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my work as an electronics and computer engineer is to design and build a system that can automatically detect and extinguish fire.I have worked on the same project at my college presenting a synopsis showing its basic construction and working.A FULLY AUTOMATED FIRE FI GHTI NG ROBOT Aman Sharma 1239.I have decided to design something that can make humans life easier and comfortable.5 KHz which is emitted by a fire alarm during fire. The supply of power should be enough to do the extinguishing process and economically feasible as well making the whole vehicle light and comfortable. The extinguishing system is comprised of a large fan salvaged from a toy hovercraft.Many household item catch fire when someone is either sleeping or away and that lead to many hazardious conditions if the fire is not putted off in time. This is because it is user friendly language and easy to understand.com Abstract From the recent years. The candle represents the fire which is just started at the home which the robot must find first and then extinguish.So. Along with these crucial tasks were other design constraints. the robot performs analog to digital conversion on 6 infrared sensors: 4 for wall proximity detection.Here my intrest of review is to make a fully automated fire fighting robot which can help in dealing with many fire problems in households and small scale industries. robotics has turned out to be a ingredient over which many people had shown their intrest. extinguish the fire with the help of the front fan of a toy hovercraft. such as the size. even if it is small and take the necessary action to put it off. Furthermore. and each task is implemented in the most efficient manner such as self autonomous start of the robot. Finding the target or fire is achieved by the Flame Sensor which detects the temperature density in various parts of the floor plan. and supply of power. navigation of the robot in every room step by step. The 4 proximity sensors utilize heterodyne modulation of the IR signals to reduce the effects of ambient lighting. The Fire Fighting Robot is designed to search for a fire in a small floor plan of a house of the specific dimensions. approaches the fire at a very fixed distance. So.sector 9a.easy to understand from the prospective of beginners or for the masters of this field. extinguishes it and finally returning to the front of the house. At the heart of the system is the ATMEGA30 microcontroller ATMEL.The need of the hour is to make a device which can detect fire. The navigation of the robot throughout the house is achieved by data provided by a line tracker and ultrasound transducers. and then return to the front of the house. The self start of the robot is governed by a Tone Decoder which detects the tone of frequency up to 3. aman. Gurgaon. This is accompanied by UVTron flame sensor. finds the fire in a specific room. one to detect floor markings. The program code to control the fire fighting robot is written in C language.. speed.5 kHz tone decoder circuit is used to start the robot reducing all the human intervention and making the robot fully autonomous.Robotics has gained popularity due to the advancement of many technologies of computing and nano technologies. Each defining characteristic of the robot is described in more detail here. The size of the robot should be small enough so that it could perform its task quickly and efficiently.I have used very basic concept here. Haryana – 122001. and one for candle detection. This is meant to simulate the real world operation of a robot performing a fire protection function in an actual home. The system consists of two optically isolated stepper motors for precision movement. and a 3.Now I am not concentrating on making a firefighting robot that can deal with fire on large scale because I want to proceed by step by step.sharma616@gmail. . The speed should be fast enough to perform the task on time. The deployment of the extinguishing device is implemented with a fan controlled by servos. The very important and crucial concept of this Fire Fighting Robot is that it navigates and extinguishes the candle by colliding with the wall of the floor plan to a least extent. Introduction My research paper is describes the design of a small autonomous Fire Fighting Robot. This mission is divided into smaller tasks.

motor and for extinguishing fan.Power.We have planned to use a fan to extinguish the candle to which you may consider it as a small fire. we have decided to use a servo. 3. There will be two level designing and upper deck is mounted on the lower deck with the help of long screws.Extinguisher Fan. So keeping this in mind.Technical Details BLOCK DIAGRAM OF FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT COMPONENTS IN FIRE FIGHTING ROBOT:- Mechanical Part. Servo has light weight. helping the robot to not getting stuck to any corner of the room. This division will help us to run a component without worrying about its effects onto the other. We have connected the fan with the DC motor connected to switching circuit to drive power supply as DC motor will draws high current from the battery. It will help us to adjust the final height of the robot when everything is installed on it. First of all. 2. . In both cases. Stability is maintained by keeping the wheels and motor on the centre of the chassis. 1. with it we will not have to vary the voltage supply to different circuits and hence will be beneficial.Power is the most critical part require to handle in the projects.Motor.We have to make this robot in a much simpler way. it will make less vibrations in the components and hence balance can be maintained. it can be dangerous for the working of the components. Wheels of robot are kept within the circumference of the chassis. We have decided to use individual power supplies so to make component independent of each other. We have selected different power supply for OOPIC. because at the time of collisions. Moreover.Standard DC motor is an option that can be used but our main motive is to make the robot as light as possible. We have to ensure that we are not overloading the circuit or providing insufficient supply to the components. it is decided to make the shape of the robot in round so that it will not have any sharp edges. small as compared with dc motors and easy to control.

Flame Sensor. a flame can be detected from .this sensor is used to locate the flame so that it can be extinguished. 1. When robot approaches close to the wall the intensity of sonar waves increases. let us suppose that we have to maintain a distance of 8-10 km from the wall or object front of it. moreover the time taken to receive the signals tends to decrease gradually as the distance between the motor and object decreases and robot can take turn and is saved from collisions. Using three sensors (front. Distance sensors are needed so that robot can properly navigate through the floor plan without touching the walls.Flame sensor is the most important sensor for the fire fighting robot .Algorithm for the Fire Fighting Robot Algorithm Sensors. For example. detected by the robot and proper distance can be maintain from that object.Sensor for measuring distance is necessary for the robot’s navigation through the floor plan in order to identify its location and to avoid hitting the walls of the floor plan. left and right).Distance Sensor. A sensor to detect a flame is used to locate the flame so that it can be extinguished. It comprises of sonar radiation emitted from the device which falls on the object and return back to the robot after the reflection from it. 2. White line sensors are used to identify white surfaces in the floor plan. which is the ultimate goal of the robot. The intensity of the flame is indicated by the frequency of the pulses that are continuously read from the fire sensor.the robot can get an accurate depiction of its surroundings. Due to the high sensitivity of the fire sensor. This fire sensor is capable of indentifying the flame that is few meters away from the robot.Fire fighting robot involves various sensors for its functioning.

