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Signa HDe 1.5T
Capture what you could not capture before.

Smaller. Simpler.
30% less space. 7-day installation. 25% lower operating costs. A full menu of applications. Less than 5 patients per day to break even. If you’re first getting into MR, no system gets you there faster and more profitably than Signa HDe 1.5T.

Unmatched value Couple its low operating costs with its remarkable versatility, and Signa® HDe 1.5T makes solid financial sense – regardless of your patient volumes. Unsurpassed space savings With its compact footprint, Signa HDe 1.5T can be easily sited almost anywhere – and in the same area as a typical R&F room. Unequaled ease Ease of installation. Ease of use. Ease of imaging. Ease your mind with the right MR supplier to get you up and running – and keep you there – better than anyone. In Signa HDe 1.5T, GE reaffirms its technology leadership with MR imaging re-imagined. Be capable. Be certain. With Signa HDe 1.5T, it’s simple.


In a hospital, a remote imaging center or an independent clinic, the compact Signa HDe 1.5T fits perfectly. Quickly. Comfortably. In spots that would put the pinch on any other 1.5T system.

One size.
Seven days. Just one week. That’s all the time it takes to install Signa HDe 1.5T.

Typical 1.5T MR system

Just one system electronics cabinet and no equipment room give Signa HDe an overall siting footprint 30% smaller than other 1.5T systems. It fits easily into all existing 1.0T sites and over 90% of 0.5T sites. So you can upgrade or replace your existing MR system with minimal construction expense – for significant imaging improvements.

3.33 meters

The same size as a typical radiography R&F room.

7.63 meters

3.33 meters

7.63 meters

30% smaller than a typical 1.5T MR suite.

Fits small.
The Signa HDe 1.5T fits in the same area as a typical radiography R&F room. Which means you can install imaging capabilities that will bring you more patients, procedures and profits in the same amount of space.

Typical radiography R&F room

Signa HDe 1.5T is powered by our unique HD technology platform – MR in high definition. It delivers remarkable resolution for definitive diagnoses on all patients.

Advanced HD applications Signa HDe 1.5T offers you a complete set of advanced HD applications: PROPELLER, TRICKS, LAVA and VIBRANT. Extremely rapid reconstructions A powerful volume-reconstruction engine and accelerated imaging tools deliver reconstructions at more than 1,000 images per second for virtually real-time image generation. Robust, consistent, reliable gradient performance Signa HDe gradients deliver the accuracy and reproducibility you need to ensure top-quality results across all applications and all pulse sequences. The advantages become especially apparent in acquisitions that demand high spatial and temporal resolution and in rigorous applications such as PROPELLER.

Conventional MR


HD PROPELLER brain Eliminate motion artifacts with moving patients.

Unique, easy-to-use Signa HD high-density coils focus a higher number of elements on a specific region of interest, maximizing image signal-to-noise and resolution for convenience without compromise.

Fine tuned.

The compact operator console features a wide-screen LCD monitor and a user interface that simplify viewing and navigation.

HD 8-channel Knee Array


Shoulder Thin-slice (4 mm) axial (GRE) with exquisite tendon definition.

High-resolution shoulder Excellent off-center fat saturation uniformity over the entire field of view in under 2 minutes.

High-resolution wrist High-definition imaging acquired off-center at patient’s side with wrist array in this 10x10 cm FOV, 256x192 matrix image.

High-resolution knee Entire knee coverage with 16x16 cm FOV and 320x224 matrix acquired in 2:16 with clear visualization of the interarticulate anatomy.

A full body
HD 8-channel Neurovascular Array

High-resolution cervical spine 8-channel CTL array provides excellent visualization of the disc anomalies in under 2 minutes.

Lumbar spine Clear visualization of the individual nerves of the lumbar spine in this 288x224 axial image set.

Large-FOV thoracic spine Distortion-free coverage from T1 to T12 (over 30 FOV) with the 8-channel CTL array.

EPI FLAIR brain High-quality, distortion-free imaging, standard from GE, with clear visualization of brain anatomy with short imaging times and high contrast.

of procedures.
HD 8-channel Body Array

HD PROPELLER brain Eliminates motion artifacts with moving patients as shown in this 480x480 high-resolution acquisition in 2:35 with the 8-channel neurovascular array.

HD LAVA 15-second breath-hold for complete coverage, with 204 images acquired in 2:37.

Abdomen with fat saturation Complete liver coverage with uniform fat saturation in under 4 minutes using respiratory triggering.

