BSBMKG507A Interpret market trends and developments




Audi A7 7. the technology and the safety to be one of the best cars around. Audi is a completely owned group of Volkswagen and has one of the most famous logos of automobile history – the four interconnected rings of Audi. And that is exactly what they market. Audi sport and others. . Audi. Audi also focuses on innovation with cars like Audi ultra. Sleek. Products . The look and design of the car comes with precision engineering and use of high capacity engines. Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Audi Technology and engineering . Audi A5 5. Audi R8 12. Audi A6 6. The A series and the Q series of Audi cars are one of the most popular and in demand series from Audi. Audi Quattro. Audi is as much known for its car as for its sophisticated luxury. The same looks cannot be achieved without the proper manufacturing facilities or the right manufacturing process. Audi A8 8.For an automobile manufacturer. Audi TT Design .Audi is known for the engineering and precision behind their cars. This is where Audi is at its best. Audi A3 3. Sophisticated and Rich. Audi has the design. But other then that. Ferrari. Product Portfolio Brands 1.BMW. years of proper marketing communications and years of introducing newer.A brand is a promise and Audi definitely carries the “trust” factor behind it. all these cars are known and are premium because of the design of their cars.One of the topmost luxury automobile manufacturers in the world. faster and more sleek cars has added to the brand name of Audi as a super premium car manufacturer. the products are the key driving elements for the success or failure of the company. Mercedes. Audi Q3 9. Here is the SWOT analysis of Audi. Audi A1 2. all from premium to super premium to ultra premium. Audi Q5 10. Known as one of the safest cars in the world. Furthermore. Audi Q7 11. Brand name . Audi has varying series of car models. Audi A4 4.

Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of Audi Diversification . Innovation can be in the form of battery fueled premium cars.The message of Audi ads always hits the bulls eye. However. seat and mirror warmers. all of these things contribute to the design element of Audi.The market is limited and the share of the pie is going to other premium brands as well. Innovation is a driving force behind differentiation which will help Audi in the long run. Audi needs to pick up the frequency of promotions as well. regular and to the point promotions which set the idea of “premium” in the minds of the customers need to shown again and again.Because of its presence in limited number of markets. or more energy efficiency or the overall working of cars in themselves. Threats in general to luxury cars . Promotions and communications . Opportunities in the SWOT analysis of Audi Target Emerging markets . the car comes in hatchback as well as sedan and luxury cars.all these attributes can be associated with an Audi car. Audi cars are differentiated mainly by its logo which involves 4 interconnected circles. The accessories which accompany an Audi car is almost as famous as the car itself. This may cause saturation in the long run. Both BMW and Mercedes are promoting more vigorously then Audi. Threats in the SWOT analysis of Audi Limited markets . Same strategy has not been followed by Audi because of which BMW has taken the front seat in the luxury car segments leaving Audi lagging behind. the interior decoration of the car. Innovate for mature markets . Air bags for safety.BMW diversified itself into low cost cars and has kept a larger product portfolio because it wants to increase its turnover. Besides these. Audi can introduce its products in emerging markets as well. automated gears. Although premium brands need not be present everywhere.Younger generation spending more on gadgets and realizing the value of savings on other products . You will see Audi promoting even less then BMW which is a mistake. thereby covering more geographical territory and bringing more turn over and profits for themselves.Innovation and diversification in mature markets will give Audi an edge from their competitors making them stand apart in the crowd.

