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INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................................................3
About the report and its contributors.............................................................................................4
Statistics 20135
Antiemitism in 2013..7
Antisemitic hate groups.7
Physical atrocities ...................................................................................................................11
Verbal insults...13
Threats, harassments15
Political antisemitism..............................................................................................................25
Antisemitic hate speech...........................................................................................................32
Contact ...................................................................................................................................48

This first report on antisemitic incidents in Hungary represents a landmark in the development of
the Jewish community as it has been researched
and compiled by volunteers working within a
communal framework that has long existed in
other Jewish communities, but which is new to
The information that it contains suggests that
these incidents are taking place in an environment
where government and it's criminal justice agencies are failing to acknowledge or abide by
the undertakings they have entered into, and which are expected of all European Union
member states. They also illustrate the sad fact that ignorance about Jews is widespread despite the fact that the community has been present in Hungary for a long time, and that too
many people resort to suspicions and beliefs that should have no place in modern society,
when that society is under economic and political stress.
But the report also suggests that antisemitism is not getting worse: the number of recorded
incidents declined marginally; the majority involved abusive, but not life threatening behaviour, and speech, and were associated with members or sympathisers of the extreme right
Jobbik party and it's associates.
Hungary's unique history and it's unresolved historical concerns do not however absolve
government and it's criminal justice agencies from properly investigating these incidents
and crimes and from ensuring that members of the Jewish community can live their lives
free from prejudice and fear.
The community leadership should use this valuable report both for planning communal defence strategies but also as evidence that the community now contains committed and professional young people who care about their community and it's future welfare.
Michael Whine
Government & International Affairs Director
Community Security Trust (CST)

About the report and its contributors
The goal of this report is to provide an overall, unbiased and factual picture of antisemitism
in Hungary. This is not a report ordered by any political organisation and the contributors
disclose all incidents that they are aware of.
This report has been written by independent young volunteers, members of the Jewish
community with significant experience both in the use of online media and in the community monitoring and communication of antisemitism in Hungary.
The report is published with the support of MAZSIHISZ (Federation for Jewish Communities of Hungary), whose financial and other assistance was essential.

The contributors acquired the data published in this report via two major channels. The first
and most important is the regular and systematic monitoring of internet media. Our activists
regularly monitored a set of pre-determined websites throughout the year and kept a special
database to include all data affecting antisemitism in Hungary. In fact, this database is the
cornerstone of the report. The other main source of information is the Jewish community itself. Our activists are active community members who incorporate information from the
community in this report with each informants consent. From late 2013, anyone can submit
an online anonymous report (for details see Contact).

In writing this report, we put the incidents in seven categories. Where an incident fits in more
than one category, we placed it in that which we felt more relevant.
The seven categories include:

Physical atrocity
Verbal insult
Political antisemitism
Antisemitic hate speech


Statistics 2013
In 2013 we registered 95 antisemitic
emitic incidents as opposed to 100 in 2012.. In other words
words, the
number of incidents had barely changed over 12 months.



Antisemitic hate speech

Political antisemitism


Verbal insult

Physical atrocity

Antisemitic incidents by category, by month


Physical atrcity
Verbal insult



Political antisemitism
Antisemitic hate speech

Breakdown of incidents
in 2013


















Antisemitic incidents by counties in 2013

Antisemitism in 2013
It is fair to say that 2013 was a special year in many ways with respect to antisemitism in
Hungary. First of all, the World Jewish Congress held its May 2013 plenary session in Budapest to draw public attention to the intensification of antisemitism in Hungary. The invited participants included Prime Minister Viktor Orbn, who accepted the invitation and
addressed the event. In response, which is typical of the situation, the Jobbik party staged an
anti-Zionist demonstration at Vrtank tere. The agenda of the WJCs plenary session included antisemitism in Hungary. WJC President Ronald Lauder
called the Hungarian premier to task for the lack of efficient
action on antisemitism. Admittedly, he apologised in the end.
Also, the beginning of 2013 saw the first final sentence in a
Holocaust denial case. Back in October 2012, far-right activist
Gyrgy N. appeared at the demonstration of Milla (One Million
for the Freedom of Press in Hungary) holding a table with Hebrew script which translates as There was no Holocaust. A
Source of picture:
demonstrator speaking Hebrew read the sign and reported
Gyrgy N. The court ordered the perpetrator to visit to the
Holocaust Museum three times and to give an account of his experiences to his protector.

Antisemitic hate groups

As in previous years, this edition of the report is mostly concerned with Jobbik, the
Movement for a Better Hungary. This is
one of the most powerful far-right parties in
Europe, with 42 members now in Parliament.
While the party decided to kind of consolidate (many say, only apparently) its communication in 2013, its members and representaSource of picture:
tives have still failed to stop making extremist (often antisemitic) utterances. The partys novel communication can be put down to the
upcoming parliamentary elections in April 2014. Jobbik has set the explicit goal of approaching younger electors and tries to tailor its style accordingly. At the same time, despite
its apparent consolidation, Jobbik not only has its own members often launch extreme diatribes (see under political antisemitism), but it also maintains a good relationship with the
paramilitary Hungarian National Guard, a successor organisation of the Hungarian Guard, and the even more
extremist Army of Outlaws.
Making appearances in the meantime as a security guard
service at Jobbik events, the Army of Outlaws also
seemed particularly active in 2013. The organisation is
led by the former soldier Zsolt Tyirityn. The Army of
Source of picture:
Outlaws operates in the form of clans in every county of
Hungary. They emerged at several crime scenes to contain crime, as they explained. In
fact, they held anti-Roma demonstrations of force. The Army of Outlaws is proud that it
does not admit individuals of Roma or Jewish origin among its members. During a conversation at the event titled Hungarian Island in the summer of 2011, Tyirityn said, we must

