Dominic H. Hasler*
Life Physics Group – California
The importance of relaxation and internal peace in hour-to-hour, day-to-day, month-to-month,
year-to-year life is an issue that cannot be overstressed. Peace is the literal clean slate platform
by which the human COBE may put to work its extended capacities - the myriad applications
and functions of biomind acting as an integrated cortico-enteromyofascial entity supporting a life
essence, or information cloud. These capacities do not stop or start at the 4-dimensional surface
our brains concoct based upon an information feed into it's sensorium; it reaches into realms
where time is negative and matter is dark.
As biomind, the human COBE is literally a flowing, glowing, massless, purely energetic life
form entangled with an information storage matrix otherwise called the human body-mind. This
is a less obscure way of saying that the human entity is a spiritual being living inside a physical
body. The body itself has its own native intelligence based upon the dynamics of its
semiconducting, liquid crystalline conformation subjected to a bioelectric direct-current. This
intelligence is integrated into the self-contained intelligence produced by the cellular nervous
systems, but they are not identical. This body intelligence is usually referred to as the
subconscious mind and it is this that the conscious mind and the non-local mind is in cooperative
interaction with (not subjugative control over).
Any electric current produces a magnetic field occurring orthogonally. Any electromagnetic field
is buttressed by the vacuum that belies it, as its energetic (Poynting) flux is due to conversion of
virtual, subquantum energy into observable, macro-quantum energy. By Dyatlov's model, any
electromagnetic field is a vacuum domain - an inhomogeneous region of the vacuum / aether
medium in relation to the surrounding medium. This inhomogeneous structure is, nevertheless,
non-separate from the rest of the medium - any more than a wave on an ocean is separate from


a human COBE living upon this spheroid planet is said to be "indexed" to. albeit barely noticeable on a large scale. the planetary body. therefore. but in terms of information. and of course. The rotating magnetic force of a magnetic field is nothing more than the vacuum flow itself as it creates the magnet moment to moment.instead. And it is this directional flow of vacuum energy that creates what we term as magnetism. resonance occurs. One of the changes induced by relaxation is inertial. Imagine an energy being drawn unto a region from all directions but originating from "nowhere in particular. any and all relatively independent changes to any energy anywhere simultaneously affects the entire vacuum medium and therefore all relatively inhomogeneous regions. The magnet is not created like any other (dielectric) object in our physical reality . as the effects will eventually become unobservable (subquantum) from a position above the Planck limit if they are not already. small or large. in nature. and this can be either destructive or constructive interference.the rest of the water. Now think about this in terms of aether/subquantum / vacuum flow. there is a definite direction to the energy that streams through it. The changes may be infinitesimal. or infinite. Since the molecules of the magnet are all aligned in a certain direction and are good "conductors. or anywhere in between nevertheless. creating a loop. Most of the compounds on Earth are non-magnetic. it is just as likely (and perhaps more sensical) that the force is one that pushes toward the body's center. it makes all the difference.there is a direction toward which the whirlpool spins. or resonant with.not only to the information storage matrix (psychophysical body-mind) but also to the life-essence that is entangled to it. they are there (relatively). When the two gravity wave gradients meet. every mass. It is well known that if you spin a bucket of water fast enough around you on a horizontal or a 2 ." While gravity is generally thought of as an attractive force. Clearly. a number of changes happen across the board .it has a specific orientation. this is entirely arbitrary. they interfere (much like any waves would). as they are continually created by the vacuum. As a life form. In this case. meaning that they do not conduct electricity easily and their molecules are not all aligned in the same direction. Each atom of each molecule is formed by a whirlpool in the vacuum . the vacuum flow is anisotropic ." aether will only flow through it in a certain direction. Objects within the Earth's gravitational pull also have their own gravity. the fluid-like plasmoidal energy will stream into them from all different directions equally. In other words. and therefore gravitational. the streaming vacuum flow (of which gravity is an observed artifact) is isotropic. The north-south orientation of the "electron orbits" in the molecules of the magnet cause it to draw almost all of the aether that forms it in from the north pole and back out through the south pole. This may not matter in terms of measurement. electromagnetic and gravitational. is exerting a gravitational force on every other in the universe. Thus. In the case of a magnetic material. the COBE is indexed to the fields comprising and surrounding Earth. like water flowing through a pipe. a human COBE in a space/time light-cone is also indexed to its universe entire. as no object's gravitational gradient ever drops to zero regardless of distance away from the object. also to everything else that exists in the Unum. When a human COBE enters or sustains a state of relaxation from a state of stress. non-conducting "dielectric" materials.

