Which is why we provide you with only the best solutions in order to maintain your lead. 02 .FOR US. YOUR SUCCESS COMES FIRST. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN SPECIFICALLY? We know that you need to be ahead of your competitors.

Alongside offering the right machine to suit every task and order of magnitude in the processing of reinforcing steel.Pedax. in a modern and efficient manufacturing facility the world – from Schwandorf to Sydney. and in the stringent quality controls we apply to every single detail. Definitely one of the reasons of this. extremely durable. efficiency and are economic in the long term. in Bitburg. combined with ease of use. we provide you with an excellent return on investment with why we are among the global market leaders in plant planning. with our expertise to designing entire plants – from the planning stage the focus entirely on the customer. for example. This is why we have successful customers all over desire to innovate. SIMPLY STRONG. This is how we help 03 . We are always there for you – through to commissioning – so that they operate with maximum even after commissioning. is as important to us as you to keep the production costs per tonne of processed reinforcing comprehensive service and global proximity to customers. high-performance machines that work 24 hours The key to this success lies in our employees’ motivation and their a day continuously. Top quality. we also apply The PEDAX philosophy is completed by our 24/7 expert service. As a result steel as low as possible.

DO YOU? What use is the most efficient processing machine if the individual of new plants or operating units.WE KNOW HOW YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PRODUCTION COSTS DOWN. among other things. the perfect structuring This is precisely why we support you in the complete planning and the improvement of material flow. and performance and efficiency of both large and small firms. thus able to help with the dimensioning. as well as in the analysis and work processes are not optimally attuned to one another? optimisation of existing plants. and are the economic potential of the whole plant is not fully exploited. the performance is poor. resources lie idle. . Our specialists have many years of experience in increasing the 04 Quite simply.

05 . we initiate and supervise studies to enhance effectiveness and profitability. efficiency. but also of the efficiency of your whole plant. we train your team to improve working You see. In addition. we are in constant close dialogue with you and many other customers.Pedax. at PEDAX we don’t just take care of the quality of the machines. Our goal is to combine high performance with sustainable investment and with long-term high yields for the company. and we evaluate your plant such that this pays off for you over the entire life cycle. To guarantee this and to safeguard our strong practical focus. SIMPLY STRONG.

confidence is good – but certainty is better. 06 .OUR MACHINES RUN 24 HOURS A DAY. HOW DO WE MANAGE THAT? By manufacturing almost all relevant components of our machines in our own PEDAX production facility. After all.

The machines virtually single step and eliminate any possible weak links.Pedax. in the end. We believe that the highest quality is only possible if we control every phase of the This leads to state-of-the-art machines with a genuinely impressive process. SIMPLY STRONG. When testing our pay for themselves when looked at long term. components. in-house at our own Bitburg production facilities. The benefits include being able to precisely check every to constant availability and long service lives. even under maximum load. we also take the time 07 . how return on investment. It is the precision and robustness of PEDAX low the relevant assembly tolerances can be and in what way a part machines that are worth their weight in gold in the long run. partly under extreme conditions. From bending heads to shears. We decide what materials are used in our machines. thanks is processed. everything really ‘fits’ – and will all the important components – whether tailor-made or standard – continue to do so. for years to come. we develop and produce virtually we need to be sure that.

LOW ACQUISITION COSTS OR HIGHLY PROFITABLE INVESTMENTS … HOW WILL YOU DECIDE? 08 With our machines we deliver not just a comprehensive and design and planning. includes production and assembly. extends as far as the careful selection of the components used. where we have implemented perhaps another reason why we source almost all components the highest benchmarks of quality. automatic Every part of our machines goes through a comprehensive stirrup bending machines or accessories. we produce all our selection process and must prove itself under extreme conditions – machines in our Bitburg facilities. This begins with the meticulous from leading producers known for their high product quality. and complete range but also high efficiency and maximum availability. Whether it’s a question of bending or cutting machines. .

SIMPLY STRONG. we can clearly show what quality means for us: our first STEELMASTER stirrup bending machine was delivered to Skanska Kalmar in Sweden in 1985. it still reliably produces perfectly processed reinforcing steel there. and is still in use today in Malta. 09 . Regularly maintained by our service technicians.Pedax. After all.

we know how much you depend on a smooth-running machine. After all. HOW ABOUT RIGHT AWAY? First-class service and customer focus are the watchwords at PEDAX. 10 .SUPPORT IS NATURALLY AVAILABLE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED SOMETHING CLARIFYING.

This is why we don’t just deliver robust and durable bending and Our capable. worldwide network of competent service centres Should a technician need to come on site. 11 . SIMPLY STRONG. but are also always there for you – even after most challenges yourself quickly and easily – naturally. They will then quickly and professionally fix any problems and queries about the machines. delay and in different languages. our own service team and our comprehensive. with a machine – regardless of whether it is in Berlin or Brazil.Pedax. specially trained partners then help you to solve cutting machines. our global team of are available to you around the clock. With our 24-hour hotline service technicians can reach almost anywhere in the world within we guarantee you prompt and professional help with questions 24 hours. without commissioning. Whether it’s a matter of regular maintenance. diverse services or quick repairs.

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