prepare to shoot a bloody lousy Jew dead. The organisations members engage in continuous combat sports training and emphasise their militarist nature.
The organisation Hungarian National Frontline also made an appearance. Its members are
unknown to the public but contribute to organising the so-called Day of Honour from
year to year and announced a book burning on the anniversary of the Crystal Night across
the country, calling on people to burn books, including some by Jewish authors.
In 2013, Jobbik was joined by a political competitor, the Hungarian Dawn Movement was
formed, partly from former Jobbik members who are extremists even by the standards of
the party. They announced they will contest the 2014 elections. The leader is Andrs Kisgergely, a former local councillor of Jobbik from zd. Hungarian Dawn maintains a close
relationship with the Greek Golden Dawn and engages in racist and antisemitic rhetoric
even more overtly than Jobbik. Some of its members openly display neo-Nazi swastika tattoos.

Source of picture:

Ferenc Orosz, President of the Raoul Wallenberg Association beaten up
Football hooligans at a Budapest football match broke Ferenc
Oroszs nose and even called him a Jewish communist after
he objected to the cries Sieg heil. The police launched an investigation for battery and not hate crime. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee issued a communiqu in protest.

Source of picture:

British reporter hit at the May picnic of Jobbik
The producer of Channel 4 News was hit after asking some participants if they were racist and
if there were Jewish participants at the May picnic of Jobbik. After the incident, he preferred to
leave with his crew but not before recording the Hungarian National Guard, established as the
successor of the banned Hungarian Guard, whose leader Jzsef Inncsi declared that the organisations goal was to defend itself against Gypsy crime and Jewish propagation.

Source of picture:


Jewish man attacked on the No. 1 tram
Source: own
A middle-aged man abused and insulted a Jewish man for his origin on the No. 1 tram then
tried to set his beard on fire. The Jewish man of approximately 60 years defended himself and
managed to get off the tram unhurt.

Israeli man banned from lift, hit and reported

Source: own
An Israeli photographer in his twenties living in Budapest suffered a grievance in his Kertsz
utca condominium. His neighbours first denied him access to the lift on the grounds that it was
forbidden for Jews then quarrelled with him, hit him, kicked his dog and finally called in the
police against him alleging that he had attacked first. The Israeli mans story was confirmed by
several eye witnesses.
Jewish man spat in the face on 23 October
A man on his way home from Jobbiks rally on 23 October started to shout Jew at a Jewish
man standing a couple of metres away in the 7th district. On seeing that the Jewish man did not
respond, the abuser spat him in the face. Kornl L. described the incident all by himself.
Jewish man attacked downtown
Source: own
A Jewish man wearing a kippah was attacked in Dek tr, Budapest. Gbor T. was first called a
Jew, then he was hit and spat on. The man filed a police report.


Goy Motorcyclists leader: I cant explain it in Hebrew
On 8 January 2013, university students staged a demonstration against political writer Zsolt
Bayer in front of the headquarters of ECHO TV (where Bayer works), after he called a part of
Gypsies beasts in an article. The demonstration was attended by Imre Mszros, another employee of the TV channel and leader of Goy Motorcyclists, who started to quarrel with the
demonstrators and let off the remark I cant explain it in Hebrew.

Jew bashing and threats at Mrton Gyngysis event in Gyr
On 3 April, as Mrton Gyngysi arrived in Gyr to hold a forum for local inhabitants, he was
received by counter-demonstrators. A female supporter of Jobbik was showing her buttocks to
the counter-demonstrators and threatened to cut the throat of every Jew.
Imprisonment without parole for verbal insult
Three young people shouting rude antisemitic slogans attacked the participants of the World
Jewish Congress outside Hotel Kempinski but prevented from hurting anyone as the police took
action. One of them, previously sentenced to imprisonment on parole, was this time sentenced
to three years without parole and his two accomplices were sent to prison on parole for two

Jewish man threatened by guard motorcyclist
Derived from a picture which encouraged the hanging of Jews in Parliament, an instance of
harassment first started on Facebook then in the street. A Jewish man from Mlykt asked for
the removal of the picture then several threats to murder were made, the expression Holocaust
bullshit came up on Facebook, then the mans family was also threatened during personal
meetings in the street. Later the newspaper Npszava published an interview with the threatened man, who said he and his family were the only Jews in Mlykt but he was not afraid.

The picture posted by the guard motorcyclist Source of picture:

ATVs crew called Jews by fireman
During the flood, ATVs crew was shooting inserts for its flood report along Main Road 11
when one of the firemen waiting by the road told them, Here are the Jews. Later, as he left to
urinate he added, Im gonna piss on the Jews. The National Disaster Management services
condemned the incident.

Orthodox Jews attacked by National Guard members
A group of National Guard members nearly assaulted two foreign orthodox Jews accidentally
walking together with the gay parade in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky t. A woman stood in front of them
and made threatening movements towards them. Riot police prevented the guard members from
continuing their insults and antisemitic shouts and from committing actual assault.

