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Peter White
New FBAA National President
Can he do it?
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Can he do it?
The election of Peter White to the role of National President of
the FBAA is a refreshing change from the "practice" of recent
Peter White has shown that he, unlike the previous 2 incumbents,
is publicly passionate about the FBAA and its role in the industry.
To be seen as a success in the role, he'll need to transform the
appearance of the FBBA in the eyes of the average broker to be a
practical alternative that will get results for them as members.
Every association member must ask "what am I getting for my
$300 plus annual membership fee". If the answer is just a warm
and fuzzy feeling and a bi-monthly magazine then maybe it's time
for a change.
Peter deserves every chance to "strut his stuff" so that all
members can make an informed decision about the value of his
contribution. We can but hope that some of the FBAA "old school"
don't try to impeed his efforts to progress the FBAA in a positive
and professional way.
Based on his term as Senior Vice President there seems little
doubt that he'll do his best to make things happen.
We wish him well.


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Make sure you give clear
that people who want to buy
from you know how to do
so. You would be AMAZED
at the number of vague,
absent-minded pieces we
see. They leave the
prospect guessing, with no
clear path to follow to buy
the product, make an
enquiry or otherwise take
the next step.
When you write your
marching orders, never use
the words IF or CAN. Use
strong, compelling language
that assumes the reader
wants to do the best thing
possible and ACT NOW!
Action plan ...
Whether you want people to
mail you, fax you, phone you,
email you or come and see
Do not pussy-foot around. Give
it to them straight. Tell them
what to do to get the benefit
you offer. Like this:
You want to increase the
response you get from your
marketing, to lower your cost-
per-customer and increase
your business. To find out how,
check the info about our direct
mail letter-writing service.
Better still, call Crockford
Carlsile NOW on (07) 3891
Tell your prospects
HOW to respond!
On the subject of getting a response (always a good
thing!) here is another tip ...
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Want happy clients who feel
GOOD about their loan?
Itʼs not a pipe-dream. Itʼs as simple as talking to
PMP about their huge range of loan products.
Every day, you deal with a range of clients——from investors
and first homebuyers to construction and development clients.
Obviously, thereʼs not ONE loan to suit them all.
Itʼs your job to connect them with the lender and the loan that
suits their needs. And your reputation rests on getting it right!
Thatʼs why you (and your clients!) will be happy to deal with
PMP. With their wide selection of products to suit a range of
capabilities, youʼll find the appropriate loan for each of your
Hereʼs just two of the products that PMP offers:
1. Basic Loan—the “no frills” option that makes things
With simple features and a “get it done” focus, PMPʼs Basic
Loan is ideal for clients who want a loan they donʼt have to
think about too much. They can just borrow the money, pay it
back and not fuss too much in between.
With a low interest rate and flexible repayments (including
direct debit and free redraw), your clients wonʼt feel weighed
down by this loan.
Itʼs good for first homebuyers who may not want to deal with
more developed features, or investors who wish to combine
an easy-to-handle investment loan with their current home
2. Premium Loan—the sophisticated loan strategy with
features to match!
The “Premium Loan” is a more advanced option for clients
who want to take advantage of a range of beneficial features.
Your clients can offset their income and savings against their
loan balance, allowing them to pay their loan off faster.
A 100% offset account lets your clients bring all of their
finance into one facility for increased control of, and
confidence in, their financial situation.
They also have the choice to split their loan into two sub-
accounts to capitalise on either fixed or variable rates, set
individual limits and receive separate statements.
Ideal for development and construction clients, the serious
investor or homebuyers, PMPʼs Premium Loan is a
competitive loan that benefits your clients.
Why deal with PMP?
With their reputation for offering brokers exceptional
commission and trail fees, youʼll be pleased to deal with them.
And with their focus on personal, efficient and accountable
service, the close knit team will give their all to your clients;
ensuring that they are happy, and that your reputation as a
professional is protected and enhanced.
Talk to the lender who provides solutions, exceptional
products and outstanding service.
Call PMP on 1300 728 248.
How much?
BOSS is priced to be
affordable even in a quiet month.
All prices are per month and
include GST.
