Question 1
Some economists predict that a __ will spur demand for alternate energy sources, such as coal or liquefied
natural gas temporary since both are finite sources as well?
Complementary Effect
Inter-temporal Effect
Net Effect
Substitution Effect
Question 2
Which one of the following air pollution tragedies is related to oil and gas industry?
London, 1952
Bhopal, India 1984
Meuse Valley, 1930
Donora, Pennsylvania 1948
Question 3
In crude oil, what constitutes paraffin?
Straight chain hydrocarbon
Straight chain cyclohydrocarbon
Straight chain olefin
Straight chain single bond hydrocarbon
Question 4
A __ is an equipment device that applies mechanical energy to liquid?
Internal combustion engine
Question 5
The set information about crude oil quality is called?
Product Slate
Question 6
Which type of energy will be most useful for transportation in 2030?
Fossil fuel
Hydrogen fusion
Question 7
How many liters are contained in one BARREL of crude oil?

Question 8 Which of the following is NOT needed to produce an economic accumulation of oil and gas? Source Rock Trap Rock deposited in marine condition Reservoir Rock Question 9 Which of the energy resources are finite resources Geothermal All of the above Wind Fossil fuel Question 10 What unit of volume is commonly used for natural gas? Barrel Liter Cubic foot Gallon Question 11 The following is NOT a petroleum refining process? Product Blending Sulphur Reforming Catalytic Cracking Distillation Question 12 What is the main objective of petroleum refining? To maximize production of transport fuels To maximize technology development for profits To produce good products as much as possible To accelerate petroleum production Question 13 In order to transport natural gas in areas not served by pipelines. When the gas is liquefied . it shrinks to __ of its gaseous volume? 1/600 1/700 1/550 1/500 Question 14 __ engines uses gas as fuel Gas Petrol Kerosene Diesel Question 15 Acrylonitrite-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) is a petrochemical product for synthetic? Crude Oil Gasoline Tyre Rubber . the gas is liquefied to reduce its volume.

Question 16 Crown block and travelling block are consisted in? Transportation system Rotary system Hoisting system Circulation system Question 17 In a trap containing oil. over millions of years. This organic matter comes from? The accumulation of bird droppings on uninhabited offshore islands The accumulation. and water. swamp and river sediments The accumulation and decomposition of marine plankton at the bottom of deep oceans. ready to be shipped to refineries and treatment plants The volume of oil and gas that remains in the subsurface at the time of publication The volume of oil and gas ever found in the country The volume of oil and gas that can be recovered at the time of publication Question 23 The source rock that generate oil and gas are rich in organic matter. of extraterrestrial dust and meteorites The decomposition of dinosaurs in lake. the water is always? In between gas and oil Above the gas Below the gas Below the oil Question 18 What risks are taken into consideration in determining the possibilities of success? Shallow Gas Risk (Risk of encountering pockets of shallow gas while drilling) Fault Risk (Risk discovering a fault while drilling) All of the above Reservoir Presence Risks (Risk of finding no reservoir in prospect area) Question 19 The main application of Gravity and Magnetics in oil and gas exploration is? To detect metal and mineral deposits To locate basin To detect hydrocarbon To quantify the porosity Question 20 Which of these countries is a member of OPEC? Malaysia Saudi Arabia Norway USA Question 21 __ include FPSO. FSO and FPS? Refining facilities Fixed facilities Surface facilities Floating facilities Question 22 The figures for oil and gas reserves of a country. published in official documents correspond to? The volume of oil and gas that has been extracted and stored in tanks. gas. .

conversion and? Treatment Cracking Sulfuring Reforming Question 25 A wild cat is? Mascot of offshore platforms The first well drilled into a possible hydrocarbon bearing structure One of the wells drilled to understand the areal extend of the reservoir None of the above Question 26 Drill bit is a? Steel pipe Cutting tool Steel rod Measuring instrument Question 27 Porosity is a measure of? Wetability of the reservoir rocks None of the above Storage capacity of the reservoir rocks Production capacity of reservoir rocks Question 28 What types of data are necessary to evaluate the exploration potential of an area? Well data Seismic data Geological data All of the above Question 29 Deterministic calculation of hydrocarbon volume is place assumes? Areal-extend of the formation is a function of time Gross thickness = net thickness None of the above Porosity is constant everywhere in the formation Question 30 WAG is the abbreviation of? Water Alternating Gas Water after Gas Water and Gas All of the above Question 31 What would be an average temperature interval for the “oil window”? 120 C to 150 C 0 C to 60 C 60 C to 120 C more than 500 C .Question 24 The 3 basic steps in refining are separation.

Qatar Dulang Field. Russia North Dome. Malaysia Ghawar Field. Saudi Arabia Question 34 How do International Oil Companies obtain an exploration license? By bidding in an open licensing round All of the above By negotiating directly with the government authorities of a country By acquiring other companies who already have exploration licenses Question 35 API Code 27 define permeability as? A measure of flow rate in porous medium A measure of the capacity of the porous medium to transit fluids None of the above A measure of empty space in porous medium Question 36 Elasticity refers to how supply and demand respond to various factors. refrigerated and insulated tanks are used to transport? Paraffin Liquified Natural Gas Crude Oil Refined Oil Question 39 Ozone layer depletion can cause? Increase storm activity Irritation to eye and nose Rise in sea level Increase in skin cancer .Question 32 Which one of the following techniques is NOT considered as a secondary recovery process? Water injection Gas cap drive None of the above Formation water injection Question 33 What is the largest oil field in the world? Sakhalin. The elasticity for oil market is __? Perfectly Inelastic Perfectly Elastic Inelastic Elastic Question 37 An example of the use of polyvinylchloride (PVC) is? Car bumper Inks Chair Car tyres Question 38 Tankers equipped with pressurized.