Source of picture:

Death threat against documentary director in front of Jobbik event
Documentary director dm Csillag was threatened on the No. 86 bus on 19 November as he
was shooting a Jobbik event in commemoration of Mikls Horthy. A man of approximately 30
years hit him from the back and said, Were gonna kill you together with your Jewish head.
The insult went on after the director got off and the man followed him, tried to stay behind him
to avoid being filmed and continued his threats like youre gonna turn down the camera,
youre gonna die and similar statements. The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union offered legal
representation to dm Csillag.


Hate campaign against chairman of Jewish religious community in Miskolc
The chairman of the Jewish religious community in Miskolc bought the home of a family
evicted for foreign exchange debts and became the subject of a hate campaign by the overtly
racist, xenophobic, homophobic and antisemitic news portal An antisemitic article
was published, which continuously called the chairman a Jew and disclosed his personal data
together with those of his daughter and the data of his company. The Debrecen organisation of
Jobbik also protested against the
eviction and added as an important remark that the new owner
was an officer of the religious
community in Miskolc and in
the Federation of Hungarian
Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ).
A detail of the article

White powder of unknown origin sent to MAZSIHISZ HQ
An envelope containing white powder was sent to the Sp utca headquarters of MAZSIHISZ.
The package received from an unknown sender was removed by the police and the National
Disaster Prevention Agency. The examinations later revealed that the powder was harmless.

Source of picture:


Swastika in the elevator of the Frankel Le t synagogue
Source: AFP
The rabbi of the Frankel Le t synagogue in Buda showed the cameras of the AFP news
agency the elevator in the condominium built around the synagogue, in which several swastikas
had been painted by unknown offenders. Earlier, swastikas and the sign Death to you had
been engraved on the wall of the synagogue.

Source of picture:

Vandalism and antisemitic stickers at a football match
At the Gyri ETO v. Honvd FC match, Honvd lost 2-0 at the home of the Gyr team. In response, Honvd fans caused damage of hundreds of thousands of forints in the locker room of
the Gyr team, displaying antisemitic and anti-Israel stickers.

Source of picture:

Jews! This university is ours, not yours! Antisemitic stickers at ELTE
Jews! This university is ours, not yours! Best regards, Hungarian students These were
the words on the stickers found on the door of the room of Pter Gyrgy and gnes Heller at
the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE. It is common knowledge that both professors are of Jewish
origin. ELTEs Senate issued a communiqu to denounce the incident.

Source of picture:

Swastikas at Campona railway station
A reader submitted the pictures of the 3 big swastikas painted
in white on the platform after reporting the incident to the
client service of Hungarian Railways both in person and by
email without any relevant action in response.

Source of picture:

Jirty Dews entry in visitors book at Pva utca Holocaust Memorial Centre
Jirty Dews an entry reads in the visitors book of the Pva utca Holocaust Memorial Centre.

Source of picture:

Jewish tombstone stolen and built in a concrete road

In a pavement of the Christian Mindszenti cemetery in Miskolc, a Jewish tombstone was built
in the concrete road. The Hebrew inscription is clearly visible. Rabbi Zoltn Radnti says the
stone may be a few decades old and must have been brought from a remote place. Initially,
members of the Miskolc Jewish religious community started to scrape it out of the ground with
their fingers.

Source of picture:

Graves damaged in Jewish cemetery of Vc
Several graves in the Jewish cemetery of Vc were broken down, damaged and painted with antisemitic signs. The damage amounts to nearly
3 million forints. The police launched an investigation upon the report
of the religious community of Vc but suspended it by lack of a result.
The cemetery was restored by volunteering.

Source of picture:

Antisemitic slogans painted in Vc synagogue

Unknown offenders painted the sign
Jews out! on the street facade of the
synagogue of Vc. The offenders may be
the same as those who desecrated the Jewish cemetery of Vc. The police launched
an investigation against an unknown offender but suspended it for lack of a result.

Source of picture:

Stolperstein damaged
Source: own
Half of a stolperstein was ripped up in Dohny
utca. Installed across Europe, these small
monuments commemorate Jews murdered during the Holocaust in the places where they were
deported from.

Swastikas and Auschwitz sign at Budapest Transport Companys Israelite cemetery stop
Source: own
Unknown offenders drew swastikas and several Auschwitz signs on the board of Budapest
Transport Companys Israelite cemetery stop at Kozma utca.

Journalist: I regularly find antisemitic scribbles and remarks on my letter box
A journalist of Npszava revealed in a political article that his letter box was regularly drawn
with a Star of David and swastikas. Also, he regularly found in it antisemitic notes, such as
Youll die Jewish stinker. This was a comment in a report about a Star of David painted by
unknown offenders in an office of the Hungarian Socialist Party in Buda.

The letter ZS
ZS (J) in the letter box of Jewish families
Source: own
The letter ZS (J)) was written next to the names of two Jewish families in their letter boxes in a
condominium in Buda.

Bars of soap bored in Szeged synagogue fence

Unknown offenders bored several bars of soap in the fence in front of the main entrance of the
synagogue of Szeged, probably as a reference to Auschwitz and death camps. The bars of soap
were noticed by a visitor. The investigation launched by the police has
as remained inconclusive
up until today.

Antisemitic sign on dustbin

Source: own
In downtown Budapest, the word Jewish was written on a dustbin with an arrow pointing to
its opening.


