Peacock tattoos

Day by day we are surrounded by people that in many ways are similar to us, but at the
same time so different. And I don’t mean just appearance, behavior or knowledge. We have
different thoughts, believes, we worry about different things and I could go on.
Today we are talking about tattoos, more specifically peacock tattoos. They are big,
beautiful, incredible colorful and painful at the same time. Some of us agree with the idea of
tattoos, some of us have a more conformist mentality and don’t think tattoos are really necessary
in our lives. Over the course of our life we meet hundreds of new people. Recently I have met a
girl that had an incredible peacock tattoo on her back. It went from the neck all the way to the
top of her butt. It was new for me, chic, truly beautiful to look at. Out of curiosity I asked if it
hurt as much as I thought it did. She replied that it does get lost of courage to stay on the table
and endure the pain of having drawn on you such enormous tattoo on your skin, but it was worth
it and that she would do it all over again.
Peacocks are incredible birds, full of life and color that will most likely take your eyes
away. Did you know that the peacock symbolizes immortality? In ancient belief the peacock was
the bird with the undying flesh, meaning their meat didn’t decay after death. The immortality
links with Jesus Christ. In the period of Easter, peacock feathers and Christian paintings can be
used as church decorations. The peacock is also a symbol of renewal because it changes its
feathers annually. Ancients believed that peacocks guard the Gates of Paradise. It was also
believed that these birds could eat venomous snakes without any harm. Both Origen and
Augustine think of peacocks as a symbol of the resurrection. Pythagoras once wrote and believed
that the soul of Homer moved into a peacock—a hyperbole to establish the respect and longevity
of the Greek poet’s words. Due to the golden circles and blue background of the peacock’s trail,
The Greeks dedicated the peacock to Juno, the goddess of sky and stars.
Other images and beliefs include:
Just like the Phoenix, the peacock was thought to have the power of resurrection and “By
the Peacock” in fact was a sacred oath. It was also believed that a necklace made of Amethyst,
peacock feathers and swallow feathers was a talisman able to protect one from the witched and
sorcerers. Christians thought, in early times, that the peacock's blood could dispel evil spirits.

life. invigoration. They have been associated repeatedly with the eyes of God/Church/Christ. vitality. Alchemist thought the fan of the peacock (cauda pavonis) is associated with certain texts and images that are useful in turning base metals into gold. the peacock was known as the slayer of serpents.The peacock often appears among the animals in the stable of Christ. glory. They all had the property to see. health. . In the western world. If you consider tattooing a peacock on to your skin. The rebirth is symbolized by two peacocks drinking from a chalice and angels are often portrayed with four wings of peacock feathers. Greek. The peacock and its character lead to attributes such as: light. and Roman mythology. The shimmering colors of his tail feathers represent his supposed ability to transform snake venom into solar iridescence. you might associate it with a few words such as:                 Love Pride Luxury Desire Beauty Royalty Vitality Nobility Sexuality Generosity Longevity Compassion Sensuality Immortality Watchfulness Expansiveness In Buddhism this bird is a representation of the all compassionate goddess Kuan-Yin. In Egyptian. The eyes find symbolic meanings also into Christianity. The eyes in the feathers are related to the meditative state. The association with Christ comes also from the peacock’s coupling with immortality and resurrection. radiance. the peacock feathers were considered much like the evil eye. In Chinese culture the peacock represents the high status and royalty.

. wearing such a tattoo depicts you as royal and glorious. Apart from all these attributes. legs or maybe on your tights. and love. compassion. It is also associated with optimist people that take every opportunity to enjoy life. It is also an emblem of moral refinement. It was beautiful to see it on that girl and it really left a mark on me. For someone who is peaceful will most likely choose to get this tattoo. Those who get inked of a feather of a peacock. kindness. Of course. The vivacious colors of a peacock feathers represent a fresh mind and a light heart. In other cultures. protection. Since this bird is a symbol of royalty. It is a beautiful thing to have on your skin if you are a person that loves colors and life. You can get a peacock tattoo or just its feathers on your back. are considered to be hideous and suspicious by nature. a person's royalty is also associated with nobility. It symbolizes truthfulness and a clean character. The one that has this tattoo inked in his skin should also be a man of value. spiritualism. A tattoo of a peacock is known to bring good luck to a pregnant woman. It is also known for spreading good vibes. those are just superstitions and nothing has been proven yet. resurrection. Christ. guidance. The beauty of the bird is also associated with the inner beauty of the person wearing such tattoo. Her baby will be healthy and will arrive on time.The peacock also symbolizes integrity. Back in the 18th century the peacock was a sign for tailors all over the world. A tattoo can mean going through a hard period. immortality. vitality. integrity. it can mark getting over that tough period. If you ever caught a glimpse at a peacock’s feathers I am sure you have noticed the eye like structure. This tattoo symbolizes your ability to perceive the good in every situation or element. on your foot you can have tattooed it on your ear. it is thought that a woman that has trouble conceiving can get pregnant if a peacock looks at her. and watchfulness. loosing someone or anything else you let it mean. a man that respects and appreciates the values of life. This tattoo can have multiple meanings: light.