Per Office (1 user) : $110
Extra users: (Same office) $11
Once off setup cost per office: $330
Payment method: Monthly by credit
card debit authority.
Ideal for aggregators or franchise
groups. Franchisors and Aggregators
ask about BOSS Premium.
Contact info:
Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd
Tel: 02 4759-2690
Fax: 02 4759-2696
From 12th December most lenders won't accept
applications from brokers who aren't up to speed with
AML. The MFAA and FBAA's expensive tests are just the
tip of the ice berg. The hardest part will be day to day
compliance and that's where BOSS comes in. As
complicated as the new Anti-Money laundering
requirements are, BOSS has broken them down to easy
to follow time saving and automated systems.
Other features of BOSS are:
Scenario: Have your own Scenario.
Match clients needs to products in
APS: This is a 1st for Australia. Imagine
entering a client's application and then
automatically being told which loan
products and lenders match your
client's circumstances. Then, in a matter
of seconds, produce a fully branded
detailed quote and or FBC and or
Application Form along with a
personalised letter.
Client management: Manage all
client activity from enquiry through to
post settlement followup. Extensive
automated reminder systems ensure that
no client is ever forgotten or lead is lost.
Referral management: Track all
sources of your business and manage
those key relationships. Know exactly
where your business is coming from.
Commission tracking: Never miss a
commission again. Track and reconcile
all commissions.
Loan Comparison: Compare loan
products and produce branded
information sheets for clients.
FBC: One click FBC issuing.
Marketing: Extensive range of
professionally written marketing and
admin letters. PLUS, you can write and
store your own.
AML Ready: BOSS is Anti Money
Laundering Ready
Reporting: Because BOSS is a true
relational database almost every field in
the database is searchable. Imagine the
marketing power that will give you.
Diary Notes: BOSS contains an
impressive diary note system that allows
you to records all activity. Once added,
these notes are time-stamped and can't
be amended so the the integrity of your
diary notes is unquestionable. Great if
you have staff.
24/7 Access - Multi User: BOSS
will allow you and your staff to
actively manage your business
anywhere you have internet access
and on any computer Windows or
Mac and all in real time.
Secure: BOSS is fully secure and is
backed up regularly. All data is yours.
Plus leads and much much more
NB: BOSS is not an aggregation
system so you are free to continue to
use your own aggregation system.
HOW MUCH: Standard
Per Office (1 user) : $110
Extra users: (Same office) $11
Once off setup cost per office: $330
Contact info:
Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd
Tel: 02 4759-2690
Fax: 02 4759-2696
Are you ready for
Laundering AML?
If you're not, your
business could
The information in this brochure are for general information only and should
not be relied upon in anyway. Oasis Mortgage Group Pty Ltd are full
members of the MFAA. abn 92 097 503 556
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Get qualified mortgage leads
from your own web site
In a first for Australia, potential
borrowers can now do 60
second assessment to see if
they would qualify for a home
loan. The web site offering this
service calls it the "60 second
home loan challenge".
The My Home Loan Approval web site
is not affiliated with any one lender or
brokerage firm so users get a totally
unbiased response.
The challenge only takes 60 seconds
and is provided FREE OF CHARGE
and its use can be totally anonymous.
On top of that, the assessment results
are provided INSTANTLY.
There are
from over
170 lenders
with the web
site so
get a pretty
good idea
about their
chances of
getting a
home loan
and how
products they
may qualify for in a matter of seconds.
The web site includes products like
Reverse Mortgage, Lo Doc and No
doc loans as well as fully featured
mainstream bank loans.
To take the 60 second home loan
challenge click the blue information
button to be taken to
Everyone who does the challenge is
eligible to receive a complementary
copy of the eBook. Mortgage Secrets
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Looking for new business?
Sick of paying for leads that are rubbish?
Check out the MHLA lead program that allows you to generate
qualified leads from your own web site.
]Wb b [h o
.¯¯¯ / .¯¯¯


eeJ¦ve '·.s
Lirector chair with exce||ent support, p|ush cushioning íor the heavy hitter.
lu|| steam ahead admira|.
· premium cow hide |eather
· p|ush puc|ered upho|stery
· po|ished wooden armrest with |eather insets
· ad|ustab|e |nee-ti|t íor correct ba|ance
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vangelous = $657
lu|| sized director chair with exce||ent support and p|ush cushioning
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· soít prestige íee|
augustus = $395
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Looking for
Click here!
Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism
financing regulator reminds industry of
upcoming deadline
3800.Australia's anti-
money laundering and
counter-terrorism financing
regulator today reminded
the financial services,
bullion and gambling
sectors of their obligations
which come into effect on
12 December 2007.
From this date,
businesses which deliver
services outlined under
the Anti-Money
Laundering and Counter-
Terrorism Financing Act
2006, need to have in
place an anti-money
laundering and counter-
terrorism financing
As part of this program,
businesses must establish
and document procedures
to collect and verify
information about the
identity of a customer.
"With less than a month to
go until the provisions take
effect, we would expect
regulated entities to be
well advanced towards
compliance," said Australian
Transaction Reports and Analysis
Centre (AUSTRAC) Chief Executive
Officer Neil Jensen.
"AUSTRAC appreciates the
complexities and challenges in
meeting the 12 December deadline.
Where a regulated entity is not fully
compliant by this date, we would
expect it to have taken reasonable
steps, as outlined in the guidance note
available on our website."
Mr Jensen said AUSTRAC would
continue to work collaboratively with
industry to help businesses to meet
their compliance obligations.
"I encourage businesses which are not
yet fully compliant to contact us.
Where businesses are candid and
cooperative, AUSTRAC is likely to be
more open to resolving compliance
Mr Jensen said AUSTRAC will use its
enforcement powers, particularly in
circumstances where businesses are
recalcitrant or dishonest regarding
their legal requirements.
In addition to the new obligations,
businesses are required to complete a
Compliance Report. Submitted
compliance reports should show
AUSTRAC that the business has
identified and reduced risks within the
business and has given adequate
resourcing to this task.
The report covers the reporting period
from 13 December 2006 to 31
December 2007 and must be
submitted to AUSTRAC by 31 March
To assist industry in understanding
their obligations, AUSTRAC has
developed guidance materials, a self
assessment questionnaire and
policies which are available on
AUSTRAC's website. AUSTRAC is
also developing a comprehensive
suite of tools to assist businesses in
meeting their obligations which will be
launched on 11 December 2007.
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Professional Mortgage
Providers overview
Established in 2002, and now with over
300 Business Partners who are
Brokers, Financial Planners,
Accountants and Associates
nationwide Professional Mortgage
Providers (PMP) is quickly developing
a reputation as being the mortgage
manager and aggregator of choice with
Australia’s most advanced platforms.
PMP is a 100% Australian private company
and a full member of the Mortgage & Finance
Association of Australia (MFAA) and FBAA.
Our funds are AAA+ rated and sourced from
Perpetual Limited so you can rest easy
knowing that we are backed by financial
Our aim is to deliver to you innovative and
flexible loan products with the support of over
100 years of experience collectively from our
senior management team. We are committed to providing
an unprecedented level of service and maintaining
customers for life - both our partners and their clients.
We understand how long it takes for you to win a customer
so we ensure that by providing customer service
excellence you keep them.
We make it …. E A S Y
We know how busy you are.
That’s why we have made the process of offering mortgage
broking services easy for you by developing a range of
systems, tools and marketing
processes to maximize your
success and minimize your
workload, including:
· Over 500 loan products
from 30+ institutions
· Including PMP’s own
products covering
· Residential up to 100% Full
Doc, 90% Lo Doc
and 80% No Doc
· Commercial up to 85% Full
Doc and 85% Lo Doc
· Non-conforming
· Development Funding
· Mezzanine Funding
· Private Funding
· Leasing and
· Personal Loans
· Boutique solutions for non-
traditional lending
· Advanced electronic
lodgement & tracking
systems – making life easy
for you
· Direct Access to our credit teams
· 5 day Full Approval SLA’s
· Marketing letters and systems
· Simplified approval process
· Turn-key website solutions
· Loan evaluation tools
· CRM solutions
· Referral solutions
· … and more.
All including great commissions and service from a
company you can trust to get the loan settled and look after
your clients
Whether you are buying a new property or you
are refinancing your existing mortgage, it’s so
very important that your loan fits YOU like a
glove, instead of being a “one-size-fits-all” model.
