The Hospitality of The Pigeon

Once upon a time, there lived two pigeons. They were husband and wife. They
spend their day looking for food. In the evening they would come and rest on
their favorite tree in the forest.
One evening, the wife returned home early. A usual she was waiting for her
husband, when suddenly it started raining. She started to worry. “Where are
you, my dear? You never get so late,” she whispered to herself.
Just then she saw a bird-catcher coming towards her. In a cage he had a
pigeon. It was her husband. “OH no, what shall I do now” I wish I can help my
husband,” she said. She desperately tried to distract the bird-catcher
by flapping her wings, but all in vain.
Soon, it stopped raining. “Brrr! It is so cold,” said the bird-catcher. His clothes
were wet. He decided to sit under the same tree where the two pigeons lived.
The poor wife sat by her husband’s cage. And she started to cry. The husband
said. “Do not feel sad, dear. We now have a guest. This man is shivering and
hungry. He needs your help.” Hearing this, the wife flew around getting dry
twigs. She made a fire for the bird-catcher. Then she looked at the bird-catcher
and said, “You are our guest, since I have no food to offer, I will jump into this
fire. In few minutes I will become an edible item for you. You can eat me.”
By now, the bird-catcher was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the humble
pigeon couple. He at once stopped the wife jumping into the fire.
He opened the cage and set the husband free. “I have been cruel and selfish. I
will never trap any bird in my net again,” said the bird-catcher and went away.
The two pigeons were happy to be reunited.

Advising A Fool

He sat on a branch. And they collected food.On a mango tree in a jungle. shivering with cold. It is better not to advise them. water dripping from its body. They felt sorry for the monkey but there was little they could do for him. The leaves were not enough to save him from the rains. One of them said. “All of us prepared for the rainy season. If you had. It continued raining for many days. They were happy in their small nests. “Fools never value good advice.” The Bonded Donkey . all the animal of the jungle repaired their homes. a monkey wet in the rain came into the forest. They kept themselves busy preparing for the tough times. The poor bird thought. All the animals and birds stayed in their homes. tore it and threw it on the ground. The bird and her chicks were helpless. It was followed by thunder and lighting. Before the onset of the rainy season. but in vain. there lived many birds. until they had enough to see them through the rainy season. you would not be in this piteous situation. The monkey angrily pounced on the bird’s nest. The birds also made their homes more secure. The poor monkey tried his best to get shelter. Many birds brought twigs and leaves and others wove their nests. “Brrr! It is so cold!” said the monkey.” chirped one of the birds.” “How dare you tell me what to do?” said the monkey.” Another bird said. The birds were watching all this. Soon the rains came. “We should also store some food for our children. “Brother! Our small nests are not enough to give you shelter. One day. growling at the bird.

“How do I tie this donkey today? He might run away if I sleep.” The potter did what the saint had said.In a small village. The Donkey and The Cotton . When he woke up. A saint. But the donkey did not move. Pretend to tie him using an imaginary rope. He ran up to the saint and told him about the donkey’s strange behavior. he found the donkey standing in the same place. The potter understood that donkey was the bonded donkey. One day. “Take the donkey to the place where you tie him every day. Now the donkey was ready to leave for home. saw the potter holding on to the donkey’s ears. When the potter told the saint what the problem was. “What is wrong with this donkey!” exclaimed the potter in frustration. He left the donkey and went to take a nap. Since the field was quite far off. Then the saint wanted to know what the problem of the potter was. tying his donkey nearby. Luckily. “You tied up the donkey. I assure you he won’t run away. the potter would rest under a tree midway. the potter saw the wise saint again. Everyday his donkey would carry soil from the field to his house. who happened to be passing by. but did you untie him?” Go and pretend to untie the rope with which you had tied the donkey. to his surprise and relief. He had a donkey. Soon the potter prepared to leave for home. “The potter decided to tie down holding the donkey’s ears so that the donkey would not run away. the wise saint said.” The potter followed the saint’s advice. the potter forgot to take the rope with which he tied the donkey every day. But this way neither the donkey was comfortable nor the potter was able to take rest. When he reached the tree. he thought. there lived a potter. The potter thanked the wise saint and went home happily with his donkey. The saint said.