Antisemitic graffiti against gnes Heller

Source: own
An unknown offender scribbled the following text on an advertising
poster of a woman in a swimsuit: Youre more beautiful than gnes
Heller as shes ugly even for a Jew.

Antisemitic sign at the Zsil utca stop of the No. 2 tram

Source: own
Sign: Kill Jewish sh*t!


Antisemitic stickers in Veszprm

Far-right activists displayed stickers reading Say
no to Hoffer rmin tr in Veszprm to protest
against a decision of local councillors to name a
square after rmin Hoffer, the former chief rabbi
of Veszprm. The stickers also show a black figure
throwing the Star of David in a dustbin.

Source of picture:

Antisemitic stickers in a charitable hospital of MAZSIHISZ

Source: own
Stickers advertising, Hungarys most popular farright, racist, antisemitic and xenophobic internet portal, were
displayed on the signboard of the charitable hospital of
MAZSIHISZ (Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities).

TO HELL WITH HOLOCAUST damaged monument

Unknown offenders wrote the sign TO HELL WITH
HOLOCAUST on the Roma Holocaust monument
in Nehru-part in the 9th district. This was not the first
act of vandalism against the monument. Local inhabitants volunteered to clean the monument together
with politicians. An opposition politician invited
Antal Rogn running for election in the constituency
to join in but he refused on the grounds that the
monument had previously been cleaned.

Source of picture:

Another stolperstein damaged in Budapest
Source: own
Another damaged stolperstein was photographed in Budapest, this time in Buda. Installed to commemorate
Holocaust victims, the stolpersteine were long left intact
but several of them have been damaged by unknown
offenders in recent years, the first one last year in
Greguss utca, in the 12th district.

Public book burning on Crystal Night anniversary
The militant far-right organisation Hungarian National Frontline staged a public nationwide
book burning on 9 November. It was in Miskolc that the event received considerable media
coverage. The photos show that publications were burned from Radnti volumes to mens
magazines, allegedly designed to popularise the destruction of the nation, the dishonourable
pornography and Bolshevism.

Source of picture:

Five street Hanukkah menorahs damaged over one night in Budapest

The Hanukkah menorahs installed in Blaha Lujza tr,
Nyugati tr, Dek tr and rs Vezr tere were broken
down and damaged, and the one in Vrsmarty tr was
painted with a swastika. The offenders were later identified by surveillance cameras and prosecuted.

Source of picture:

jpest synagogue window broken by stone
Source: own
Unknown offenders broke the window of the synagogue in jpest with a stone. This was not
the first such incident against the synagogue. A report was filed.

Firecracker dropped on Jewish shop

On New Years Eve a firecracker was dropped on a Jewish owners shop in Vc. In addition, a
cardboard box painted in the design of the Israeli flag was leaned against the shop entrance.

Source of picture:


Tncsics Prize awarded to and later returned by Ferenc Szaniszl
The Tncsics Mihly Prize, a recognition given to journalists,
was awarded to Ferenc Szaniszl, an ECHO TV presenter
known for his conspiracy theories and antisemitic and racist
diatribes. In his shows Szaniszl called Gypsies by various
names, including great apes, and accused Israel of the red
sludge catastrophe in Kolontr. Minister Zoltn Balog, who
delivered the prize, made the excuse that he was unaware of
Szaniszls statements. Later, the Ministry of Human Resources requested Szaniszl to return the prize, which he did in
a live show.
Balog delivers the prize to Szaniszl Source
of picture:

Is Mazsihisz the winner of the foreign exchange crisis in Miskolc?

Jobbik press conference
Lajos Badny, the Vice President of Jobbik in Miskolc, organised a press conference and background conversation
with the title Is Mazsihisz the winner of the foreign exchange crisis? in the partys local office. Badny denounced the head of the Jewish community in Miskolc for
buying a home in Debrecen, from which a family was
evicted after failure to repay its foreign exchange credit.
Badny Lajos Source of picture:

Gbor Vona would send Israels ambassador home

Chairman of Jobbik Gbor Vona sent an open letter to Ilan Mor, the Ambassador of the State of
Israel to Hungary, after Ilan Mor called on the Hungarian State to withdraw the Tncsics Prize
from the racist and antisemitic journalist Ferenc Szaniszl.
Vona considered the Israeli ambassadors interference with
Hungarys internal affairs as a token of Israels global power
ambitions. I will never be a dog of Israel as are all the parties here. Do you see? Never! I cant be bought or intimidated.
The same is true for many others. And as soon as we form a
government, Mrton Gyngysi will be the Minister of Foreign
Affairs and Ferenc Szaniszl will lead the Media Authority.
And we will politely send you home, Vona wrote in his open
Vona Gbor source of

dm Mirkczki interested in citizenship data of we know their origin
At Parliaments session on 8 April, dm Mirkczki demanded the disclosure of
citizenship data citing we know their origin as grounds. Mirkczki, a spokesman of
Jobbik, made a clear antisemitic reference in his speech.

dm Mirkczki
source of picture:

Antisemitic contents on Facebook profile of Jobbiks local organisations
Different local organisations of Jobbik share grossly antisemitic, discriminatory pictures and
texts on the community site. In one of them, an Israeli flag is trampled on and a photo taken by
the Zala County local organisation shows the emblematic bird of Hungarian Folk Tales with the
text bubble including Jew-free Hungary and world!!!. The production Hungarian Folk Tales
condemned the poster. The Facebook account of Jobbiks local organisations is demonstrably
edited by the partys local leaders.