After all, everyone’s needs are different.
Here at Professional Mortgage Providers we
understand that what is right for one person isn’t
necessarily the best option for another person.
That’s why our team ensures each client is
customised with a loan which has the ability to
fulfil their current needs as well as cater for future
anticipated circumstances.
We may recommend a loan from one of our own
innovative products, or if there is a better option
on offer in the marketplace, we will recommend it
accordingly. We have access to over 30
institutions and 500 products. Work closely with
our PMP management team and we can help you
to build a profitable.
Call Dean today on 1800 011 811
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WEALTH WARNING: Bank Errors Could
Be Costing You A Fortune. We Show You How
To Find Them And Get Your Money Back.
A study published in the Sydney Morning Herald discovered that chances are you are being overcharged on your
home loan you don't even know about. This is not only unfair but insulting.
This study found that ....
• 54% of monthly bank statements contain errors.
• 80% of errors favour the banks (that percentage has to make you suspicious).
• The average monthly error is $242.
As you can see the odds are NOT stacked in your favour so chances are your lender actually owes you some money.
"Find Errors In Your Statements
Or They'll Give You ...
$250 For Wasting Your Time."
That is how confident the people at are that you are sitting on errors in your statements.
You get their software, check your statements and if there are no errors they will give you your money back PLUS
another $250.
MortgageWatchdog have over 11,000 and guess how many times people have found zero errors in their statements?
Would you believe 6 times ... 6 times in over 11,000 people who have used their software to check their statements ..
so you can see the chances of you not having errors in your statements is nearly impossible.
Why Would Anyone Think They Don't Have
Errors In Their Statements?
Have at look at some of their latest success stories....
"I have now been reimbursed the exact amount of discrepancy I had found using your program of
$7,563.04 plus reimbursement of the cost of the package against my loan." -
Ann-Maree Enders - Kingsley, WA.
“Your software has uncovered overcharging by my bank to the tune of almost $1,300 just for the
last two years. Like so many others, I had assumed the Bank would get the figures correct.” -
Mike V - Bungendore, NSW
"We found a discrepancy of $8,643.00 on our fixed loan and this has now saved us $33,000 over
the life of our loan." - Mrs. Mackenzie - Logan QLD.
Special Discount for Broker Success Readers
As a special gift for our readers we have contacted and asked if you could have a special
discount on the software ... and the end result is that you have a 20% discount waiting there for you. This is not
available through the front of their website, to receive the discount CLICK HERE.
The best thing is that you still get their famous SuccessGuarantee - find errors in your statements or they refund you
and give you an additional $250 for wasting your time.
You can't get fairer than that can you?
If you are a loan officer or
mortgage broker and you are
currently investing in mortgage
leads, or you have given thought
to investing in mortgage leads,
make sure you are making the
most of them.
A mortgage lead provider, if they
are a good one, can provide you
with a good quality mortgage
lead, the rest depends on you.
The mortgage lead provider has
no control over what the
potential customer might say.
Put yourself in the customer’s
shoes for just a moment.
Purchasing a home or refinancing
an existing one are very big
financial decisions in the life of
your consumer, perhaps the
biggest they will ever make. They
most likely will be a little bit
When you call a mortgage lead
you receive from a mortgage lead
provider, and the customer seems
to be in a stand off mood, say
something to this affect.
“Would you mind if I just went
over some of the mortgage
programs we have to offer, it will
only take a minute of your time,
and it won’t cost you a dime.”
This approach takes the pressure
off of your customer, and more
often than not, they will move
forward with you and listen to
what it is you have to offer.
If a potential customer says they
are no longer interested in a
mortgage, it is only because they
lost their nerve.
Respond with something like this.
“Oh, that is too bad, I have a lot
of great mortgage products that
fit the description of the profile
you filled out on line, it will only
take a few seconds and it will cost
you nothing.”
I guarantee you will be
surprised at the responses
you receive. Whatever
happens, don’t give up after
the first try. It is all about the
approach you take with your
You do the talking, tell them
what they need to hear about
your mortgage products, it
will make a huge difference in
the number of mortgages you
Mortgage Leads, Making the
Most of ThemBy: Jo Stamford
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!" LEASING FINANCE FOR - Equipment & Plant, Machinery & Vehicles
!" CONSUMER LENDING - Personal Loans, Car Loans.
