A. Design of the Research
Descriptive quantitative research can be interpreted as a method based
on the method that is based on the philosophy of positivism, is used to
examine the population or a particular sample, sampling technique are
generally carried out at random, data collection using the instrument of
research, quantitative analysis/statistics (numbers) in order to test the
hypothesis that has been established, research to produce inference,
generalization and prediction (Panduan Penyusunan Skripsi 2010).
Finally, the method will be used in this research is quantitative method.
Quantitative method can be used to verify, which of such hypothesis are true
or not. Variable in this research is parents’ education background as free
variable (X) and students’ interest in studying English as related variable (Y).

B. Population and Sample

From this statement population an object or subject populations that are in an area and meets certain requirements related to the research problem. Arikunto (2006:130) stated that “ population is all the subject of the research”. IX D 16 14 30 TOTAL 111 Students Sources: TU SMP N 6 Merangin The population of this Research is total number of Grade IX of SMP N 6 Merangin academic year 2012/2013. The total number of students is 111 students’. IX C 13 13 26 4. IX A M 7 2. it be seen on the table below: Table 1 The number of class and the students’ at grade IX of SMP N 6 Merangin Total Students’ W Total 19 23 No Class 1. Population Population is total number of people in the certain place.2 1. IX B 15 14 29 3. The population of this research is grade IX of SMP N 6 Merangin academic years 2012/2013. . According Ridwan (2009:8) “Populasi merupakan objek atau subjek yang berada pada suatu wilayah dan memenuhi syarat-syarat tertentu berkaitan dengan masalah penelitian”. and to make it clear.

Sample is a small proportion selected for observation and analysis (Ary. From the number of students from class IX D of SMP N 6 Merangin academic year 2012/2013. For take the data to know students’ interest in studying English use . C. 2009:10) “Sample adalah bagian dari populasi (sebagian atau wakil populasi yang diteliti)”. Sample According to Arikunto (in Riduwan. From this statement sample is part of the population (in part or representative population studied). questionnaire and documentation. Technique of Collecting Data There are two kind data who need. the researchers used sampling techniques Probability Sampling kind of Disproportionate stratified random sampling. 2002).3 2. the sample was all students in the class VIII D of SMP N 6 Merangin academic year 2012/2013 which total of students are 30 students. To determine the sample to be studied. amounting to 30 students were taken and used as samples in this research because the number of students more than any other class. According to Sugiyono (2009:13) stated that "Disproportionate stratified random sampling is a sampling of the population members at random and stratified". In this research.

From this statement questionnaire is a number of written questions used to obtain information from respondents in terms of reports of personal or other matters that we want to know. which is use because the data which is needed to answer the research problem thought instrument. The success of research is determined by instrument. This questionnaire use “Likert Scale”. a research can use instrument to gather data from questionnaire and documentation. From this statement questionnaire is a list of questions given to others (respondents) in accordance with user demand. researcher got from office of SMP 6 Merangin. For take the data to know about parents’ education background used documentation. Instrument of the Research Instrument is medium for collecting data by using certain method. Researcher use questionnaire in getting data. 1. Questionnaire According to Arikunto (2006:151) “Questionnaire adalah sejumlah pertanyaan tertulis yang digunakan untuk memperoleh informasi dari responden dalam arti laporan tentang pribadinya atau hal-hal yang ingin diketahui”. In order to get the data need. D. In encyclopedia of educational evaluation say the term scale in the measurement sense. Researcher use close questionnaire where the respondents just choose the best answer. According to Riduwan (2009:52) “Questionnaire adalah daftar pertanyaan yang diberikan kepada orang lain (responden) sesuai dengan permintaan pengguna”. comes from the .4 questionnaire.

Meaning “ladder” or “flight of stairs”. Questionnaire Validity Validity has meant the extent to which the accuracy and precision of measuring instruments in performing the function of the measuring instrument. y 2−¿ ¿ ¿ ∑¿¿ xy −¿ N∑¿ r × y=¿ .5 Latin Word Scale. The analysis conducted aimed to determined the validity and reliability of the instrument. An indicator is said to be valid if the indicator to achieve its objective measurement of kontraks observations appropriately. To search for the validity of each item questionnaire use product moment correlation formula proposed by Pearson : x y ∑¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ N ∑ x2 ¿ x y N . a. This questionnaire is given to the students’ as sample in this research. An indicator or questions as valid if the value of r count is greater than r table or significance probability value less than 0.05.

6 Description : r x y= Validity of question N = Total of respondent ∑ x = Scores from each item ∑ y = Total score (Arikunto.7. Formula Alpha Cronbach’s : k ( ) ∑ σ 21 α= k 1− i=12 k−1 σ Total Where : k = is the number of measurement 2 σi σ 2Total = is the population variance of the ith measurement = is the population variance of total scores on the k measurements . Questionnaire Reliability Test reliability or reliability indicates the extent to which a measurement can give different results when measured against the same subjects again means having good measurement consistency. 2009:170) b. If an instrument is said reliable if value of Alpha Cronbach > 0.

relevant the data from a research. transkip. documenter film. documentation is “search the data about something or variable in form notes. 3. How many that graduated from Elementary School. memorandum. To get the data about students’ parent education background. To get a written record data either new or old. meeting notes. Riduwan (2010:77) stated that “documentation is made to got direct data from research place. To get the right data and objective. 2. book.” Thus it can be concluded that the documentation is the collection of data by viewing and copying. Therefore. E. newspaper. Documentation According to Arikunto (2009:231). Junior and Senior High School and University. includes the relevant books. activity report. The purpose documentation techniques are as follows: 1. The obtained data from the questionnaire was calculated to get chi-square and correlation-contingency.7 2. the roles. This research documentation techniques used to obtain data about students’ parent education background. magazine. Technique of Analyzing Data The data obtained from Questionnaire was calculated to find out the percentage of each answer.etc”. are: x 2= ∑ [ ( fo−fe )2 fe ] .

Thesis Proposal Seminar 4. Data Collecting Nov Oct Sept August July Juny May Schedule of the Research April No March Month 2012 .675+23 Where : KK = contingency-coefficient X2 = chi-square N = total-sample F. Instrument Analysis 7. Testing Instrument 6.. 2. Research Schedule Table 2 Research Schedule 1. Proposal Revision 5.675 5.8 Where : X2 = chi-square Fo =observation-frequency Fe = hoped-frequency √ 5. Arranging Proposal and Instrument Discussion Proposal 3.

Data Analysis 9. Thesis Doubling Data latar belakang pendidikan orang tua siswa Responden 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Pendidikan Orang Tua STM D4 SD SD SLTP SLTA SD SLTP SLTP D3 SLTP SLTA SMEA SLTA SD SD SLTP SLTP SMEA TIDAK SEKOLAH SLTP SD SLTA .9 8. Thesis Examination 11. Thesis Completing 12. Arranging Thesis Draft 10.

10 .