Sources of pictures:

Auschwitz memorial site called spurious by Tams Gaudi-Nagy
Addressing the 23 May session of Parliament, Jobbik MP Tams Gaudi-Nagy made the point
that the events displayed at the exhibition of Auschwitz were not necessarily in harmony with
historical facts. His statement is not an indictable offence under the current laws but MAZSIHISZ, MSZP and Fidesz parliamentary group leader Antal Rogn issued a communiqu to denounce his remarks.
Plan to name Budapest street after Ccile Tormay
A street was almost named after Ccile Tormay, the author who worked in the first half of the
20th century and became famous for her antisemitism. Upon the proposal of Imre Kernyi, Special Commissioner of the Primer Minister, a draft was submitted to the Budapest General Assembly to name a street after the author near her former home in Hvsvlgy. After protests by
MAZSIHISZ and politicians from Dialogue for Hungary, the General Assembly applied to the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences for an opinion. Eventually, the initiative was dismissed.
Anti-Zionist demonstration by Jobbik during World Jewish Congress
On Saturday 4 May, Jobbik staged a demonstration at Vrtank
tere to commemorate the victims of Bolshevism and Zionism.
Gbor Vona demanded MPs of Israeli-Hungarian dual citizenship to resign and the Jewry in Hungary to apologise for the
murders of Hungarians by Jews during the Hungarian Soviet
Republic and the Rkosi regime. The event was attended by
hundreds of people while another 30 or 40 were holding a

Source of picture:

Eld Novk: Homosexual or Jewish lobby behind Alfldi

After the press wrote that Rbert Alfldi, former Director of the
National Theatre, could receive public funds to start a new theatre,
Jobbik Vice President Eld Novk said there must be a strong lobby
behind Alfldi. According to Novk, Alfldi is probably backed by
the gay lobby, which reaches everywhere, including the Vatican.
Alternatively, he said, he was not surprised after the Budapest session of the World Jewish Congress that Jewish organisations had a
say in Hungarys internal affairs.

Eld Novk source of picture:

Eld Novk using term Sozionist and calling Andrs Bn Zionist
Jobbik Vice President and MP Eld Novk called ATV presenter Andrs Bn a Zionist at a
session of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Press, which held a hearing about the
agreements signed in the Opera, then in response to the Chairmans warning he said he was just
trying to meet the Governments expectations after the previous Orbn Governments position
by which the expression high traitor used by Lszl Kvr, which the Socialists were not
happy about, was acceptable in parliamentary terms. Later, Parliament imposed a fine on
Novk for his statements.
Balzs Lenhardt: so-called Holocaust victims
At Parliaments debate about Holocaust education, Jobbik
turned independent MP Balzs Lenhardt talked about the socalled Holocaust victims in response to the Hungarian Socialist Partys proposal to fully reimburse the costs of schools
which organised visits to Auschwitz. In his speech, Lenhardt
said the Hungarian State sacrificed a considerable amount of
money anyway to commemorate the so-called Holocaust
victims, so the program did not require further funds. Lenhardt had his immunity suspended as he set an Israeli flag on
fire at a demonstration in December 2012.
Balzs Lenhardt source of picture:

Jew bashing at General Assembly in Debrecen

Two members of the Jobbik group in Debrecen and the County Captain General of the New
Hungarian Guard protested against the approval of the Land Act. They hanged a banner reading
HIGH TRAITOR ZSIDESZ FIDESZ over the gallery of the General Assembly in Debrecen. The mayor of Debrecen did not respond to the incident and the banner was removed by the

Source of picture:

Anti-Zionist parliament group proposed by Jobbik
Jobbik announced a press conference with the title Anti-Zionist Parliament Group established
for 18 June 2013. Speaker of the House Lszl Kvr made it clear at an early stage that establishing an anti-Zionist parliamentary group was contrary to freedom of speech. At the press
conference, Jobbik was represented by MP Jnos Volner, who said the party only wanted to
establish the group as a test after Lszl Kvr had imposed a fine on Jobbik MP Eld Novk
for using the word Zionist. As Volner explained, they wanted to ask Kvr for a list of the
words that remained acceptable in terms of freedom of speech.
Jobbik to ban Wiesenthal Centre in Hungary
Jobbik MP Gyrgy Szilgyi said the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, engaged in
locating Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice, should be banned in
Hungary and its non-Hungarian staff should be sent home. Szilgyi made his
statement after the Wiesenthal Centre asked the Hungarian Football Association for a strict sanction against FTC as its fans used a banner reading IN
MEMORIAM LSZL CSATRY at a derby against MTK to commemorate the former ghetto commander who had died shortly before.
Gyrgy Szilgyi
source of picture:

Istvn Tarls: Democratic Coalition members only open Bible at Old Testament
In response to a question about the issue of the homeless in a Hr TV interview, Mayor of Budapest Istvn Tarls said, Today I have also read the... whats Gyurcsnys formation called
again? Democratic Coalition, isnt it? Erzsbet Gy. Nmeth, former Socialist member of the
Budapest General Assembly, made a statement and started it with the quotation Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in
time of trouble. She quoted from Psalms. Its interesting that their Bible
only opens at the Old Testament when they sometimes check it, but I prefer
not to comment on this right now. He made a clear reference that Democratic Coalition members are Jews. Later, he said it was pathetic to suppose
that he had made an antisemitic remark.
Istvn Tarls source of

Jobbik: Change foreign sounding name of Reiner Frigyes Park!
Situated at the junction of Thkly t and Dzsa Gyrgy t in Budapest,
Reiner Frigyes Park was named after a world famous 20th century conductor of Jewish descent. Now there is a turul statue and a double cross
in the park. Jobbik MP for Zugl Istvn Mark proposed to change the
foreign sounding name of the park and to rename it Vitz Nagybnyai
Horthy Mikls Memorial Park.

