When You’re A Vampire Part5

Hi guys I know I haven’t updated in ages but I'm quickly updating everything now  Previously: “imprints, they can be such a pain in the arse” Jake sighed, and I gasped “le gasp” I said at the same time Megan did, then we all laughed. Now: KPOV We were all sitting down and watching T.V well it was more like Brady and Megan were having a very heated make-out session, while Seth and Jake were fighting and I was randomly giving Renesmee a French plait, which actually looked really nice on her, so me and Nessie were he only ones really watching the T.V and it was yet another awesome episode of sponge bob square pants (A/N: go sponge bob! And sorry I pressed a random button so now the text has gone to the side a bit ). When Seth and Jake decided they were bored, Megan and Brady weren’t even in the room and Jake had decided to put Nessie to bed so me and Seth walked up to my room…. Le gasp! BPOV We were all going to come back from hunting but then we heard what was coming from the house, and we all decided we shouldn’t go back, so me and Edward went to the cottage instead! ROSALIEPOV Lucky Bella and Edward, I feel sorry for Renesmee and dare I say it… Jacob! They have to put up with the

uncontrollable new born and a sexually repressed vampire with two very hormonal werewolves, god I feel like Jasper! JPOV TO MUCH LUST! “Alice, do you think you could help me?” I asked my voice turned very husky and dripping with lust, “sure Jazzy kins” she said, and she straddled me as soon as she finished her sentence. APOV I saw it in my vision, and now its happening, I love my life, and my new shopping partners, WHO HAVE MY TASTE! This is the BEST! Day EVER! EMPOV Ummmmm………………….. EPOV Yay cottage time! (A/N: I thought it deserved a name ) JAKEPOV To much noise for my sensitive ears, all I can hear is, “oooh, Kerstin…. Oooh Seth” and “oooh, Megan….. oooh Brady” I cant wait till Nessie is old enough, even if she looks old enough I will wait till she I s the right age or at least mentally ready . (A/N: he has to be sweet and considering……. Wait that’s Edward.) or at least until her dad wont kill me. (A/N: that’s better!) The next day (sorry for no details)

KPOV I woke up in my werewolf’s strong arms, and thank goodness he is strong and repairs quickly otherwise I might of killed my poor Sethy boo, and I would then go to the Volturi, and kill myself. I decided there wouldn’t be a cliff hanger cos I'm feeling nice 

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