!" GENERAL INSURANCE — Business, Motor, Professional Indemnity,
Public Liability (corporate authorised representative 303068 - AI&F afsl 238433)
The Auswest Financial Services Group is a complete financial services provider. Established in 1998
initially providing general leasing products, Auswest Financial Services has significantly expanded
and currently provides a comprehensive array of finance and general insurance products. Our
constant growth has warranted the creation of four stand-alone businesses; Auswest Loan &
Mortgage Options, Ausquip Rentals & Leasing, Ausure Insurance (Newcastle) & Auswest Town &
Country Finance (Aggregations)
The Head office for the group is located in New Lambton and operates nationally as the processing
centre for Auswest Town & Country Finance (Aggregations), Auswest Mortgage & Loan Options and
Ausquip Rentals & Leasing .
The Auswest Financial Services Group plays a major role in an unparalleled business model which
consists of strategic alliances with a number of Mortgage Broking Groups, Accountancy Firms and
Individual Finance Brokers.
Auswest Town & Country Finance is the aggregation and agency arm of the Auswest Financial
Services Group. Accreditation with Auswest Town & Country Finance allows finance brokers to be
directly accredited with Auswest with a choice of two options either as a referring broker or a
direct agent of Auswest with full rights to trading names and other benefits.
Our business purpose is simple; to provide all current and future clients with all their finance
solutions, as well as assisting with their insurance.
PHONE 1300 855 646—email-
The right loan,
first time,
Tel: 1800 4 OASIS
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By working as a co-operative with smaller
brokers the effect of the combined monthly
loan volume means that Hallmark Mortgage
Management is able to obtain wholesale
funding at very cheap interest rates. The
rates are passed on to our broker members
who have the flexibility of pricing their loans
at rates that are very competitive.
Brokers can sell standard variable rate loans
between 7.03% and 7.35%. The amount of
commission received will vary depending on
the rate the loan is sold at. As volumes
increase the delivery rate received from the
wholesale funder will decrease meaning that
a lower rate can be given
to the customer or higher
commission can be taken.
This opens up a lot of
opportunity for a broker
as they can market a
product at a rate that suits
their needs.
Hallmark Mortgage
Management has the
responsibility of managing
the loan approval process
as well as assisting the
wholesale funder to
manage the loan after
Loans via Hallmark Mortgage Management
are as safe and secure as a loan from any
of the other major lenders.
Additionally brokers are able to access retail
lenders via our sub origination agreement
and receive close to 100% of the upfront
and trail commissions. Brokers have the
option of choosing a flat fee per loan of $250
per loan (on settlement) or a monthly flat fee
of $500. Apart from these
charges, 100% of the upfront and
trail commission paid by the
lender is passed on to the broker.
Hallmark Mortgage Management acts as a mortgage manager for many of
Australia's largest and most respected wholesale home loan lenders. Our role
is to assist small independent home loan brokers obtain access to wholesale
lending at interest rates normally only available to the bigger players in the
home loan market.
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The right loan,
first time,
Tel: 1800 4 OASIS


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With the deadline to comply with
the recently introduced AML/
CTF legislation quickly
approaching, Peter White from
the FBAA discusses the impact
the new laws will have on your
business and the key steps you
must take to ensure compliance.
Under the phased introduction of the
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-
Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) Act
2006 (the Act), “Reporting Entities”
that provide “designated services”
must have in place by December 2007
an AML/CTF program with appropriate
procedures around the identification
and verification of customers,
including robust record-keeping
processes. Then in December 2008
ongoing customer due diligence,
suspicious matter and threshold
transaction reporting obligations will
come into effect.
As making a loan is a designated
service under the Act, lenders are
responsible for implementing an AML/
CTF program. As the agents of
lenders, brokers will be directly
With less than four months before the
new client identification procedures
commence, it is important to be
familiar with the
rules and how they
will effect the day-
to-day operations
of your business.
To help brokers
better understand
the implications of
disruption to their
business, the
FBAA has
partnered with
Deloitte to offer its
members access
to Deloitteʼs online
AML/CTF solution.