Source of picture:

Jobbik: Establishing another Holocaust memorial site unacceptable
According to Jobbik, it is unacceptable to establish another Holocaust memorial site for 5 billion forints in Jzsefvros. The partys position was revealed to the Hungarian Telegraphic
Agency by Jobbik MP dm Mirkczki. Jobbik takes the view that the biggest national tragedy
for Hungary was Trianon, which does not have any kind of memorial park or museum yet, as
opposed to the dozens of memorial sites related to the Jewry.
Antisemitic eponym for research centre
The Government is planning to spend 175 million forints of public funds to open a research
centre at the National University of Public Service, which will be named after Tams Molnr,
the ultra-right and explicitly antisemitic philosopher who died in the USA three years ago.

Eld Novk speaking about Holocaust industry and body snatching
at Cultural Committee meeting
At a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Press, Eld Novk said turning
the Jzsefvros Railway Station to a Holocaust memorial site was body snatching by the
Holocaust industry as the Government wanted to spend public funds for using the memory of
victims to create a guilty conscience in Hungarian people. He added that Hungarys biggest
national tragedy was the partial loss of its territory under the Treaty of Trianon, which does not
have a public museum yet, as opposed to the dozens of Holocaust memorial sites and museums
with budget funding above the average.

Demonstration against Holocaust industry at Jzsefvros railway station
The Hungarian Dawn Movement staged a demonstration at the Jzsefvros Railway Station on
23 November to protest against the Holocaust industry. The demonstration was addressed by
the representatives of Hungarian Dawn, the Guards of the Carpathian Homeland Movement and
the Hungarian National Guard before an audience of roughly 30 people. Approximately the
same number of anti-Fascist counter-demonstrators arrived at the scene and sounded sirens to
disturb the speeches.

Source of picture:

Judge asked by Tams Gaudi-Nagy if she is a Jew

In a court trial for public nuisance at a 2012 Jobbik demonstration against Pter Dniel, GaudiNagy asked the judge if she was of Jewish descent to find out about her impartiality. The
judge rejected the question. The trial was launched as a female Jobbik supporter hit a counterdemonstrator with a flag.

This comprises all antisemitic acts that are wilfully aimed against Jewish individuals or the Jewry, if without a physical trace, and are not committed by politicians, including Holocaust denial.
A list of students: has an ugly Jewish head
February 2013 saw the publication of a list used by the students union at the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE for years to state the supposed political persuasions of freshmen along with a
high number of homophobic, racist, antisemitic and sexist comments, such as has an ugly Jewish head or an inner Pest Jewish c*nt.
Demonstration at synagogue
Source: own
In February 2013, individuals held a silent demonstration for a few minutes in front of the Dohny utca synagogue. The roughly 30 to 40 demonstrators displayed far-right flags and motifs.
Dirty Jews scandal at Hungary v. Romania football match
After the Hungarian fans continuously chanted antisemitic verses and booed during the Israeli
anthem at the Hungary v. Israel friendly match in August 2012, FIFA ruled the Hungary v.
Romania world championship qualifying match be played with closed gates. Thus, the Hungarian fans were forced to watch the match on a screen in Dzsa Gyrgy t. A camera of the
magazine HVG recorded as the mass repeatedly chanted dirty Jews and even attacked the

Source of picture:

AUSCHWITZ HOLIDAY CAMP T-shirt at Teve utca flash mob

In March a flash mob was staged to support a teacher in the provinces after his dismissal for
discriminating his Roma students. The flash mob was held by roughly 10 far-right people in
Budapest, in front of the Teve utca police headquarters. They sang the Hungarian anthem and
Szzat. One of them, a girl of about 16, was wearing a T-shirt with the inscription AUSCHWITZ HOLIDAY CAMP WITH SWIMMING POOL AND FURNACE.

Source of picture:

Motorcyclist demonstration Give it Some Gas on March of the Living day
The National Hearted Motorcyclists held a procession in Budapest on 21 April, on the same day
as the March of the Living, but with a difference of 5 hours. They used the suggestive title
Give it Some Gas, probably to mock at Holocaust victims, who are commemorated at the
March of the Living across the country from year to year. The itinerary was to pass the Dohny
utca synagogue but the event was banned by the police. Yet, it was held in the end, although
evading Dohny utca.

Source of picture:

Anti-Israel banner hanged over March of the Living

Mikls Balyi, chairman of Jobbiks 5th district constituency, hanged a banner with an obscene
quotation by Petfi along the itinerary of the March of the Living. Later the inscription was
removed by the organisers and the police.