” thought the donkey. Cotton when wet gets more weight and becomes heavier. both the donkey and the cotton would become wet. Next morning. As usual they had decided to reach the market by crossing the same pond. Some of the salt in the sack got dissolved. Now you will have to carry it to the town. it became a regular practice for the donkey to slip and fall in the pond whenever they crossed the pond to the market. they had to walk across a pond. The donkey felt very happy about the reduction in the weight of the sack of salt on its back. The merchant did his best to help the donkey to get up and they carried on their journey. On the way. I saw you fall into the water of the pond deliberately every day with the malicious intention of reducing the weight of the salt. The merchant was not aware of the donkey’s cunningness. The merchant looked at the donkey and said. the donkey was not hurt. This continued for a few days. “Oh! So this is the way I am losing my salt everyday” he thought. I loaded a sack of cotton today. the donkey.” Just then the donkey tripped and fell into the water. he would load a sack of salt on the donkey and go to the nearby town to sell it. Both the donkey and the salt became wet. ”Ooh! This load is so heavy that I become exhausted very soon. the merchant loaded a sack of cotton on the donkey’s back. One day. But the sack of salt on the donkey’s back fell into the water. the load on his back seemed heavier. One day. While crossing the same pond. Fortunately. From that day. making the load on the donkey lighter. as usual. instead of loading a sack of salt. hoping that after some time the weight of the sack would go reduced. As usual. slipped and fell into the pond. the merchant noticed the donkey deliberately slipping and landing with the sack into the water. He had a monkey for his assistance. The donkey was astonished at what had taken place against the usual result. The Golden Swan . when he got up. He decided to teach the donkey a lesson. the donkey thought. But this time. So. “Ooh! The Load seems to have gotten heavier. This would dissolve some salt in the sack thus reducing the weight and relieving the donkey of some load. while crossing the pond. Every morning. I wish I could get some of this load taken off my back.There once lived a salt merchant. “Dear friend.” The poor donkey had learnt his lesson.

But. And the King heard a voice. he will not go to heaven.” “Do good deeds. “Do good deeds and you will come to heaven. “Our King does not take care of our needs. The King then disguised himself and went out into the street. tried doing some good deeds in his Kingdom. “You need not try to help. I must capture it. To his relief.” Suddenly. he suddenly saw a golden swan come out of the lake and perch on a stone. There he tried helping an old man. the swan disappeared. he became thirsty. the King heard the golden swan’s voice. But the old man became angry and said. the King said. . no messenger came. the King went into the forest to hunt. He realized that his people needed him and carrying out his duties was the only way to heaven. I suppose a messenger will come to take me to heaven. he spotted a lake. He was lazy and liked all the comforts of life. If you want to capture me.” It dawned on the King that by doing selfish acts. One day. serve your people and the messenger from heaven would come to fetch you to heaven.” replied the voice. He never carried out his duties as a King.” The people complained. But as soon as he held his bow up.” Surprised. “Please show me the way to heaven. The selfish King. As he was drinking water. He also ignores the affairs of his kingdom.” he thought. “Now. “Oh! A golden swan. “I am the Golden Swan. He has done nothing for his people.” thought the King. I am in this miserable state because of out selfish King. After that day he became a responsible King.Long time ago. there lived a King. you must come to heaven. After having wandered for quite sometime. eager to capture the Swan.

Very soon. One evening. In return. “What have I done? My greed had made me kill the hen. “If I do not lay a golden egg tomorrow. But he became greedy. From that day onwards. With a little effort he was able to catch the hen.” said the hen. Haria was surprised to hear this promise. And whatever he earns was enough to fulfill his needs. Haria became rich. you can kill me. Haria spared the hen and waited for the next day. As he was about to kill the hen.” That night. But it was too late.” Haria stopped. O kind man! I will help you. “If I cut open the hen’s stomach. “It is true! You really can lay a golden egg!” exclaimed Haria with great delight. he brought the hen to the interior portion of his house and killed the hen. I do not have to wait for the hen to lay the golden eggs one by one.” said Haria. “What shall I cook tonight?” he thought.The Golden Egg Haria. the hen would lay a golden egg everyday. a poor barber lived alone in his small hut. he asked.” thought Haria and prepared to catch the hen. Haria was hungry. He was dedicated to his work. it squeaked. He did not reveal this incident to any one. “How can you help me?” “If you spare my life. “That hen would make a great feast for me. Not even one. Haria found a golden egg lying outside his hut and the hen sitting beside it.” said the hen. After this promise. But to his dismay. Haria’s eyes got widened in delight. I will lay a golden egg everyday for you. fearing that others would catch the hen. The next morning. he found no golden eggs. after returning from work. Haria took good care of the hen. “Please do not kill me. .” he wailed. He thought. I can get out all the golden eggs at once. Though he was surprised that the hen spoke. Just then he heard a hen clucking outside his hut. “A golden egg! That too everyday! But why should I believe you? You might be lying.