More of the world begins to "sing with" the COBE. it becomes a stronger and more coherent vacuum domain. the less one tries. The same thing happens at the cellular level.and therefore. Identity and personality are not destroyed in this or otherwise. Convection cells result as the liquid crystals flow (rotate / revolve) in closed patterns around the nucleus in response to this slight separation of the differently charged ions. but the song starts at a level not accessible to our senses. it has a greater "impact" on its life. emoting and internal representation that support relaxation. Instead. thus it is an anti-gravitational effect. the distension of nucleic DNA strands from a coiled helix to a quasi-parallelogrammic conformation. and why? The answer lies in the presence of a small amount of charged ions in the liquid crystal protoplasm.upon its local reality. transforms from a chronic belief in the actual separated individuation of One-Self as an entity who stops and starts at the body and mind. or inhomogeneous vacuum region. as to do so requires bodily death. to 3 . The Zen mindset. the less one can accomplish. but there is evidence to support the theory that inertia is the result of a torsion or twisting action within the local aether-flow gradient . a field is formed that seems to induce a temporary wormhole in the vacuum space. Within the four corners of the relaxed DNA coheres the "suction hole" reported upon by Peter Gariaev et al as the cause of the DNA Phantom Effect. In other words. by which the normally deflected aether is transformed and output as radiant electromagnetic energy. There is still no common understanding of what causes inertia. It's vector-intention begins to entrain all oscillating energetic systems . The stronger the COBE's bioelectromagnetic field.vertical plane. including our thoughts and emotions as reactions to life conditions and as causally vectored intention manifestants. This movement instigates the formation of so-called "Williams domains" and the ionic interaction with the liquid crystal molecules produces a slight separation of the moving positive and negative ions. Relinquishment of the ego-knot is a necessity. not stress. Muscle cells will secrete uric acid upon organismic relaxation and induce ionic dissolution. etc are all useful in this regard. the aetheric energy is not simply deflected away from the nucleus. unlike the water in the bucket. As a relaxed. both are affected by the relatively independent changes to the aether induced by the COBE's superconductivity to the vacuum. It is somewhat paradoxical that the more one tries. the Taoist perspective. the more one can accomplish. entrainment -. However. the inertial force will overcome the gravitational force and the water will not drop to the ground. the stronger also is its subquantum aetheric field. Ions then plunge along into the Poynting flow and are redistributed to the normal bioelectric flow across interstitial space. Stress severely contracts the biomind's entrainment upon the vacuum and Unum. The centrifugal force deflects the incoming gravitational energy away from its center. It can enhance both frequency and amplitude of its electrogravitic vibration as its cytocapacitance increases. Relaxation causes another change. thereby generating a more powerful resonance -. electrogravitic transducer.much like a magnetic field. We must train our biominds to adopt habits of thinking. It does not matter whether considering biological organisms or non-biological matter. How. In other words. creating ions of calcium. the vacuum becomes not only a source but also a sink of information and energy to the COBE. the basis of our action in the world. Herein lies the physical basis of the so-called Law of Attraction.

4 .anything else is wasteful and illogical. electrogravitically speaking. H. expansive and all-encompassing. this is a most useful psychophysiologic configuration to adopt in a purely ecologic sense . Hasler is the LPG-C pen name of an LPG-C Research Fellow. Relax! --------* D.something much more dilated. All new age and "spiritual" idealisms aside.