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Compound Air-Plasma

Lightning Rejection System

CPLR or Compound Air Plasma Lightning Rejection
System is the first system ever invented in the world to
extinguish the lightning strikes. Invented by the one of
the top 60 scientist in China, Professor Dr Kun Sheng
Wang had received several silver and gold awards in
international invention fairs for this invention. The
principles of the CPLR is to neutralized the downleader
streamer of the lightning cloud by generating highly
density plasma ion and released it to the air. Thus, will
eliminate the early formation of the lightning strikes and
protect the vicinities.

Standard Lightning protection system either conventional or unconventional early
streamer emission (ESE) will divert the high energy lightning to the ground. This will
protect the building structure as well as the human life inside the building and also
prevent fire. But, no matter how effective your lightning protection system, the
equipment is still subject to secondary effect of lightning or transient overvoltage or
commonly known as surges.
By implementing the CPLR, the area under the protection radius will never experienced
direct lightning strikes or surges since the formation of lightning is neutralize through the
emission of the high density plasma into the air.

How CPLR Works?

The early lightning detector will detect electrical field strength of lightning
cloud within the radius of 20km. Then the detector will triggers the control
unit to automatically starts the air-plasma generator. The generator will
release the ions when the lightning cloud is within 3km radius. The released
positive charges will neutralize the not so intensified downward leader from
the cloud. Meanwhile the released negative charges will neutralize the
natural positive charges on the ground.
This process innovatively diffuse the formation of lightning.

From left to right : Early lightning detector, PLC control

unit and air plasma generator.

PLC control unit

Control unit display

Typical Application of CPLR

CPLR is mostly suitable for solar farm, military radar station, ammunition depot and
highly inflammable area.
In solar farm for instance, it is worthy to install CPLR because of the millions initial
investment incurred . A typical 2MWp system is easily cost more than RM15millions
and per month sun yield is approximately RM200,000. Imagine if the system strikes by
lightning and fails for weeks, losses will be millions!
Geographically, Malaysia is located in one of the world's highest lightning density
regions. Solar farm especially, requires direct sunlight for optimum output. The PV
panels are openly at risk to lightning strikes. Investors should seriously consider CPLR
as an effective solutions to protect their investment. Beside that, CPLR will also save
the cost of replacing the equipment damaged by lightning.
CPLR is the best choice to provide the best insurance for your investment.

Technical specifications
Model Number

CPLR - 1000G - PKT

Power Supply

220Vac,~ 50/60Hz, Single phase

Rated power

1000 Watt

Energy Consumption
Plasma density
Radius of protection
Angle of protection
Early Lightning detector radius
Early Lightning detector electrical Field Strength

1 kWh




0.1 - 50 kV/m (factory preset is 20)

10 sec

Ambient temperature

- 40C ~ +50C


20 km

Reaction time for alarm

Rated duty cycle

Angle of protection

8 x Height , H

80 kg

Length of each lightning tube

6500 mm

Diameter of shielding ball

750 mm

Innovative Engineering by:

Pekat Engineering Sdn Bhd.
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Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (603) 2300 8010 Fax: (603) 9235 1077
Website :

Radius of protection area

* H : height of the system installed