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BP 344
ramps, stars, etc
Fire Code - means of egress
hospital, high rise
strategies > to prevent vermins/pests
Evaluate, Compare contrast: PD 957 vs BP220
environmental laws - definitions, EIS, EIA, NIPAS
Structural - rationale, essential structures, beams slab thickness
electrical - rationale
plumbing code - principles
contract - definition, requirements, SPP 200, SPP 202

Electrical Lighting and Power Layouts
- basis for safe guarding persons, buildings and its contents from hazards
caused by the use of electricity
- provisions for safety
- basis for legal enforcement in installation of electrical system design
- IIEE insitute of integrated EE of the Phil Inc.

wiring be inspected and tested at least once a year for wirings of more than 3years from installation Generation Facilities >> High-voltage switchyard >> Transmission lines >> Substation >> Distribution lines >> Transformer >> HOMES Ampacity luminaire pannel board circuit breaker overload feeder ___________________________________________________________________________ REVISED NATIONAL PLUMBING CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES 2000 Covers water supplygas lines vent lines drain lines red and blue .FPN No2: highly recommended that licensced electrical practioner be consulted .City Ordinance 2411: Plumbing Code for the City of Manila .Phil Elec Comm .RA 1378: Plumbing Law of the Philippines (1955) never ammended until 1999) .reviews and updates: energy efficiency.ACMEE Association or CIty/Municipal EE and Electricians .water supply black .supervise.NAMPAC: spearheaded the revision of the plumbing law .vent pipes History .revised and evaluates electrical code . unification of American standard Purpose . checks .FPN No1: hazards often occur because of overloading of wiring systems due to inappropriate wiring method or material or overcurrent protection used in the installation .waste pipes yellow .FPN No3: maintenance.

4) Contract .1159) -extinguish if you have the payment or performance (Chap. or not to do -obligations arising grom contracts have the force of the law between the contracting parties and shul be complied with in good faith ( and technique of installing pipes and fixtures for bringing in supplies.Principle 1: all premises for human habitation and occupancy shall have pure and wholesome system. to be accessible for intended use Backflow lback-siphonage building supply lavatory/wash basin plumbing septic tank drain potable water PLUMBING .juridicial necessity to give. to do. not connected to unsafe water supply nor subject to back flow or back siphonage Principle 2: Plumbing fixtures shall be supplied with water sufficient in volumes and adequate pressure without a due noise Principle 5: Every building having plumbing fixture abutting on a street where there is pulic sewer. the lavatory. etc and removing them ___________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION TO CONTRATCS: Writing Architecture-Owner Agreements Contract definition -legally binding agreement an agreement creating obligations enforcable by law Obligation . bathtub/shower shall meet basic requirements of sanitation and personal hygiene Principle 16: No water closet shall be located in a room or compartment which is not properly lighted or ventilated Principle 20: Plumbing fixtures shall be installed properly spaced. liquids. shall be connected to the sewer system Principle 6: each family dwelling unit abutting a street or private sewage disposal shall have at least 1 water closet and one kitchen type sink.meeting of minds between two persons whereby one binds .

with respect to the other.the exact nature and scope of his/her services ... Object certain which is the subject matter of the contract 3. . There is no conract unless the following requisites concur: 1. Conset of the contracting parties 2. or to render some service CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS Consideration Offer and acceptance Legal Purpose Cpaable parties mutual assent ESSENTIAL REQUISITES OF CONTRACT (Chap 2) Art 1318. to give something. no case shall he/she guarantee any . . -good faith.conditional character of estimates .not entail preliminary sketches without an agreement . moral obligations. Cause of the obligation which is established ARCITECT performance of regular service of the architect architect offers his service OWNER payment of the architect's professional fee client hires the architect.himself. protect client's interest but never at the expense of higher public interest and public welfare .practicability may be questionable due to financial or legall important .corresponding professional fees (Pro-bono) .

no other fees than . Construction Phase PROJECT CLASSIFICATION Group 1 6% of project cost: armories parking structures bakeries 7% of project cost: art galleries. printing plants h .. ..undertake the construction f a project event when.translate owner's needs and requirements to spaces and forms in the best manner of professional service. hospitals. basic minimum fee . Design Development Phase 4. Schematic Design Phase 3.estimate or cost of the work . commensurate with th work involved and with his/her professional standing and experince. SPP 202 . Project Definition Phase 2. exposition fair buildings 8% of project cost: airports.. . . Contract Document Phase 5. SCOPE OF SERVICES 1. hotels. . theater.bill his/her client .needs and stipulation of his/her client . aesthetic and functional requirement of client . .. . . Bidding or Negotiation Phase 6.

get it in writing 2. deal with the right persons 3.keep it simple 3. specify payment obigations/agree on circumstances 6. identify each party correctly 4. agree on a way to solve the problem .percentaage of project construction cost Profesional fee plus expenses multiple of direct personal expenses lump sum 1. spell all the details 5.