The comprehensive solution provides
a suite of tools, including training
modules and the ability to perform
name checks against national and
international proscribed lists. Our aim
is to help ensure brokers have the
means to quickly, easily, and
economically satisfy any requirements
they face in the coming months and in
subsequent phases of lendersʼ AML/
CTF programs.
The FBAA is playing a leading role to
help develop best-practice for the
broking industry and minimise
confusion for members.
Coupled with its Deloitte initiative, the
FBAA has also created a National
Lenders sub-committee that will drive
the formation of a uniform program for
all FBAA member mortgage and
finance brokers. The sub-committee
will conduct surveys and ʻrisk profilingʼ
to create a ʻNational Standard AML/
CTF Compliance Checklistʼ that can
be used by all Australian institutions
dealing with brokers. This will allow
brokers to save time and money by
adopting a consistent approach to
dealing with multiple lenders.
The FBAA has also met with key
representatives from AUSTRAC and
will continue to do so to assist in
clarifying their
expectations and
help smooth the
transition for brokers.
The new AML/CTF
legislation is a
positive step towards
maintaining the
credibility and
legitimacy of the
broking industry. I
believe that having a
simple and straight
forward system for
compliance will
ensure all industry
participants will be in
alignment with
Australian best practice, a positive for
all industry participants.
Peter White is the National President
of the Finance Brokers Association of
Australia (FBAA)
Do you
have a
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Learn How To Earn A Six Figure Income,
Working Less Than 40 Hours Per Week,
When You Thought It Couldn’t Be Done.
Imagine what it would feel like to know the EXACT words
to say to your clients, supported by a complete consulting
system, that compels each client to introduce you to one
of their friends, family members, or co-workers, as they’re
going through the borrowing process with you, resulting in a
consistent stream of referrals after settlement too.
Marc Jarman, Founder and National Trainer of Lending By
Referral (LBR), after being in the mortgage industry only 8
months with Wizard Home Loans, set and reached his goal
of settling 150 mortgages in the 2002–03 financial year.
Then after starting his own business, Informed Home Loans,
earned over $100,000 in commissions in 2004, working less
than 40 hours per week.
LBR is the first independent training organisation teaching
mortgage brokers and lenders to grow their business primarily
by referral, the most lucrative, enjoyable, secure and smart
way to work in our industry.
FREE Recorded Message reveals how
you can start earning your six figure income,
working less than 40 hours per week.
Call 1800 754 200 or visit our FREE training
Here’s what mortgage brokers have to say about
Lending By Referral:
“The most impressive business building system I’ve seen.
I’ve been to that many seminars on sales and marketing
before and nothing has come close to this system for
increasing my business cashflow.”
Trevor Gielnik – Mortgage broker
“Finally, a way to gather referrals step by step which is not
obtrusive for my clients.”
Richard Holland – Mortgage broker
“Marc, you have provided a service that has been lacking
in our industry so far. You will help many brokers achieve
their dreams.”
Judy Rogers – Mortgage broker
It's a great feeling when
someone thinks of someone to
refer to your mortgage broking /
consulting / planning service.
You'll notice I said to your
service and not to you. At the
end of the day your clients want
what you can do for them, not
necessarily you.
(Took me a while to get my head
around the fact that I'm not as
important as I'd like to think I am)
When you're in the moment, talking
with someone who's going to be
borrowing money, it's important that
you know EXACTLY what to say to get
connected comfortably with the
When I was creating my complete
consulting system, this was 1 of the 3
important priorities, that it be the most
comfortable way to work in the
mortgage industry.
So here's some EXACT words to get
connected comfortably.
They say: My friend John and his wife
Julie are going to be buying a new
home soon.
You say: Your friends John and Julie,
ok, would you tell me a little about
John and Julie, to see if they might be
right for my consulting service?
They say: Sure, John and Julie are....
(here are a few questions you could
ask about John and Julie)
What do you like about John and
What challenges are they facing right
Do they have any special interests?
You say: So tell me (first name),
what's the most comfortable way to
get connected with John and Julie?
They'll say: How about I call them
and tell them a little about you, then I'll
call you back.
