You Need the Corporate Expression of Jesus Christ !

I think I now know why we as individuals will never really get to know the fullness of Jesus Christ. What I mean is, if we isolate ourselves from other Christians and do not enter into authentic Christian "community" it is impossible to know all about Jesus. It has to do with God's "Eternal Purpose". To quote Frank Viola, "God's ultimate intention is to increase and express His Son so that He might fill all things." Eph.1:9-12 You can read something about God's eternal purpose by reading both Paul's letter to the Colossians and to the Ephesians. I can't begin to tell you exactly what God's "Eternal Purpose" is because it is so big and so magnificent and so glorious. We have some revelation of it but it is something where the revelation continues to increase as we pursue Christ and enter into "true Body Life". Part of His eternal purpose includes things like the Kingdom of God; the Bride of Christ; a dwelling place for the Lord – The House of God; and, the Family of God. Jesus is the King and rules in His Kingdom which is in our hearts. He is coming back for a Bride who has been prepared and made ready for Him… who is "one in Him". He has in His body, His church... a place to dwell... a place to rest. And, God wants a big FAMILY... the family of God to delight His heart! All of these are some of the areas that could take days to unfold and lay out, but that's not my point right now. My point today, is that unless you and I are gathering as a part of an ekklesia in our local area as the Body of Christ, we cannot experience the fullness of Jesus Christ. The individual "living stones" come together as a spiritual 'building'... the dwelling place of God. And when the church meets in a "church meeting" it is for mutual edification and for "encouraging one another". The Church, His Body, makes Jesus Christ visible on the earth today. It isn't one or two of us, it is His "one" Body. So when we come together with Jesus as the Head of our body, and we allow Him to lead and direct our meetings, He is made visible... He is revealed.. He is expressed by each one who participates and functions in the meeting. His glory is seen on the face of each member present in the meeting. Then, as I see Him operate through you and others, I get to know a little more about Him. On my own or even with one or two people, that CAN NOT happen. It requires the corporate expression of His Life. Even most of the NT Scriptures were written to "corporate bodies" and not to individuals. Jesus is coming back for the Church. We are His fiance. He is going to marry us. Praise the Lord!