but if that
love causes confusion is it really love? I would argue that it
is not.
To be fair there has been a great deal of praise in liberal
news media, social media and her church. This praise
though never answers the very real questions of worship,
leadership, and the confusion this is causing for so many

Just think about this:

Lastly, the key of the lenten observance is to focus on

repenting of sin and consecrating oneself to God. Lent
should not be a time of boasting of ones sacrifice or trying
to earn God's favor or increasing His love. Gods love for us
could not be any greater than it already is. Therefore, as I
see all the interviews, the blog posts, and the
hashtag:#40dayofhijab I am concerned that this thing has
become far more about a making a statement than resting
in a meditating on God.
Again I am drawn back to the words of Martin Luther:
Peace if possible, but truth at all costs, because only truth
leads to lasting peace.
Jesus is Alive!

Just look at the Twitter response from today for the account
that the Eagans set up: #40daysofhajib to follow Jesseys
Lenten journey:
This has reignited in me a desire to finish the teaching
material I started last year on Islam which I will be
presenting at CEFCM over 3 days in April. It is my hope that
in understanding better what Islam and the Quran are we
will be better able to understand the Muslim community.
Not because we pretended to be them, but took the time to
really understand who they are.

One of the powerful takeaways that has come as I have

watched this is from the marginalized Muslim women who
have challenged Eagan. They see #40daysofhajib as a kind
of short term missions trip that culturally appropriates their
cause, but doesnt really make a true impact. Sure there has
been media attention, but for Eagan not Muslim women.
This is important because the very women Eagan seeks to
understand she is marginalizing in the process.

Do you wish you knew how to

more effectively study God's
Word and teach it to women?
If so, Revive '15 is just what
youre looking for.
Get motivated, encouraged,
and equipped!
The Lord gives the word; the women who
announce the news are a great host.
Psalm 68:11

Join Tasha this fall as she attends the

Revive Our Hearts: Women
Teaching Women 2015 conference
in Indianapolis.
The cost to attend the conference is
$109 before September 20th, plus
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