” said Gopi. If it is valuable. Then Gopi put a mango into the pot. When the magic pot was brought to the King’s chamber. They fought among themselves and died. Then at once. It was big enough to boil rice for more than hundred people. he could not believe his eyes. he did not know what to do. After he had dug for a long time. he slipped and fell inside the pot.” the King thought.” thought Gopi. Gopi felt tired. All of a sudden. “It is of no use. Inadvertently. After a while. he was shocked to find that there were one hundred Kings.” said the farmer and he to be safe left the magic pot at the treasury of the King itself. Then at once. lived in a village.” Gopi thought. The magic pot lay in the King’s treasury. One hot afternoon. May be I will find something else. When he climbed out of the magic pot. . He had few acres of land. Gopi.The Magic Pot Once upon a time a farmer. To his astonishment. his spade hit something. “It does not seem to be of any use to me. This magic pot has killed the King himself. He continued to dig. the poor farmer was digging his field. “It is a big metal pot. he threw the spade into the pot in frustration and sat under a tree to take rest for a while. when he got up to leave. The King came to know of the pot and its whereabouts. it should be in the King treasury. he found one hundred mangoes in the pot. “The foolish King took away the magic pot from me out of curiosity and eventually he died. I will put this mango inside the pot and see what happens. The King was curious to know about it and he was a greedy King. After that. All the kings then started to climb the throne. Then he continued his digging. I will dig deeper. The King thought. “I want to find out the secretof the magical pot. With that pot. “This is a magical pot. Gopi carried the pot to his home and kept in a secret place so that no one would become aware of it. There were one hundred spades in the pot. he became a rich man. he put many things in that and everything became hundred folds. There is nothing in this field” he thought. the King ordered his men to bring the farmer and his pot. “Let me see what is there inside this pot which makes this pot so magical?” He peered inside.

They had no friends.” Suddenly the mynah called out. . The selfish crows saw her perching on the tree. Please let me take a rest for a while on this tree.” Then another crow said. I will return to my nest. Shortly after. When the rainy season came. Let us go there. Then immediately the mynah flew off to a nearby tree. dark clouds gathered in the sky. where luckily she found a hollow in a broken branch. As soon as it stops raining. “I do not think she will let us share the hollow.” thought the little mynah. The rain is not going to stop soon. The merciless tendency of the selfish crows scared the mynah. as no one liked them. It seems that it may rain for a long time” The crows flew down to the hollow. But the mynah was safe inside the hollow place in the tree. They thanked the mynah. “Get off the tree.” Another crow said. brother. All the birds flew to their respective nests happily as new friends.” Then the crows took shelter in the hollow place of the tree in which the mynah had taken her shelter. After some time.The Selfish Crows Once upon a time. the rain became heavy followed by thunderstorm. The mynah found no other way except to fly off. “I will stay here for a while until it stops raining. “Come! My friends! Come to this hollow. This tree belongs to us. dear friend! Now we will never be so selfish. it started raining. And I took rest on the banyan tree for a while.” “Leave this banyan tree at once. They always quarreled with other birds. They were selfish and arrogant. We forgot that we may need help someday.” The mynah humbly pleaded. Or we will peck you. This behavior irritated other birds. The wind was in high speed.” said the other crows. There on a huge banyan tree lived many crows. Even the leaves and branches were not enough to give shelter to the crows. “We should not have been so rude. there was a very big forest. it stopped raining. “We are sorry for having unkind. We did not have sympathy for her when she was in need of this tree. One of the crows said. She took her shelter there. “Look at the mynah! How comfortable she is. When she was passing by the banyan tree. One of them shouted. Or you will get hurt. “The weather is bad and my nest is far off from this forest. Many of the branches of many tree in which the crows had taken shelter were damaged and hurt by the hailstones. A small mynah was returning to her nest.

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