Question 40 What properties plays a major role in separating products from crude oil? Pour Point Boiling Point API Gravity Melting Point Question 41 A tanker with a single outer shell between the product and the ocean is said to be? Double hull Tanker body Bulk head Single hull Question 42 On what physical properties of rocks is seismic method based? Density and Magnetic susceptibility Density and elastic module Density and electric conductivity Electrical conductivity and elastic moduli Question 43 The most common type of oil trap is? Fault Reef Stratigraphic Trap Anticline Question 44 The Peak Curve theory is named after American geophysicist __ who created a method of modeling the production curve given an assumed ultimate recovery volume? McConnell Simon Kuznet Joseph Schumpeter M. King Hubbert Question 45 SAGD is the abbreviation of? Steam and Gas Drive Solvent Alternating Gas Drive Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage All of the above Question 46 One of the PETRONAS’s triple bottom-line of corporate stability is? Share value Land value Shareholder value Over-sea value Question 47 What is the full name of OPEC? Ocean Pacific Exploration Company Office of Petroleum Exploration Contracts Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries .

more than a thousand meters below ground level Large pockets left empty by eruption of volcanoes Large caves and caverns several hundred meters below ground level Underground lakes and rivers.Question 48 X-mas tree is installed at the __ of the well head? Outside Bottom Top Inside Question 49 Removing drilling cuttings from the bore hole is a part of the functions of? Production system Circulation system Rotary system Hoisting system Question 50 Oil and gas are stored in the subsurface. several tens of meters below ground level Question 51 __ is an important attribute of a flow meter? Pressure Accuracy Viscosity Temperature Question 52 BOP (Blow out preventers) are used to control? Density Viscosity Pressure Temperature Question 53 The largest casing run inside a well is? Surface casing Intermediate casing Production casing Conductor casing Question 54 Booster pumps are located along the oil-pipeline to maintain the pressure and keep the oil flowing usually flows at speed of about? 1 to 8 m/s 1 to 4 m/s 1 to 2 m/s 1 to 6 m/s Question 55 How do geophysicists indicate the correct geographic position of geophones? Compass Maps Stars GPS . mainly in? Small pores within rocks such as the spaces between sand grains.

Question 56 __ is preferred over electric motor to reduce electric power requirement? Gear reducer Separator Combustion engine driver Power generator Question 57 Which one of the following techniques is NOT one of the Thermal Methods? None of the above Huff & Puff FAWAG SAGD Question 58 One of the following initiatives is not the effort of petroleum industry in protecting the environment? Arrangement in oil spill preparedness and response Establishment of Environmental Management System (EMS) HSE skill group training Exploration and Production Question 59 __ is used for the purpose of measuring volumes of gas and oil? Temperature gauge Storage tank Metering device Pressure gauge Question 60 Oil pipelines are made from __ tubes with inner diameter typically from 10 to 120cm? Steel or Copper Steel or Plastic Plastic or Copper Plastic or Aluminium Question 61 EOR is defined as “any method that increases oil production by using techniques or materials that are not part of normal pressure maintenance or water flooding operations” by? SPE EOR Experts SLB Oil-field glossary API (American Institute of Petroleum) Question 62 Jack-up rigs are used in drilling where water depth is less than? 700m 100m 200m 500m Question 63 Describe petroleum refining? It is a process of sorting the types of crude oil It is a process of separating different products from the crude oil It is the process of increasing the value of certain oil products It is a process of distributing the most valuable oil products .

Question 64 Pipelines are very often inspected and cleaned using? Water flushing Pump and blower Pipeline inspection gauge (PIG) Scraper Question 65 __ are used to drive pumps and compressors? Meters Power generator Separators Prime movers Question 66 Which of the process is NOT part of refining? Reforming Cracking Hydrotreating Polishing Question 67 Which type of exploration license contract requires the foreign company (contractor) to take all the risks and pay for all exploration costs during the exploration phase? All of the above Production Sharing Agreement Technical Service Agreement Joint Venture Agreement Question 68 What is the final product of the exploration stage? Topographic map Geological map Prospect map Seismic Section Question 69 Perforation is a completion phase during which? A screen divider is placed between formation and wellbore A production test is run at the wellbore None of the above Flow paths from reservoir to the wellbore are created Question 70 What is the main feedstock for petrochemical production? Vinyl Chloride Ethylene Oxide Ethylene Ethylene Glycol Question 71 Who controls the oil price? None of the above The large international oil companies The government The oil producing countries .

5 million US$150. Which of the following is NOT one of those variables? Permeability Cross-sectional area to flow None of the above Viscosity Question 75 CO2 is one of the tertiary recovery techniques which is also used to? All of the above Mitigate excess atmosphere CO2 Produce low CO2 electricity Produce zero CO2 electricity Question 76 Approximately how much would it cost to drill a well onshore to a depth of 3500m? US$10.Question 72 Rotary system is used to? Rotate the drill string and bit Run and pull equipment Pump water into well Circulate drilling fluid Question 73 __ are used to clean and increase the pipe line efficiency? Gauging pigs Scraper pigs Separation pigs Cleaning pigs Question 74 During EOR processes one or two variables of Darcy Equation is manipulated. which they fought against Egypt and Syria in the 1973 energy crisis? Gulf War Arab War Marrakech War Yom Kippur War Good Luck and hope it helps : AHMED AL-AMOUDI .5 million US$50 million Question 77 Which area of the world has the highest oil and gas reserves and production? Middle East The North Sea Russia North America Question 78 Shale shaker removes? Large drill cuttings Entrained gas Oil Small drill cuttings Question 79 OPEC refused to ship oil to western countries that had supported Israel in the __ .000 US$1.