competition is high even in the luxury car manufacturers segment. However. modifying the viscosity and inhibiting wear. which can help to discourage the gravitational settling and promote particle suspense. is also one of the major problems of using ER fluid in hybrid vehicles.Like any industry. which the particles are very tiny in size. enhancing the smoothness of operation. Audi can modify the ER fluid. which particles may tend to clump or settle. Mercedes Competitors 4. thus. the competition being strongest from BMW. To overcome the problem of settlement of particles in the engine. Competition . BMW 2. Or. Volkswagen 3. Lubricant helps to reduce friction. by using different combination of electrodes which can reduce the voltage requirement of ER fluidto function. that is. Suspension. reducing the suspension. Competition 1. to ensure the effectiveness of the operation. Audi can tackle this problem by matching the density of the solid and liquid particles in the components. The PEST risk across countries is high which takes a lot of time of the brand to manage.Audi cannot survive with its home territory. Audi can use nanotechnology —the nanoparticles. the breakdown voltage of air is 3kV/mm. Next. we are sure that the company will thrive in the long run and make the necessary strategy changes to expand further and become more profitable. Thus overall. even though the going is good for Audi. it could be considered a right choice for Audi to expand its production in China and India because the labour cost in those potentially developing . Audi can add lubricant to enhance to lubricity of the engine. Audi being Audi.Risks of international markets . the future is grim with the opportunities to expand being limited in mature markets and at the same time rising competition from Mercedes and BMW as well as other premium cars. improving the problem of suspension. It has to spread internationally. hence. Porsche Recommendations The electro rheological (ER) fluids used in the hybrid cars’ engine require high voltage to operate.

to.900 to RM 1250. meaning India has potential to become a high class country. the quality of the products that Audi offers is improving each year. From time the company was created till now. Choose skilful and knowledgeable people to join the crew through a careful interview. distinguish the problem faced by employees and company. This will not only expand the market and increase the income of the company. provide training to those unskilled workers. The price will expensive is because Audi do price comparison with other car in the market with their main competitors which are BMW and Mercedes-Benz. On the other hand. low labour cost might affect the production of the company. it is suggested that.date knowledge and skills. But the well-known car that less frequently bought by the consumers because the price is too expensive which is within the range of RM 179. the Board of Directors has to do its duty checking the employees from time to time.countries is much lower compare to its original country. In providing a wide range of products and with high quality. And it is a .up courses and practical training. Actually. Audi can refer to this present situation. However. it is also beneficial to the people who are having a moderate income. Otherwise.000. I think the current marketing mix which Audi has is satisfactory to customer needs. Audi will offer free test drive for the customer and to make sure there are satisfy with their product. This means that people in India will be able to owe luxury cars like Audi in future. to meet the needs of people in the countries. Conclusion In my opinion. as it attracts many international investors to invest in the country. especially India is a highly potential developing country. presently the purchasing power for luxury goods of people in the country is still limited. However. customer also can easily to obtain latest information from the website. Audi has by far influenced most of the customer’s perception favorably towards its products. In this case. There is a research shows that Asia countries. come out with the concept of producing low cost cars or ordinary cars. Because for a new or potential customer. so that improvements can be made to ensure the quality of production is maintained. Hence. Besides. Audi chooses its crew wisely. Audi can prevent this problem by increasing the wages or maybe give bonus to its workers who show their initiative to perform well in their job.time skill. or provide time. It would not be a wise decision to have a great number of unskilled or unknowledgeable workers in an operation. so that the workers are equipped with relevant and up.to. people with less income will be also able to own a car themselves. A low wage paid to a worker would discourage a worker to put in effort to do his part perfectly.

television and personal selling by reseller and producer in order to convince consumers to buy it and remind the consumer about their product in the market.branded product that having mass advertisement in magazines. As I have mentioned above. . With the Audi have strong wholesaler channel. Apart from that Audi has targeted its market mainly to urban customers as are the only customers who can afford such expensive products. The only problem is that. In my opinion. Audi has priced its products too expensively for a middle or lower class customer to afford to buy those products. Even though the prices imposed by Audi seems to be fair with consideration of the quality of the products offered. In the case of place (distribution). it will able to focus on their innovation for products to keep competing in such high competitive market since this market is known as oligopolistic competition. Audi is using wholesaler channel to promote their products to the consumers. I think Audi has to create also some of low end products with low prices which can be affordable to low income users.