You say: Sure thing, I'll give you a call
tomorrow if I havn't heard from you.
Note: I had clients say to me, "here's
there nmber, give them a call and tell
them I told you to".
I tried this approach and I wouldn't
recommend it, because there's been
no prior introduction, it can come
across as a bit of a cold call, and that
certainly isn't the most comfortable
way for all parties, particularly you and
the referral.
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EXACTLY What To Say To Get Connected
Comfortably With A Referral
Unlimited leads
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Defining Customer Management:
Managing Lasting Relationship With
Your Customers
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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? These are systems, processes and
procedures that help companies manage their customer relationships. CRM is a
combination of processes, methods, systems, and technological know-how that will
help the company deal with their customers effectively and efficiently.
CRM Goal: Retain and
Increase Customers
Customer relationship management is
an approach designed specifically for
corporations. It is a strategy whose
main aim is to create as well as
maintain long-term relationships with
the corporation's customers. The main
goal is to expand the company's client
base, of course.
Ubiquitous CRM
CRM is a comprehensive system. It
encompasses customer service but it
goes beyond that. It is a system that
involves and regulates all points of
contact and business dealings with the
company's customers.
Customer service is its most obvious
facet. The CRM strategy will decree
how customer service representatives
are going to deal with the customers.
However, aside from the actual
interaction, CRM will monitor and
regulate all the communications used
in the interaction.
For instance, CRM will have identified
the reports that need to be generated
after a customer has been given
service. The CRM strategy will also be
the basis for determining what notes
will be written and filed about the
customer interaction.
As such, CRM will include how
records on customers are kept. For
instance, if a customer service
representative makes a note about
the customer's concern, the CRM
software used may automatically
compile the notes and update the
general customer service
Thus, when another customer
service agent picks the call the
next time the same customer calls
back with the same concern, the
customer will not have to explain his
situation again. The CRM software
ensures immediate access to
information that would make the
interaction between the customer and
the customer service representative as
smooth as possible.
Working and Effective CRM
A working CRM program would
therefore include the acquisition of
new customers and return business. It
is concerned, too, with isolating
customers that would require a
specialized line of service.
A good CRM program and strategy will
improve customer service. This can be
done by developing a communication
process that provides customer
solutions in a timely manner. This can
be done through the following ways.
Provision of information is essential.
Information about your business
products, your products' uses, your
alternative services, troubleshooting
guides, frequently asked questions
and answers should be easily
accessible and available. This can be
provided on websites 24 hours a day
and 7 days a week using a remote
Isolate your customers' definition of
quality. That is, you should exert every
effort to ask your customers (through
polls, surveys, etc) about their idea of
a winning customer service
experience. Who can tell you better
about good customer service than the
customers themselves? With this on
mind, you would be able to paint a
clearer picture and devise a strategy
that would meet the requirements and
expectations of your client base.
Fast and efficient customer support
should be ensured. After your
customers have made their purchase,
you still have a responsibility to your
customers. You should devise a
system that would allow you to
manage and schedule post-purchase
client interaction post haste. This
would enable you to evaluate
dissatisfaction, common customer
support concerns, repurchase times,
probabilities, and frequencies.
Install an efficient database for
monitoring purposes. Provide a
structure that can allow you to keep an
eye on all interactions between the
client and your company. All necessary
sources and types should be included.
It will also be beneficial if the system
provides the same information that the
customer sees and uses. This would
eliminate or at least reduce confusion.
Be insightful. Identification of an
impending concern will provide a good
image for the company by lessening
customer complaints.
Customer relationship management is
about managing all facets of company-
customer relationships. This includes
using all the advanced technologies,
methodologies and systems that can
ensure that your customer will return
and bring your referral business as
Check of BOSS on page 4
By: Steven Taylor
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Looking for a competitive
BOSS allows
you totally
manage your
relationship as
well as giving
you exclusive
marketing and
lead generation
tools that will
get you more
business than
you could
BOSS will give you total control of your broking
business by putting you back in charge.
BOSS is on-line so no matter where you are you can
access all vital data while your staff are updating
records and all this in real time. BOSS also allows
you to retain your existing aggregator.
