Tory Misrule

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councillor Mike sharpe responds to cllr
Deirdre Alden’s article in (Feb)Tyburn Mail

Mike Sharpe

Tyburn Councillor


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Hex are
top band
in Brum

Hex, a rock/rap music band
made up of students from
Greenwood Academy, have
won the Birmingham Battle of
the Bands competition at
South and City College.

The band comprises six teenagers,
Daniel, Nathanial, Tyrone, Chris, James
and Dylan. They are managed by
Trevor Evans.
Hex have already played at Wembley
arena in a concert last year. They also
played at the Castle Vale Live and Loud
concert in the summer.

I was a little taken aback
to find half a page of the
February issue of Tyburn
Mail devoted to an article

However, it is less surprising when
you know that she is the MOTHER of
the Conservative
Candidate for Erdington .
It seems that he needs a bit of help
in his campaign and who can blame
him when he has already been beaten
previously by Jack Dromey our current
Labour MP!
I do not however believe in personalising important issues.
This has never been my way of conducting politics and never will be, so
let me deal with the issues raised and
ignore her barbed comments.
Members of all Parties on the
Planning Committee - including her
own colleagues are well aware of the
tensions that the growth in our popu-

article by Deirdre Alden in
Tyburn Mail, last month

...Members of all Parties on
the Planning Committee including her own colleagues
are well aware of the tensions that the growth in our
population is putting on cities
like Birmingham...

lation is putting on Cities like
No one that I know of welcomes the
pressure on green space and the
increase in commuter traffic that we
It is her Government however that
sets the framework within which the
City Planning Department that I chair
operates. The reality is that successive
Conservative Governments have
reduced the powers of local Councils
and loaded it in favour of large developers and their shareholders. If we
break the rules we can be fined and or
removed from office.

Tyburn Mail page 20
They have rights of appeal that ordinary residents do not.
They can
employ expensive hot-shot lawyers
who could cripple the City.
Her Government has the power to
stop green field development, but
chooses not to – why?
Because it has woefully failed to
make developers build on brownfield
sites and failed to meet its housing
That is why we now have a huge
national housing shortage.
They now want an end to social
Her Government promised to end
‘back garden’ development when
elected. They have not done so.
Her Government has been the driving force behind HS2 which will take
huge swathes of countryside and put
9,000 potential jobs at risk in East
Birmingham if Jack Dromey and other
Labour MP’s had not intervened.
Her Government is allowing the sale
of national parks.
It is only relatively recently that the
Birmingham City Council – yet, just as
in Government, you would think that
Labour had been controlling the City
for years.
It was under her Council that previous attempts were made to build on
the Nocks Brickworks site and it was
Labour activists who fought against
this as it was deemed unsafe for housing.
For anyone who doesn’t know, that
site is in Erdington Ward – where all
the Councillors are Conservatives
including her own son – perhaps she
should ask them what they have been
doing recently?
The Goosemoor Lane site (also in
Erdington Ward) was agreed when the
Council was under Conservative
Under Labour we are seeing the creation of a first new City Park.
I am proud to say that the Planning
Committee does not operate along
Party lines.
We all share a desire to allow local
residents a bigger say in what happens
in this City.
Sometimes this can be the judgement of Solomon, but please don’t use
us as the alibi for the conflicts between
national and local priorities.

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Labour exposed

by Ann Holtom
Erdington Liberal

Two years ago the Labour
Party took over a well-run,
three-star rated city from
the Liberal Democrat partnership administration.

Since then Labour’s costly incompetence has become obvious for all to
From wasting £8 million on a glorified tram stop at Centenary Square, to
cutting opening hours at the award
winning Library of Birmingham, to the
garden tax which even their own
councillors have called a disaster.
Now the independent Kerslake
review of how Birmingham is run has
exposed the scale of Labour’s inefficiency. No council department
escaped criticism. Kerslake said that

Council plans were complex and confused, that Labour had no strategic
plan for the future; they hadn’t even
got the basics right! Now an independent panel of experts has had to be
appointed to hold Labour’s hand to
ensure they avoid any more disasters.
This is bad news for Labour but
worse for Birmingham.
If things don’t improve we could find
these unelected experts more involved
in running the city.
Not exactly democratic, is it?
Birmingham residents should be the
ones to decide this – not the man in
Whitehall. This is what Labour’s two
year reign of incompetence has
brought us to.
The Liberal Democrats will:
•Restore green waste collections

•Freeze your Council tax by taking
government money
•Protect libraries and youth services
•Restore 56 hours opening to the
Library of Birmingham
•Restore household bulky collections

Yes, all this by managing council
finances well and making use of contingency funds.
Labour just blame government cuts
but their failures have been their own
and even in challenging times you can
have a well-run council.
It’s time for Labour to go.
Turn them out on May 7.
Birmingham and Britain deserve so
much better.