Source of picture: gtortenesze.wordpress.con

Public Jew bashing by Hungarian Calvinist minister in Romania

and Catholic papal chaplain
Mikls Ferenczy, the former Calvinist dean of Cluj Napoca, posted a Facebook article called
People of Israel Superior Jewry and added: Superiority? Rather lowness!. Papal chaplain
Jzsef Darvas-Kozma told the 15 March ceremony in Miercurea Ciuc that the 1848 revolution
was defeated by pressure of the Rothschild family, and Hungary was dismembered after WWI
because Francis Joseph prevented the candidate of the Jewish banker dynasty from being
elected pope. Borka Parszka, editor of the Romanian based Hungarian news portal
submitted a complaint to the National Anti Discrimination Council.
Krmend priest called on to resign
The Hungarian Solidarity Movement and the Pro Krmend Urban Embellishment Association
called on Calvinist minister Istvn Szabadi to resign as a member of the Holocaust Committee
in Krmend as it was incompatible with his former participation at a local event of Mrton
Antisemitic verses at 18 May FTC v. MTK match
The antisemitic shouts by Ferencvros fans were clearly audible in the television broadcast. The
Hungarian Football Association did not respond and the management of Ferencvros announced its new campaign Set an Example to prevent similar phenomena, including a video
message by players asking fans to stop their discriminatory behaviour.

Antisemitic official in Kaposvr reported by MSZP
Pter Gelencsr, an official at the Town Hall of Kaposvr, posted antisemitic contents and an
intimidating letter to Gypsies on Facebook. A local inhabitant notified Mnika Lamperth of the
matter and she filed a report. Since then, Gelencsr has deleted the majority of his posts but not
before they were saved.
Motorcyclist rally: hooting and booing at Dohny utca synagogue
Source: own
On 16 June 2013, 30 or 40 police escorted motorcyclists were driving past the Dohny utca
synagogue hooting and booing for an unknown reason. Several vehicles and drivers were displaying motifs with rpd stripes.
Jirty Dews banner at Ppa v. Ferencvros football match
FTC fans were hanging a banner with the inscription Jirty Dews to support their team versus
Ppa on its home soil.

Source of picture:

Holocaust joke in Vc school paper
A dialogue of students
- What Jewish holidays are there?
- Holocaust?
This joke was published in the wisecrack column of the school paper of a vocational secondary
school in Vc. In response to media inquiries, the principal denied antisemitic motivations and
said there was no antisemitism whatsoever in the school.

Source of picture:

Nazi salute in front of Dohny utca synagogue

Zsuzsanna Gy. and a friend performed the Nazi salute for a photo in front of the Dohny utca
synagogue then posted it on her community site. Another picture shared on the internet also
features Zsuzsanna Gy. as she is reviling then beating a participant of the gay parade.

Gy. Zsuzsanna (with glasses) and her friend performs the Nazi salute at the synagogue
Source of picture:

Van displaying Holocaust bullshit inscription
A van was photographed in Budapest with a sticker reading Holocaust bullshit on the back as
an explicit Holocaust denial. A report was filed in the matter.

Source of picture:


Lszl Csatry, the former police chief of Kosice from 1942 and hence a participant of the
1944 deportation of local Jewish inhabitants, died in August 2013. At the time of his death, he
was facing life imprisonment in a prosecution in both Hungary and Slovakia. The far-right media and forums tried to present him as an innocent, denigrated old man.
A few days after his death, FTC played MTK at a kind of football match where Ferencvros
fans had repeatedly used expressions motivated by antisemitism. This time, ultra extremists
prepared a huge sign reading In memoriam: Lszl Csatry. The banner was presented in the
public televisions broadcast of the match. The sign touched off an enormous controversy in the
media, almost fully run by the opposition, and FTC President and national FIDESZ Party Director Gbor Kubatov gave an ultimatum to the fans who had made the banner to report at the
clubs headquarters. The only response was a Facebook group called It was us, where different fans, including the hated enemies of Ferencvros, were well matched only to open another
forum for their extremist ideas.
By now, the matter has basically fallen into oblivion.


Source of picture:

IM A HUNGARIAN, NOT A JEW T-shirt at demonstration against Alfldi

Rbert Alfldi, the former director of the National Theatre,
produced his own on-stage adaptation of the rock opera
Stephen the King. Far-right individuals announced a demonstration for the premiere in Papp Lszl Sports Arena against
what they thought was an immoral piece and Alfldi. At the
demonstration with continuous homophobic and antisemitic
shouts, a person appeared in a T-shirt with the inscription

Source of picture:

False emails sent in the name of a local mayor
Several institutions of public education in Zugl received false emails in the name of local
mayor Ferenc Papcsk. The false messages glorified Adolf Hitler and Nazism, and called
on the addressees to list and segregate Jewish and Gypsy children.

Sieg Heil and Csatry banner at Bkscsaba v. Debrecen womens handball match
Home fans hanged a banner reading We are with you, Laci Csatry!, to which visitor fans
started to repeat Sieg Heil loudly and to perform the Nazi salute. Later they explained that the
banner was not meant for the war criminal but for a fellow fan under alcohol detoxification.
The Hungarian Handball Association launched an investigation with immediate effect.

Source of picture:

Jew and Nazi bashing at unveiling of Szabadsg tr Horthy statute

A verbal conflict arose at the 3 November demonstration
held in front of the Szabadsg tr Repatriation Church,
where the faithful of Calvinist priest Lrnt Hegeds, Jr.
were unveiling a Horthy statute and anti-Fascist organisations were holding a counter-demonstration. The two
groups did not engage in any physical atrocity, although
the inaugurators repeatedly bashed Jews aloud and sent out
several press workers.