Firmware. but to align itself. We noticed in the rules that just passing by the doorway of a room counts as searching it. The box has a opening in the front of the bulb that senses the flame. our familiarity with the language. 3. but was warned to perhaps be a few cm or mm off the specification. C allowed us to easily break apart the components of software design so that different members of the team could code the system due to its properties of easy understanding and not variant from system to system. 2. This gives the robot the ability to move into a straight line into or out of the room or that it is pointed at the candle when it is being extinguished. 2. and varies greatly from processor to processor. Our robot travels to each room in this order. In order to simplify expression of which room we are in front of.or lines back up with the doorway pointing out of the room so that the floor plan traversing algorithm can then continue. The flame extinguishing code allows the robot to slowly move forward until it is lined up with the doorway line and then move into the room and search for the flame. It is placed on the button of the robot.Floor Plan-The floor plan is fixed in the division that we designed our robot to run in. Traversing the floor plan. Extinguishes the flame. Frequency with the tone decoder activates the robot is maintained by setting up external resistor and capacitors. This consist of an infrared LED and phototransistor Darlington pair. Once it is done looking for the flame. 3. The software design had four major components. Less Hardware: A compatible microcontroller board kit was also being sold which would simplify connections in design. it was avoided because it’s a difficult to maintain. The reference voltage is adjusted by changing the value of potentiometer. More specifically objects were already written to provide a building block for the control of servos. By using sensor. including interfacing its peripherals. While our Microcontroller supports assembly language.The issue of firmware into two separate sections. The doorways of the room are marked with the white line and the candle is surrounded by a white circle. Microprocessor choice – The OOPIC The key factors in deciding the OOPIC rather than other comparable microcontrollers are: 1. and target acquisition. White Line Sensor. Basic or Java because the compiler controls all of these. 3. as well as the greater control of the system offered as compared to other high level languages. to avoid visiting two rooms twice. because of compiler availability. Traversing the floor plan can be defined as all the codes which will allow the robot to travel to the each room in the maze and point toward the room.either direction. we can integrate a tone decoder with our start button so that either option can be used to start the robot. More choices for programming language: We could choose to program either in C++.Line detectors are used to identify the various part of the floor plan that is identified by the white line or the circle. . Once it has pointed toward the room. it is either finds it and extinguishes it . 1. the SONAR and the UVTron Sensor. we assigned a letter to each room in a counter clockwise fashion starting from the top right when the robot is oriented pointing toward the smaller rooms from the home circle. navigation. 4. 2.5 KHz tone. A box is constructed around the fire sensor to filter out the light coming from the periphery. robot can only sees the flame that is in front of the robot. control of its motors and servos. By adding this box. Software Requirements-: The software for the robot was coded in C. Tone Decoder-If we want to start our robot using a 3. this floor is fixed. This helps the robot to use the fire sensor to identify the flame and locate and extinguishes the flame. Rapid prototyping: We suppose the OOPIC would allow for more rapid development of the robot because prewritten objects were available to interface all components with the OOPIC quickly. the flame extinguishing half of the code takes over. the robot is able not only to identify the white area of the floor plan. The signal is input into the tone decoder using an electrets condenser microphone. The reflective object sensor has been integrated into a comparator circuit to provide high output when it is over a white surface and low output when over a black surface.

the photage of the camera can be send to the displaying LCD’s through the mean of wireless communication. less in weight.A camera can be fitted on the robot head so one can operate it manually without having the robot visible to that person. . Automation and Control . 2. 4.but what I want here is to find an alternative to the fan operated by servo motor.Conclusion-Through this we can conclude that a robot can be used in place of humans reducing the risk of life of the fire fighters. offices etc.by Ho Seok Ahn 5. Future Aspects.asp?ID=50 Frontiers in Robotics. hence require less space. They provide us greater efficiency to detect the flame and it can be extinguish before it become uncontrollable and threat to life. I want to design a robot which can deal with fire with dry ice but due to its high cost of operating and environment unsothing I have droped the idea of using it.Through this review paper of mine. 3. labs. Scope Of This Robot:Applications. Robot comprises of very small size.net/ abhi230789/ obstacle-avoidingrobot-report-robot23.8051projects.by Alexander Zemliak Advances in Service Robot . Had visited a workshop in delhi where many projects on microcontroller were presented.Hence this project of mine can serve in dealing with fire problems. this robot can play a crucial role. References1.info/proj.slideshare.from there I took the prospective to frame my own robot. We can use them in our homes. Hence.Here in my paper I have shown you a small construction and a basic operating conditions.Also. Operate automatically when any fire occurs.Fire fighting robot can be easily and conveniently used. Project on Obstacle avoiding robot .i want to fabricate a device that uses a gase that can be sprayed on the fire to put it off and I am working to find a alternate of dry ice. Rechargeable batteries produce less waste because they can be recharged with a simple battery charger and reused hundreds of times.http:// www. www. Rechargeable batteries are used here.