MECH 461 Sec.

MECH 6111 Sec. XX

Gas Dynamics

Fall 2014


Dr. Pierre Q. Gauthier, Room EV 003.276, Tel.: 848-2424, x3462

Office Hours:

Monday 4:30-5:30pm or by appointment


Monday 5:45-8:15pm, H-820
The laboratories commence the week of September 15 th.
The lab manual is available at the Copy Center (Library Building).

Course Description:
Review of one-dimensional compressible flow. Normal and oblique shock waves; Prandtl-Meyer flow;
combined effects in one-dimensional flow; non-ideal gas effects; multi-dimensional flow; linearized flow;
method of characteristics. Selected experiments in supersonic flow, convergent-divergent nozzles,
hydraulic analogue and Fanno tube. Lectures: three hours per week. Laboratory: two hours per week,
alternate weeks. Prerequisite: MECH 351, 361.
Course Aim:
This course is an introductory course to the subject of Gas Dynamics where the effect of compressibility
on fluid flow is introduced. It starts with some basic notions of fluid flow and thermodynamics followed
by one dimensional compressible flow typically in internal flow. It then treats the problem of shock
waves, moving and stationary, in internal and external flow. Some methods for solving some of these
flows are also presented and used in computer assignments.
Design soft skill:
Engineers often have to quantify real life problems by translating them into an engineering problem, they
then have to make the appropriate assumptions then devise a solution approach using the proper tools.
Therefore, the following Design soft skill will be included in this course:
Problem Analysis: An ability to identify, formulate, research and solve complex engineering problems
reaching substantiated conclusions.
Practice: The sample problems are there for you to practice. Please go beyond these problems by
consulting other texts and even the internet! Also, please do not rely on the solutions, try each problem on
your own until you reach an impass…then try again; form study groups to discuss and work through
problems with your fellow students…that’s how Engineers do it!
Evaluation: Comprehension and application of ‘problem analysis’ will be evaluated based on the Midterm
and the Final Exam.
Please see list of suggested texts below. Sample Problems will be posted regularly on your MOODLE site

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6. XX Gas Dynamics Fall 2014 Topics: 1. Wiley. McGraw-Hill. 2. 1976 Grading Scheme (tentative): MECH 461 (Undergraduate students) Midterm 30% (October 27th) Laboratory 10% Final Exam 60% MECH 6111 (Graduate students) Midterm 30% (October 27th) Project 20% Final Exam 50% For undergraduate (graduate) students. Zucrow and Joe D. Flow with friction: Fanno flow d. Wave propagation in compressible media 2. A. External 1D compressible flow and applications a. Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall. Measurements in compressible flow References: 1.D.MECH 461 Sec. Normal shock waves c. John and Keith. Internal 1D compressible flow and applications a. Wiley. 2003. Shapiro. The Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Fluid Flow.. the passing grade is 50 (60)% overall average and 50 (60)% in the final exam. Elements of Gasdynamics. 1953 5. 3rd ed. Flow with heat exchange: Rayleigh flow 3. Introduction a. Hoffman. Isentropic flow of a perfect gas b. 2006. Prandtl-Meyer flow c. Basic equations of compressible flow b. 2nd ed. Saad. Compressible Fluid Flow.. Gas Dynamics. Page 2 of 3 . Anderson. 3. Liepmann and Roshko. 1957 4. Applications d. Modern Compressible Fluid Flow with Historical Perspective. J. 3rd ed.. Gas Dynamics Volume . Oblique shock waves b. Maurice J. XX MECH 6111 Sec. J. Wiley. 1993.

for a valid reason.  Grade review: Students wishing to review their final grade. A sign-up sheet will be posted on my door during the 1 st week of the winter term for those who wish to review their grade. however it is imperative that you solve these problems to pass the course. They do not carry any weight in the grade. Page 3 of 3 . you are allowed a standard ENCS calculator and you will be provided with the Gas Dynamics tables. make sure that you get informed from a friend or colleague of the material given in that lecture.  Graduate students will do a project to account for the difference in credit value between the undergraduate and graduate credit hours. XX Gas Dynamics Fall 2014 General notes:  Sample Problems will be posted on the MOODLE site for this course.  Absence: If you miss a lecture.MECH 461 Sec.  Midterm and final exam: All tests are closed book. can do so in the 2 nd week of the winter term. XX MECH 6111 Sec.