Source of picture:

Arrow cross posters on Budapest public transport vehicles
Source: own
Fliers reminiscent of the former Arrow Cross Party posters, featuring an antisemitic caricature,
were distributed in a train of the Budapest metro, in the place designated for advertisements.
The fliers popularised the website


Day of Honour
From year to year, several Hungarian far-right organisations and other European extremist supporters arrive in Budapest in February to commemorate the 1944 attempted sally in Budapest,
where the German and Hungarian troops ran the Soviet blockade and tried to flee west. In 2013,
hundreds of people equipped with swastikas and arrow crosses as usual gathered to commemorate at Normafa.

Source of picture:

Imitation street sign Szlasi Ferenc kz in Herend

The sign Szlasi Ferenc kz, reminiscent of Hungarian street
signs, was bored on the wall of a detached house by its owner.
Ferenc Szlasi was the leader of the national socialist puppet
government from 1944, using the title Leader of the Nation.
After the Soviet troops drove out the German army and occupied Hungary, Szlasi was sentenced to death by the peoples
court and executed on 12 March 1946. Szlasi is regarded as an
example by many on the Hungarian far-right.
Source of picture:

Commemoration of Ferenc Szlasis execution in Budapest and Pcs
The Pax Hungarica Movement (the legal successor of the Blood and Honour Movement banned
in 2005) and the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement organised a celebration to commemorate Szlasis execution in Budapest (in the New Public Cemetery) and in Pcs (in Barbakn
tr). In Budapest, civilians held a counter-demonstration a few lots away.

Source of picture:

Demonstrator wearing Mein Fhrer Hitler T-shirt supporting Gyngysi

Jobbik MP Mrton Gyngysi, who became famous for his antisemitic speech in
Parliament, gave a presentation in Bkscsaba on 9 March. The local Jewish religious community organised a demonstration for the time of the event and Gyngysis audience started a loud quarrel
with them. A far-right participant in a Tshirt reading Mein Fhrer Hitler was
shouting and giving the finger to the demonstrators against Gyngysi.

Source of picture:

Hitler memorial tour in Pcs organised by Pax Hungarica Movement
On 20 April, 18 memorial tourists were arrested by the police for public nuisance and even the
Ministry of the Interior issued a communiqu by which citizens could rightly be offended by a
commemoration of Adolf Hitler.

Secret Nazi monument found in wood by Tk
The wood by Tk hides a block of granite featuring arrow crosses, other Nazi symbols and a
photo of Heinrich Himmler, along the itinerary of the Sally Memorial Tour, held every year to
commemorate the Hungarian and German soldiers who ran the Soviet blockade in WWII.

Source of picture:

Hungarian MMA competitor disqualified at Prague tournament for swastika tattoos

Hungarian athlete Attila Petrovszki was disqualified from
entering a competition in Prague due to his tattoos including a swastika, a sign encouraging the killing of Jews and a
picture of Hitler. The organisers of the tournament first
offered Petrovszki to enter the ring in a suit that covered his
entire body but finally gave in to pressure by several sponsor companies, the media and society and did not let him

Source of picture:

Nazi commemoration in Dg
On 1 June, members of several European neo-Nazi groups gathered in Dg, a village near Budapest, to commemorate Heroes Day at the Waffen SS monument. Heroes Day is the anniversary of 1 June 1945, when the 1st armoured division of Waffen SS was deployed in the region.
On the Hungarian side, the event has been organised for years now by the far-right paramilitary
Hungarian National Frontline.

Heroes Day in Dg source of picture:

Arbeit macht frei sign and imperial flag in Kismaros
The contributors to the daily paper Npszava photographed the sign Arbeit macht frei as read
above the entrance of the Auschwitz death camp
and a ship decorated with a WWII Third Reich
flag in Kismaros. As it turned out, the ship is
owned by a German citizen.

Source of picture:

Sign extolling Hitler in Kaposvr underpass
Unknown offenders painted a sign extolling Hitler on the wall of an underpass in Kaposvr.
This was not the first case in Kaposvr as a portrait of Hitler was stuck on the local Holocaust
monument a few years ago.

Source of picture:

Swastika at Fradi match
After the 22 September FTC v. jpest match, two people held up a flag with a swastika for a
few seconds. FTC banned the two fans from its matches forever.

Source of picture:

Nazi salute at concert of far-right bands in Pcs
Upon the invitation of the Army of Outlaws, two far-right bands, Romantikus Erszak (Romantic Violence) and Titkolt Ellenlls (Secret Resistance) gave a birthday concert in Pcs. Several
members of the audience performed the Nazi salute as an expression of approval. The attendees
included Jobbik MP for Pcs Zsolt Nmeth, who denied performing the Nazi salute but also
explained that Jobbik was not supposed to fight against such manifestations.

Source of picture:

Huge poster in Budapest
The notoriously racist and antisemitic far-right news portal displayed a huge poster
advertisement on the wall of a condominium in Buda. A journalist of sent a letter to
the company engaged in displaying large posters and gave them his telephone number. The
letter was forwarded by
an employee of the
advertisement company
to and disclosed by its staff, including the journalists
personal data. Afterwards, the readers of kept phoning the journalist for
days just to call him a

Source of picture:


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