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: 21st SEPTEMBER 2014

1.Subject/ Skills: English Language – Class: 4 Bestari Level: Grammar Intermediate Enrolment 30 pupils Date: Theme: 27th September 2014 World of Stories : Time: Topic: 9.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling.00 am Unit 5: Rosemary and Four Gutsy Gnomes Content standard: 5. white board. Constructivism 2. pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and appropriately. Information processing Integrated language skills: Listening. Learning standard: 5. Identify irregular verbs 2. speaking.3 Able to use verbs correctly and appropriately: (a) Irregular verbs (b) Verbs that do not change form Learning outcomes: By the end of the lesson. LCD projector and worksheets Educational emphases: 1.m – 10. Give the present tense form of irregular verbs 3.00a. Identifying 2. reading and writing Previous knowledge: Pupils have been introduced to verbs. Construct simple sentences using irregular verb Language focus: Past tense irregular verbs Thinking skills: 1. Contextual Learning Lesson Plan for Teaching Writing Stage/Time Content Teaching and learning activities Rationale Remarks . Teaching materials: Marker pen. pupils will be able to : 1.

Set Induction 5 minutes Jazz chant of 1. contains the tense irregular slide. Teacher reads  teacher. To engage pupils’ What did you do there? do yesterday?’  2. To set the mood of ‘What did and mentally yesterday?’ you do prepare pupils for http://www. the zoo. ‘Because you love 2. how was it. Mahjong lyrics of the song ‘Because . Teacher plays a Readiness and “What did you do jazz chant of lead in to the yesterday?’ ‘What did you lesson. Jazz chant attention. along the jazz How was it. See you. it was fun. Teaching Ng along with teacher with the aid of music.yout the lesson. See you. Pupils chant It was fun. Pupils sing the song with while looking at the lyrics. Presentation 15 minutes Pupils identify the 1. To ensure pupils down the simple lyrics line by are able to cVI present form of it. Pupils read to the zoo with my uncle. ube. love me’ song previous of ‘Because Activity 1: Identify the past with lyrics on knowledge of the you love me’ the past tense PowerPoint Video song irregular verbs with lyrics http://www. PowerPoint verb in the song of part of ‘Because you love the lyrics. went 3. 1. it was watch? me’ and write aloud the lesson. 4. Pupils listen to the jazz chant  I went to the while looking at ? chant with v=4akGL6Dgb teacher. 3. went to the video. See you. line and the identify past pupils follow tense irregular after the verb in authentic paper which material. v=zpZkY47- 2. how was it? aid: LCD Projector 2. To activate pupils’ Slideshow – ‘Because you  me’. Teacher plays To model correct Teaching Aid: past tense irregular the first half pronunciations of 1.y verb from the song learnt in previous outube.

Pupils are  Teaching Aid: skills. make Brought – bring Found – find Held – hold Let – let Saw . Worksheet 1:  To test listening Individual task 1. 2.iv.see 4. Pupils are you love picked me’. 3. To apply and you love me worksheet on the lyrics of  Individual task the song that transfer song’ 2. Pupils will  listen to the understanding of audio of the pupils on past song and they tense irregular have to fill in verb and simple the blanks present tense. stand Made – iii. To use with the  missing words cooperative of past tense learning. ladder of past tense irregular verb 1. Maker Pen 5. To apply the past Worksheet 1: given a fill in tense irregular 1. Audio of the blanks verb form in ‘Because speaking. Whiteboard 4. vi. v. Pupils are asked to write the present tense for the past tense irregular verb that the pupils have identified Practice 25 minutes Worksheet 1: Individual task For all those times you _______ by me (stand) For all the truth that you _____ me see (make) For all the joy you _______ to my life (bring) on whiteboard. Word cards randomly to underline the past tense consists of irregular verb paste tense from the song irregular lyrics which is verb and pasted on the present tense whiteboard. 5. i. Worksheet 1 they have knowledge learnt Activity 2: in the lesson. A piece of snake and ladder board which consist of . Stood – ii. vii. To check the Snake and sung.

Cards on verb to play charade . To build cooperation five. c. b. tense 2. Teacher will divide pupils into groups of  get a piece of snake and ladder board which consist of simple present tense. To help pupils present true (make) Snake and For all the love I _____ in (find) ladder game I’ll be thankful baby You’re the one who _____ me up (hold) Never ____ me fall (let) You’re the one who ____ me through it all (see) Activity 2: Group activity Snake and ladder game using past tense irregular verb. a. A dice 3. 1.3rd round pupils are required to form a situations. 2. Each group will of the word contextualize among pupils. a dice and five pieces. 3. Five pieces Activity3: Irregular past tense verb charade 1. 2nd round pupils are asked to give the past tense and spell it. To facilitate simple Activity 2: learning.  Group activity language for daily life using past tense irregular verb. To boost confidence in speaking.For all the wrong that you ________ right (make) For every dream you _____ come irregular verb. There are three rounds for this section. 1st roundpupils are asked to give the past tense of the word.

Activity3: Charade 1.Teach 11. Eat 4.Buy sentence using the past tense of the verb. Drink 2.Sleep 17. Ride 5.Swim 12. Read 3. Throw 10.Run 15.See 16. Wear 8. Teacher models on how to play charade.Draw 14. Sweep 9. 2. Write 6.Cut 18. One pupil at a time need to act out the verb that they got while other members have to shout out the correct answer using the structure . Sit 7.Wake 13. Activity 3: Group activity Play irregular past tense verb charade 1. 3. Pupils will be still in their groups and draw lots which consist of simple present tense.

. 1. To boost confidence to speak in front of class. 4. Reading 10 minutes sentences on what they did  during their last school holiday.”. i…. and to write at understanding on Feedback least six to past tense eight irregular verb. Production Writing. 2. The game continues until all the members has completed actions for all of the verbs.Each pupil has  To evaluate pupils aloud.As pupils read aloud what they have written in front of class teacher corrects pupil’s mistakes and gives them feedback.“Yesterday.

. 2. 3. Teacher asks  To recap on the pupils about lesson learned. As homework.Closure 5 minutes Summary of the lesson 1. teacher asks pupils to write down the sentences that they have written in the production stage in their exercise book. what they had learnt from the lesson. Teacher randomly picks up some pupils to list down some pair of simple present and past tense irregular verb.