BOSS features will allow you to:
• Manage your client database
• Track and manage your referral sources
• Commission tracking and projections
• Compare and unlimited number of loan
• One click detailed approval letters
• One click FBC issuing
• One click sales and marketing tools
• Instant product profiling - Find the right loan
every time
• Lead generation tools
• Professionally written custom sales,
marketing and admin letters
• One click access to full client history and
diary notes
• Unlimited reporting. Let say
you want to write to every client
who was self employed, took a
lo-doc loan, was married, had 2
kids, had a loan over $200,000,
lived in a particular suburb and
was older than 40. Within seconds
you'd have that information and be
writing to them using either one of
your own stored letters or one of
BOSS's professional templates.
Imagine the control and marketing
power this will bring to your
• Multi level reminder systems.
• Business Planning. Instantly so how your
business is performing compared to your
• No minimum contract
• Instant access to
industry stats.
• Compare the results of
ad programs, staff and
loan types.
How Much? BOSS will cost you less than a good
cup of coffee a day.
BOSS didn't just happen, it's been under
development by a team of experienced brokers for 6
How does BOSS do all this? BOSS is a dedicated
off-line database that also operates over the web it
maintains all the features of a powerful off line
custom database while giving you far more control
and flexibility.
Because BOSS is on-line it means you can operate
your broking business from anywhere in Australia or
the world for that matter so long as you can get an
internet connecton because you won't be tied to the
For the first time Australian Brokers have access to an on-line database management
system that allows them to inexpensively manage their broking business in every way
without aggregration restrictions.
The program that gives brokers this freedom is called BOSS and is available through the
Broker Success web site or by calling 02 4759-2799.
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Much more than a lead generator
Equity+ is a software package that
guides shows users how they can
improve the value of their homes. The
system was developed after
discussions with the Real estate
Institute of NSW and the Australian
Valuers Institute.
For a broker it's a great signup
incentive for potential clients as the
software package has a retail value of
$189. In addition to that, Equity+
provides a fantastic opportunity to
obtain referrals at the first meeting. It
should be mentioned that Equity+ is
not available as a download as the
program is designed for participating
brokers to meet with prospective
clients thereby substantially improving
the opportunity for conversion and
The full Equity+ program is available
exclusively by area for a fixed low
monthly licence fee. Call now for more
02 4759-2799
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Why not take on a coach?
SUCCESS Broker Coaching is a specialised
mortgage broker coach and mentor. Our programs
give you the practical tools to take you to the top
and keep you there. Our coaching is based on
techniques that really work and we give you
detailed instruction on how to use and implement
them. You learn not only from us but from brokers
who have proved their success.
The SUCCESS Broker Coaching program is a series of
modules covering every aspect of the broking business.
Everything from how to plan, build, recruit, manage, even
how to sell your business.
From over forty years experience, we've learned and
compiled a huge library of information on what made us
money and what lost us money. Through our systems we
will share this with you. You will discover that what works is
not a mystery - it is a system. It can be learned and it can
be reproduced.
SUCCESS Broker Coaching is a specialised mortgage
broker coach and mentor. Our programs give you the
practical tools to take you to the top and keep you there.
Our coaching is based on techniques that really work and
we give you detailed instruction on how to use and
implement them. You learn not only from us but from
brokers who have proved their success.
The SUCCESS Broker Coaching program is a series of
modules covering every aspect of the broking business.
Everything from how to plan, build, recruit, manage, even
how to sell your business.
From over forty years experience, we've learned and
compiled a huge library of information on what made us
money and what lost us money. Through our systems we
will share this with you. You will discover that what works is
not a mystery - it is a system. It can be learned and it can
be reproduced.
Their Programs:
Monthly Insights DVD jam packed with tips and techniques
from Australia and New Zealand's top brokers
Solution Driven Selling System
Seminars and workshops
Systems library - learn at your own pace
We have a "no fluff, how to" approach that is unique in the
We believe Mortgage Brokers are in the problem solving
business. Because we have been brokers ourselves, we
understand the demanding nature of the industry and the
challenges you face. So all of our systems are created with
our core philosophy in mind.
"We are in the business of Providing Solutions to mortgage
If you are wondering how you can make a real difference to
your business, we have the answer.
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