3D Time of Flight High SNR, especially in the peripheral vasculature, with three slabs acquired in 5:07.

Female pelvis Excellent uniform fat saturation with the 8-channel body array for clear depiction of the interuteral anatomy.

Female pelvis High-definition of the interuteral anatomy with the 8-channel body array.

Signa HDe puts a complete set of GE-exclusive HD clinical imaging applications at your fingertips. For all procedures. All patients. All the time.

HD 8-channel Breast Array

FIESTA Exquisite high-definition imaging taken with the 8-channel Body array with 42-cm FOV in 21 seconds at 224x320 matrix.

HD VIBRANT Bilateral breast imaging with uniform fat saturation providing improved lesion conspicuity at 320x192 matrix acquired in 3:14.

High-resolution cardiac Excellent depiction of the chambers using FIESTA and cardiac array.

High-resolution vascular Excellent visualization of the lower-leg vasculature as seen in this 3D Time of Flight.

HD TRICKS Enables the characterization of complex flow dynamics associated with vascular disease.

High-resolution angio Excellent 3D Time of Flight.

Signa HDe 1.5T is a wise financial decision as well as a smart clinical choice. You start seeing a return on your investment the minute it’s installed.

Exceptional versatility for more procedures Designed for day-in, day-out MR imaging and inherent versatility to meet the needs of multiple markets, Signa HDe 1.5T helps drive productivity and profitability over a full range of MR procedures.

Bank on it.
MR now fits in places you never thought possible. Like your budget. Thanks to easy siting, low operating costs, broad versatility and unmatched support, Signa HDe 1.5T is a remarkable value – no matter what the size of your pocketbook or patient load. More profit from less space With its small, compact siting, Signa HDe 1.5T helps you minimize construction costs and transform non-profitable floor space into a new profit center. Lower overall cost of ownership Reduced space requirements mean less lease expense and room electricity costs – in addition to the inherently lower power consumption of the Signa HDe 1.5T system itself. Future friendly As part of the Signa product family, your HDe 1.5T is backed by the GE-exclusive Signa Continuum, assuring you of a clear and easy upgrade path for your system throughout its lifetime. Signa HDe 1.5T shortens your breakeven time, optimizes your ownership costs and delivers an excellent return on your investment. You can take that to the bank.

Lower energy use and lifetime operating costs. Innovative water-cooling technology significantly reduces the system’s power needs and your monthly operating costs.

Push the iLinq button and instantly contact a live GE applications specialist or service engineer. Right answers. Right now. Right from your console. Just one way GE gives you unmatched MR support.

Pressing needs?
InSite remote diagnostics and repair Thanks to our InSite™ a constant , data connection to your Signa HDe 1.5T lets us monitor, diagnose and repair your system remotely. Extensive online resources From case studies and clinical notes, to protocols and software downloads, our online MR community at puts a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Remote magnet monitoring Our exclusive, remote monitoring of your magnet’s overall health helps you avoid unnecessary downtime.

Reap the benefits of GE MR ownership. Maximum uptime. Optimized workflow. Higher productivity. Better patient care. True peace of mind. It’s easy with the world’s most advanced portfolio of service and asset management tools. The most service engineers worldwide Unmatched GE field support is provided by a global team of approximately 5,500 engineers that are the most experienced in the industry. More applications specialists worldwide GE applications specialists are available globally to train you on Signa HDe 1.5T applications, techniques and protocols. The most parts distribution centers worldwide Located in numerous countries around the globe, GE spare parts distribution centers streamline part delivery to minimize downtime. The largest offering of physician training options The GE MR Masters Series offers you the widest selection of training and education programs on MR technology and techniques. The GE Healthcare Institute Receive hands-on training on a Signa HDe 1.5T system in a state-of-the-art clinical setting at our dedicated educational facility.

TiP Virtual Assist Combining expertise and convenience, live, interactive applications training with remote GE trainers helps you get the most from your Signa HDe 1.5T.

With Signa HDe’s detachable table, you can prep patients outside the MR suite to improve throughput.

With its small footprint, high field strength and full suite of HD applications, Signa HDe 1.5T is quite simply the best choice for your next MR scanner.

• Easy to use, versatile and reliable • Ideal for new installations or replacements • Perfect as a primary scanner for a smaller hospital • Excellent as an additional system for larger hospitals with increased imaging demand/capacity • Well suited for a central hospital or a satellite center • Low operating costs for a very favorable financial return And the Signa Continuum lets you easily upgrade your imaging performance over time. Signa HDe 1.5T. Could it be any easier?

Signa. Be Certain.

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